Webster Tarpley exposes Romney and Mormonism – 6 October 2012 [Audio]

Webster Tarpley exposes Romney and Mormonism – 6 October 2012

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  • What Tarpley does not tell you is that Mormonism is the brainchild of the Jesuit Order not the British East India Company which might I add was subordinate to The Worshipful Company of Mercers and the City of London Corporation both based in thee New Jerusalem of the City of London sovereign square mile in Britain. Brigham Young was handled by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ who was the one who gave the Mormon cult the Union State of Utah. This fact was even presented on the Curia Generalizia website of the Jesuit Order. Pierre Smet SJ also controlled Albert Pike the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite which had its first twenty-five degrees created by Jesuits of Claremont College in France along with the later thirty-second degree being secretly dedicated to the Jesuit Order. Why? The Knights Templar history of the Jesuits going into the Kingdom of Aragon, the origins of Francis Borja and Ignatius Loyola. The Jesuits seeing themselves as the only surviving Templars since they were the only ones allowed to survive by the Pope himself. All other forms of Templarism had to be taken over or destroyed in other words Freemasonry. One of the biggest targets was the Sinclair templarism in Scotland. All done through the front of the House of Stuart.

    The way Tarpley puts over the Smith thoughts on the Bible gives uneducated people the impression that all Bibles are equal and that the Jesuits and Catholic Church have the real Bible. Not all Bibles are equal in the slightest. The only true Bible is the Geneva Bible 1560/99 and the Greek Textus Receptus and Hebrew Ben Chayyim texts the Geneva is based upon. The next Bible that comes close is the authorized King James Bible but some important additions of the Geneva Bible were purposely missed out of this King James by Enochian occultist Sir John Dee of The Worshipful Company of Mercers. All other Bibles are frauds purposely spread by the Jesuits through their fronts in order to destroy the following of the Geneva Bible and the King James Bible. Look who owns most of these false bibles out there and its Rupert Murdoch a Knight of St Gregory the Great and a Knight of Malta serving the Temporal Power (World Government) of the Pope. Tarpley wouldn’t be around or educated if it was not for the Reformation and its fight against the wicked Papacy.

    The reason the Nazi’s never touched the Vatican is because its leadership was riddled with Roman Catholics serving the Temporal Power. A fine example would be Adolph Hitler who admired highly the Jesuits. Whilst his side-kick Himmler modeled the Nazi SS off the Jesuit Order. Who funded the Nazis in the first place? The Order of Malta (greatest merchants on Earth) Dulles brothers such as Jesuit Cardinal Avery Dulles who gave Adolph Hitler and Martin Bormann the equivalent of the U.S. gross domestic product back in 1933. Who aided to escape of Nazis out of Germany? It was the Order of Malta and the Vatican through the Dragonovic Ratlines and Operation Paper-clip. The Grace family especially was involved and they again were high level Order of Malta. The Nazi’s aided the covert Papal destruction of Protestant Germany using allied forces. This was revenge for the expulsion of Jesuits from Germany by the patriotic Otto von Bismarck in 1872. Jesuits mastering both sides of every coin and the evil that never forgets and always seeks revenge. May I remind you that CIA agent, Everette Howard Hunt said, “the Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency on Earth.”

    Never mind worrying about the Mormon cult, worry about their master in the Vatican City and of Borgo Santo Spirto. Worry about the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenism Movement commanded by Rome and the covert rule of inter-religious dialogue. Worry about the little horn new unHoly Roman Empire formed by the Jesuits in 1814 at the Congress of Vienna where the Dutch, Roman and British Empires joined forces headed in New Jerusalem aka City of London and Switzerland all subordinate to the Temporal Power of the unHoly See.

    There is always far more to a story than GCN will go and theres a good reason for that. The conspiracy exposure arena was created by Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ in the 20th Century who was also a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. No different to how Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Teilhard de Chardin SJ mastered the New-Age Movement. Everything my friends is run by Jesuits at the core and they utilize their mind bending Tavistock Institute to alter your mindset to suit their agenda.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Jesuit Soldier, Pierre-John De Smet SJ connection to Brigham Young straight from the horses mouth

    Mormon Cult Fagmaster Mitt ‘DVD Bush Puppet’ Romney’s roots are in Northern England

    • MetalHeadViking

      Webster Tarpley has been educated in the Catholic University of America, and has also been to the Uni. in Turin, Italy. Tarpley was also a member of the Labour Party.

      Remember when he was in Lybia. He stayed there with the catholic church, all who talked well of Freemason Khaddafi. Later in Syria, he also stayed with catholics.

      There is no doubt in my mind that Webster Tarpley is a jesuit coadjutor, just the same way LaRouche is.

      Insteed of talking about the jesuits, he goes on bashing mormons. Sure it is good to expose mormons. But Tarpley, like many others never sheds the light on the jesuits or the Vatican. He has insteed protected them every time he has had the chance of exposing them.

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