By: The Unhived Mind – 3rd October 2012
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This looks like a classic micro nuclear weapon (modern Special Atomic Demolition Munition) attack by the West. Only Israel (pioneer of these devices), U.S., Britain, France and Russia have these powerful tactical weapons. These nuclear weapons have been miniaturized down to the size of a coffee mug with Israel being the pioneer. In an attack the military intelligence will usually plant these devices underneath buildings and roadways as we have seen with the Bali bombing. One of the give aways for me are the large craters just as we saw in Bali which could only be made by a bomb being dropped from the sky or a subsurface detonation. It would be interesting to find out if any bodies were vaporized or if any ultraviolet flashes took place in Aleppo. Normal radiation levels will not be found at this site in Aleppo with standard Geiger counters since these nuclear devices give off only alpha radiation from their 99.7% plutonium 239 core, this obviously aids a cover-up unless you test with a Muller Tube. All the people in the area will be exposed to non-skin penetrating alpha radiation and will not even know it. Those who have breathed in the plutonium will be in trouble depending on how much which could mean death from anywhere between an hour to months. The level of devastation here is not the work of a pathetic suicide bomber vest. This will be the work of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.

Mordechai Vanunu exposes Israel’s Dimona

The 9/11 demolition was not done with micro nuclear devices like some claim but by new technologies like Smacsonic above ground and two large 150 kiloton nuclear devices at the maximum level for civilian situations beneath the granite rock foundations as part of the emergency nuclear demolition scheme built into the World Trade Center. I believe the demolition of the World Trade Center was connected to AMEC Plc the same as The Pentagon attack where AMEC Plc had refurbished the Office of Naval Intelligence area attacked with the 900lb AGM-12c Bulpup.

Media Cover Story of Ice-Age Glaciers under WTC to cover after effect of Nuclear plasma

The air attacks on 9/11 were organized by The Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. Please study the connection of the Bath to Sir Timothy Garden and George H.W Bush (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [Odessa] head). The air attacks were a combination of ‘Old Europe’ powers namely the Royal Canadian Air Force and Bombardier Master Trust (World’s number one electronic warfare specialists). The same terrorist Joseph Bouchard of the Canadian Air Force who later aided Al-Qaeda rebels in Libya by commanding the no-fly zone. May I remind you that NATO were the ones who transferred control over the United States out of Washington and into Chicago through the Public Key Infrastructure system. They then transferred it out to a foreign power called Great Britain into the UK Ministry of Defence then run by Geoff Hoon.

Dimitry Khalezov highlights many angles of the 9/11 attacks incl nuclear demolition

May I remind you that the idea of suicide attacks stem from Syria with the Hashashin Nizari Ismailis and its founder Hassan-i Sabbāh who created the idea. This was done by drugging soon to be members and taking them off to an area made to look like a paradise and with pleasures. They would then be drugged again and placed back where they came from. Then they would be told if you want to go to where you once were then you have to serve and die for the cause. Yes all brainwashing of sheep but it was very successful indeed.

Former 4-Star U.S General highlights advancing of Bernard Lewis plan

Al-Qaeda are being used in Syria as they were Libya to aid the goal of the Bernard Lewis Plan for the New Middle East to be ruled from the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Hillary Clinton should be indefinitely detained under the treasonous National Defense Authorization Act for dealing with the so-called enemy. But remember it was Hillary Clinton who patented the precision guidance QRS-11 GyroChip of BEI used by Bombardier Master Trust to precision attack from the air on 9/11. Hillary Clinton patented this chip set where? Canada of all places. Al-Qaeda was created by the Carl M. Marcy family in Chicago through his Jesuit Georgetown University trained daughter-in-law and the Senior Executive Service via the U.S Small Business Administrations 8(a) program. Just another bogeyman to aid the ushering in of the Clash of Civilizations (Strategy of Tension/Ordo ab Chao) and the coming World Government to be fronted by the United Nations.

