Were supplements intentionally faked to back stab alternative medicine?

Were supplements intentionally faked to back stab alternative medicine?

Feb 2 2015

This story broke yesterday – where an investigator took 390 samples of 78 different health supplements from various suppliers, ran DNA tests and discovered 80 percent contained absolutely no DNA from what they claimed to have in them, and samples from Wal Mart turned up with absolutely zero, in other words, ALL alternative health products from Wal Mart were 100 percent fake.

Herbal supplements are cheap to make, so it begs the question why fake it? I believe I have the answer and it is simple – big profit medicine wants full spectrum dominance, the elite that own the medical system want full spectrum dominance over health, so they bought out all legitimate suppliers of alternative medicine and replaced all herbal supplement products with 100 percent wood pulp and grass clippings. This is, in my belief a scam of epic proportions brought to you by the same people who are now regulating private gardens and banning them outright, the same people who are pushing big medicine.

It is not a matter of profiteering. Ginseng is a cheap herb available as a cheap spice, yet 20 separate tests run on ginseng from GNC turned up absolutely no ginseng at all. There is no excuse for this, other than to demoralize the public towards herbal supplements and to cause the public to believe that even top quality products do not work at all, thus “proving” thousands of dollars in medical bills with doctor visits and expensive medications is the only way to solve any problem.

Big medicine is the only solution to anything, forget about natural cures, take your pills, do your doctor visits, hand over your cash, and shut up.

Interesting it is that once trustworthy Wal Mart had 100 percent fraudulent products that turned up absolutely no DNA from what they were supposed to have in any product at all. This has to have happened by willful intent, because if you even took weed clippings from a ditch trimmer operating on the shoulder of the interstate, you would get plenty of weeds in that mix and somehow, somewhere a weed in the mix would have made something turn out right. The only way you could hit perfect zero is to plan it that way on purpose to make people believe herbal supplements are useless and I beg to question why they made good and sure none of their products would deliver even 1 percent of what they stated. It HAD TO have been to make people believe alternative cures and treatments are quakery.
I believe GMO’s are a huge part of the overall plan to destroy the value of food and supplements as well.

Imagine being perfectly corrupt and 100 percent profit driven, and having full control over every aspect of society – the full spectrum dominance of corruption we are seeing now. If someone was pure evil and fully in control and trying to funnel all cash into his coffers, he would genetically program all foods to be only filler, having no vitamins and minerals – only calories – and then force people to buy their vitamins and minerals separately at very high cost through a controlled source that sought to take all cash away from people in exchange for their right to health. I have no doubt that these types of individuals have taken control over the herbal supplement industry because that is the only way these tests could have come up so poorly. And these individuals now own Wal Mart, which explains to perfection precisely why the Wal Mart products scored a perfect zero.
The punch line:

I believe there is a perfect explanation for why Wal Mart scored absolute zero. Take a look at the old Wal Mart logo, and compare it to the new one that appeared after Wal Mart got taken over by the tribe. The old American star has been replaced with . . . . . count the points and think.

Even if you are not able to have a garden now, the writing is on the wall. Such a complete bust of herbal supplements is just one head of the hydra that says food freedom is about to end. Get seeds from non GMO sources NOW. Save a bag of popcorn for seed. Start pulling seeds out of non GMO tomatoes and storing them. Save the seeds out of a few pumpkins. Don’t bother buying them, simply save what comes into your home in the foods you buy. Apple seeds, grape seeds, orange seeds . . . . save ALL seeds because the end of food freedom is near, and the fact that herbal supplements are predominantly fake says a lot about this. The people who faked these products will not be punished because they only carried out the plot against health the elite want. Do not expect anything to change just because a guy ran some tests and reported the results.

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