What iPhones really cost: We reveal, piece by piece, what it actually cost Apple to make the 4S

Just saved up for a new £499 iPhone 4S? Then look away now…

Last updated at 11:16 PM on 12th November 2011

The touchscreen and display unit of Apple’s iPhone 4S cost £23

It might have underwhelmed the devotees, but sales of Apple’s iPhone 4S topped four million in just three days following last month’s launch, and it’s still the must-have smartphone this winter. Of course, those sleek looks don’t come cheap. Or do they..?

Out of contract, the iPhone 4S will cost you £499, but we can reveal that the nuts, bolts and high-end circuitry inside cost far less – see below for the total.

Expert analysts from technology firm iSuppli have prised open the pristine casing and totted up the cost of each component.

Some are reassuringly expensive – the touchscreen and display unit cost £23 – but others are less confidence-inspiring.

Next time you’re cursing the battery life, remember it’s only worth £3.68.