The World Government takeover script (IMR)

I strongly suggest you download the Aleppo nuking video and store it because they will make sure this and future reporting lack this kind of critical evidence. Notice how the BBC article ignores the craters proving sub-surface detonation and most definitely something which does not go along with the official lie (third truth). Once again we see a diversion or man-in-the-middle diversion in order to steer you towards patsy suicide bombers rather than the Western strategic strike. But what do you expect from the BBC working to script that believe you are gold-fish mind retentive just the same as they did on 9/11 reporting the WTC7 had collapsed when it was still standing for about twenty minutes after the broadcast.

BBC following the script from the British Secret Intelligence Service/UK MOD

The Middle East and North Africa are covertly commanded by the House of Bourbon and its master, King Juan Carlos of Spain. A man who’s power over the region comes from his ancient Knights Templar title of King of Jerusalem aka the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. One of his branches of power over the region is the powerful Union for the Mediterranean based in Barcelona and Malta. The capital of the World will eventually be within the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem based in now East Jerusalem openly controlled by the Vatican since the 1993 Oslo Accord signing by Jesuit trained Shimon Peres. The capital of the World for finance will be Dubai and the Capital of the World for politics will be Iraq as the Global Governance shifts from West towards the East. Jesuit trained King Juan Carlos being a member of the powerful Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and the Order of Malta. Both of which are controllers of the covert new unholy Roman Empire (little horn) built up since 1814 with the Congress of Vienna working through the City of London covert British Empire continuum via the veiled Livery System and City of London Corporation using the proxy overt U.S Empire as the whipping boy who will take all the flack for the trouble its masters in Europe decide.

What you are witnessing today is the gearing up for the final war (World War III) known as the seventh war. If one wishes to understand why Knight of Malta, Henry Kissinger (DVD) is now saying Israel will be no more in ten years then simply read ‘Morals & Dogma’ by Albert Pike. The same Albert Pike mastered by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ and the same Jesuit Order who wrote the first twenty-five degrees of the Scottish Rite in Claremont College in France, not to mention how the thirty-second degree is covertly dedicated to the Jesuit Order. What the Western Civilization is witnessing in the West is the planned destruction of the West modeled off the Oswald Spengler’s ‘Untergange des Abenlandes.’ and all connected through the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and the Club of Rome.

Syria conflict: Deadly blasts rip through Aleppo square

The BBC’s Jim Muir: “Whoever did this was aiming to cause maximum disruption, the biggest psychological as well as physical blow to the state presence in the city”

3 October 2012 Last updated at 11:55

At least 31 people have been killed and dozens wounded by five bomb explosions in the centre of Syria’s second city, Aleppo, officials have said.

Four of the blasts happened in the city’s Saadallah al-Jabari Square, near a military officers’ club and a hotel.

Pro-government al-Ikhbariya TV broadcast pictures of bodies being pulled out of buildings damaged by the blasts and a large crater in a road.

Government forces have been fighting rebels for weeks for control of Aleppo.

Rebel fighters launched a new offensive last week to try to seize more districts. Fires over the weekend gutted the historic central souk.

On Tuesday, Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV and the Lebanese newspaper al-Diyar, which backs the Syrian government, both reported that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had ordered thousands more troops to be sent to Aleppo to finish the battle against the rebels there.

Al-Diyar said Mr Assad was flown to Aleppo by helicopter and was personally directing the campaign, though that has not been confirmed.


State and pro-government media reported that at least three of the four blasts in Saadallah al-Jabari Square on Wednesday morning were suicide car bombings. The fifth bomb reportedly exploded a few hundred metres away, on the edge of the Old City near the Chamber of Commerce.

Some buildings had their facades completely ripped off; others were virtually demolished by the blasts, leaving huge piles of rubble and debris, and craters in the road.

Bodies were shown being carried away with blankets being used as stretchers. Many of the casualties were said to be civilians.

State TV reported that after the explosions, two or three “terrorists” appeared, wearing military uniforms and explosive vests. However, they were shot dead before they could carry out any attacks, it said.

Photographs of the assailants’ bodies were published by the state news agency, Sana.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based activist group, said the blasts had occurred near the Officers’ Club. Al-Manar said the third bomb had targeted City Hall and the al-Amir hotel.

