Welcome to the Temporal Power Palace called the King Solomon’s Temple III for the Latin Kingdom

Before the Black Pope’s “War on Terror,” (2001-2020?)

After the Black Pope’s “War on Terror,” (2030?)

The Pope’s Finished Third Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem, Seat of Government for the final Pope of Rome, who, Upon Recovering from his Mortal Sword Wound to the Head, Will Become the Abomination of Desolation; the Beast; the Antichrist;

As foretold in the Scripture of Truth by:

the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitish Prophet (Daniel 9:27);

Joshua/Yeshua (Jesus),
the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitish Messiah of Israel (Matthew 24:15);


the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitish “New Covenant” (Jeremiah 31:31) Apostle (Revelation

#1. Solomon’s Temple, Full Model
The view is north east looking at the outer courtyard and the main temple yard. The
three outer gates which stand 10 stories tall each are can be clearly seen. The main
temple is covered completely in gold and is 20 stories tall.

#2. Priest’s Kitchen & Dining Room.
The storage rooms by the dark railings is where they store their clothes and ornaments.
The dining room is used exclusively by the priests and has a gold floor.

#3. Vertical View – Temple Center
The north gate of the inner courtyard includes a partial view of the great brass altar and
the front porch with the two pillars. The Temple is 3 foot ball fields long

#4. Aerial View – Temple Center
Here we are floating in the sky looking straight down on the inner courtyard. The altar is
centered within the 100 x 100 cubit courtyard.

US Patent # 423,681
Israeli Patent Patent # 30656
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