Weapons provided by West ‘maim children in Ukraine conflict’

Weapons provided by West ‘maim children in Ukraine conflict’

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The weapons provided by the US and its allies to the illegitimate government in Kiev have maimed children in the Ukraine conflict, says an American activist.

“When I was in Moscow two weeks ago, I went to the hospital where the children whose bodies have been maimed and destroyed by those weapons provided by the West to that illegitimate government that she [Victoria Nuland] helped to create, I stood at the bedside of a boy, who lost both of his legs, one of his arms, his eyesight and his little brother, when one of the shells provided by the West landed in his backyard in a suburb of Donetsk,” Joe Iosbaker, a leader of the United National Antiwar Coalition, said.

He added that new US accusations against Russia’s involvement in Ukraine’s crisis are “ridiculous” as Washington inflames violence in that region.

The top US diplomat for European affairs accused Russia on Tuesday of unleashing “unspeakable violence and pillage” in eastern Ukraine which she said is living under “a reign of terror.”

“Even as Ukraine is building a peaceful, democratic, independent nation across 93 percent of its territory, Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine are suffering a reign of terror,” US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Victoria Nuland doesn’t really need anyone to make her seem ridiculous, she manages to do that on her own, over and over again,” Iosbaker said.

Nuland is pointing an accusatory finger at Russia for the violence that is occurring in Ukraine while she admitted in December 2013 that the United Sates spent $5 billion in its campaign to place a pro-American government in power in Kiev, Iosbaker said.

“I have no words to describe how much contempt I have for that woman,” he said Tuesday in a phone interview with Press TV.

Kiev and the West have repeatedly accused Moscow of fueling the crisis in Ukraine by sending weapons and troops into eastern Ukraine in support of the pro-Russian forces there, an accusation denied by the Kremlin.

Nuland claimed that hundreds of Russian soldiers have been killed in clashes with the Ukrainian military forces in eastern regions of the country.

Meanwhile, some members of Congress have stepped up pressure on the White House to counter what they see as increased “aggression” by Moscow.

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