“It was like a series of earthquakes,” a resident who did not want to be named told the Associated Press. “It was terrifying, terrifying.”

He said the officers’ club and the hotel were almost completely destroyed.

Many of the casualties were said to be civilians

Officials said the death toll might rise and the Syrian Observatory – which says its reports are impartial, though its information cannot be verified – cited medical sources as saying that at least 40 people had died.

The government says scores of people have died in a series of “terrorist” bombings in Syria’s main cities, many of them targeting security facilities, since the uprising against President Assad began in March 2011.

Opposition activists, however, maintain that the security forces planted the bombs to discredit both the rebels and the peaceful protesters.

One activist in Aleppo, Mohammed Saeed, said there were questions about Wednesday’s bombings.

“The area is heavily fortified by security and the presence of shabiha,” he told AP, referring to pro-government militiamen. “It makes you wonder how car bombs could reach there.”

Analysts say this is not beyond the realms of possibility, but that radical Islamist militants are known to be operating in Syria. A shadowy group called the al-Nusra Front has said it was behind several bombings.

The speaker of the Syrian parliament, Jihad al-Laham, said foreign powers supporting opposition rebel groups were responsible.

“We condemn these crimes… We also condemn the countries that are conspiring against Syria and support the terrorists,” he told state TV.


  • Mitic

    Archbishop tells UN we need World Government


    • The hierarchy of the Vatican will rule the World through the Temporal Power of the Pope from East Jerusalem. This hierarchy will sit within the King Solomon’s Temple III planned by Grandmaster Giuliano di Bernardo. By this time Catholicism will be no more as this usurper against Christianity starts to show its true non-Christian roots which stem from Babylon. All religions are currently being merged through inter-religious dialogue (cover for Roman control) using the World Council of Churches and Ecumenism movements ruled by the Jesuit Order and the Pope of Rome. This is one reason why this Shia have to be destroyed as their Caliph believes he is the Temporal Power. No one on Earth can challenge the Temporal Power (World Government) of the Holy See. So watch as the Jesuits use their subordinate Sunni’s to attack the Shia.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • As I have said previous these amazingly small and powerful tactical nuclear weapons were pioneered by Israel at Dimona in 1981 with the aid of the U.S. They needed a nuclear weapon which could be detonated with a less lethal system other than the deadly Uranium 238 reflector and heavy Special Atomic Demolition Munition. As I stated above they also increased the purity of the plutonium to a level of 99.7%. So when you see warmonger Sabbatean Frankist, Benjamin Netanyahu threatening Iran with Red Lines at Uranium enrichment of 90% you should see the hypocrisy. Uranium enrichment at that level is nothing in comparison to the technology behind plutonium enrichment at 99.7%. Israel should not even possess nuclear weapons and is not part of the Non-Proliferation Treaty as the Non-Aligned Movement so often rightfully highlight. The World owed President John F. Kennedy and owe Mordechai Vanunu for their highlighting of this deception in the Middle East.

    Notice the attempt at cointelpro below by someone attempting to counter-intelligence presented in my article above. They hope you will not be aware of the Dimona nuclear plant in Israel and the work of Mordechai Vanunu who is mentally tortured by Jesuit trained Shimon Peres the Vatican spy over the region for King Juan Carlos of Spain. Does this cointelpro honestly believe that Russia does not possess micro-nuclear devices? Russia possess covert space and land based weapons which make nuclear weapons look like pop guns.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Israel does not possess such a weapon and neither does Russia.

    The article is absurd.

    • AP: Netanyahu received advance warning of London bombing


      Click here to enlarge the screenshot of the article that was scrubbed and then re-written to omit the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu received a special advance warning about the terror attacks.

      Interesting that Netanyahu had been present for the terror bombings in both New York and London.

      London’s Israeli Embassy must have been on the Odigo instant message network or a similar alert system, just like the alerts that were sent out prior to the 9/11 terror bombings.

      Here’s the AP article originally posted on July 7, 2005 at 7:14AM EST:

      Netanyahu changed plans due to warning

      British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday’s explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said.

      Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said.

      Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said he wasn’t aware of any Israeli casualties.

