What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common… you’re swallowing ROCKS!

What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common… you’re swallowing ROCKS!

Thursday, November 19, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Did you know that calcium pills are linked to heart attacks? Were you aware that commercial almond milk is made with ground up inorganic oyster shells or limestone? Has anyone told you that zeolite powders are mined out of the ground from crushed rocks containing high levels of lead and aluminum?

The most important nutritional warning I can offer you today is to stop eating and drinking rocks.

In almond milk, cheap, low-grade calcium is mixed with water and carageenan (a thickener) to make a thick, whitish substance that visually resembles the color and texture of almond milk. Cheap calcium carbonate is added to almond milk to make it compete with the calcium content of regular cow’s milk. But the result is a nutritional catastrophe: You’re drinking inorganic, crushed oyster shells or limestone!

Cheap calcium pills are almost always contaminated with LEAD. They’re derived from low-grade, inorganic sources of raw materials made almost entirely with calcium carbonate. This isn’t the kind of calcium your body needs. In fact, calcium carbonate probably contributes to artery and kidney calcification. Ditch the cheap calcium pills and get calcium from high-grade sources or your food (plants).

Zeolites are mined out of the ground like rocks. They’re made from aluminosilicates (high in aluminum) and typically contain very high concentrations of the heavy metal LEAD (typically 20 – 60 ppm). When swallowed in large, granular form, they pass right through your digestive tract undigested. That’s because your weak stomach acid can’t dissolve rocks. But when zeolites are crushed into fine powders, they release both aluminum and lead during digestion in your stomach. This greatly concerns me because people who eat zeolite powders have been shown to urinate increased levels of aluminum and lead, indicating these metals are likely getting absorbed into their blood.

Stop eating ROCKS and start eating REAL FOOD
I’m frequently astonished at how so many people in the health industry can be led astray from the basic fundamentals of mindful nutrition. It’s not rocket science to realize that you should get your minerals from food sources, not rocks.

It’s also not rocket science to realize that you probably shouldn’t be swallowed rocks suspended in water through the use of carageenan or other thickeners. Suspended molecules of calcium carbonate does not equate to “milk.”

And if you’re hoping to eliminate toxic heavy metals from your body, it makes little sense to keep eating them every day in the form of fine powder zeolites.

Sadly, some of what’s being offered in the food and dietary supplement industries is marketed to consumers in a misleading way, either denying consumers the knowledge of what the substance is really made of or wildly exaggerating claims of what the substance can really accomplish in the body. While there really are true “miracle” nutrients like vitamin D and resveratrol, cheap, low-grade, inorganic rocks probably aren’t good for you to eat or drink on a regular basis.

Follow these commonsense health fundamentals from the Health Ranger
• If you want to drink almond milk, make it yourself from almonds and water (plus a blender and a nut milk bag). Stop buying commercial “fake” almond milks sold at the grocery store.

• If you’re looking to boost your calcium intake, get it from full-spectrum calcium sources (like seaweed calcium) or from foods that are naturally high in calcium (like broccoli). Stop taking cheap calcium carbonate pills.

• If you want to detox daily, drink clean water, exercise in moderation, and let your body achieve the detox it naturally accomplishes on its own. Don’t swallow inorganic materials in some false hope that they will magically pull heavy metals out of your body’s tissues and organs. That’s nothing but empty hype being spewed by dishonest marketers.

Avoid sketchy dietary supplements from low-grade sources or companies that make wild, unsubstantiated claims. Don’t swallow nutritional supplements unless you’re sure they’ve been tested for heavy metals, and beware of anything from China.

Above all, strive to get as much nutrition as you can from growing your own food in nutrient-rich soils or hydroponic grow boxes. The more nutrition you can get from food, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

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