      Just before the blasts, Scotland Yard called the security officer at the Israeli Embassy to say they had received warnings of possible attacks, the official said. He did not say whether British police made any link to the economic conference.

      The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the nature of his position.

      The Israeli Embassy was in a state of emergency after the explosions in London, with no one allowed to enter or leave, said the Israeli ambassador to London, Zvi Hefet.

      All phone lines to the embassy were down, said Danny Biran, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official.

      The ministry set up a situation room to deal with hundreds of phone calls from concerned relatives. Thousands of Israelis are living in London or visiting the city at this time, Biran said.

      Amir Gilad, a Netanyahu aide, told Israel Radio that Netanyahu’s entourage was receiving updates all morning from British security officials, and “we have also asked to change our plans.”

      Netanyahu had been scheduled to stay in London until Sunday, but that could change, Gilad said.

      Here’s a later, revised version of the AP article updated on July 7, 2005 at 9:59AM:


      Netanyahu had been on way to London hotel near blasts

      Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on his way to a hotel near the scene of one of the London blasts Thursday when he received a call to stay put, the foreign minister said.
      “After the first explosion, our finance minister received a request not to go anywhere,” Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told Israel Army Radio.

      Netanyahu was to have been the scheduled keynote speaker at an Israeli corporate investment conference at the Great Eastern hotel near the Liverpool Street subway station.

      Conference participants were evacuated from the hotel. Shalom said he wasn’t aware of any Israeli casualties.

      Netanyahu had been scheduled to stay in London until Sunday, but that could change, said Amir Gilad, a Netanyahu aide.

      Shalom speculated the attackers might have taken advantage of the fact that police resources were diverted to a meeting of Western leaders.

      The Israeli ambassador to London, Zvi Hefetz, said Thursday that British police had called to tell embassy personnel to stay inside their offices. “There is fear that this wave (of violence) has not yet ended,” Hefetz said.


    September 14th 2012



    OF AUGUST 21 2012

    By: The Unhived Mind
    September 26th 2012



  • Notice how this attack took place at Saadallah al-Jabari Square. Have you not noticed how big events always tend to happen on the square? Why is this? What is the square symbolic of? The answer is Satanism and the worship of El the planet Saturn which controls the base sexual chakra and why El was represented by the six-pointed star known as the Generative Principle (masculine/feminine sexual union) in Freemasonry. The Sabbatean Frankists use the six-pointed star calling it the Star of David (David EL-Roi).

    Saturn is symbolized in two-dimensions as the square and in three dimensions as the cube with six-sides of perfection. Each corner of the Square (root of two) brings ninety degrees giving a total of three-hundred and sixty like a circle (root of five). Now minus the zero/ten from that figure and you have thirty-six which is the number of the enemy, air or Aiwaz. Who is the Prince and power of the air and God of the rainbow? Lucifer (hermaphrodite Venus) the controller of the Heart chakra and the grandchild of Satan (Saturn)!

    The Square my friends is the place of judgment and time which Saturn is thee God of, this is why a square almost always has a square clock ‘phallic’ tower forcing people to worship Satan and request time. Now you can see things with a different set of glasses on whilst remembering that eleven is the number of Saturn’s judgment. All this trouble on Earth is through Luciferians bringing about the Great Work (33) in order to bring in the Luciferian Doctrine and Anti-Christ system to be run from East Jerusalem under the hierarchy of the Vatican.

    -= The Unhived Mind


  • Nuclear explosion of a mini-nuke in Al Quoz, Dubai, March 26, 2008.


    This nuclear explosion was ‘confidentially’ blamed on ‘friends’ of Victor Bout, an alleged ‘Merchant of Death’ and a so-called ‘Lord of War’ who was arrested in Bangkok on March 6, 2008, as a result of a frame-up arranged by the US secret services. A few days prior to this nuclear event in Dubai some alleged ‘friends’ of Victor Bout published a provocative statement on YouTube saying 180 Soviet mini-nukes were stolen thus implying a nuclear retaliation. This was the result. This nuclear explosion in Dubai had nothing to do with Victor Bout or with his real friends, of course. It was just another dirty game of the Israeli Mossad.