What We Did, Will Determine Whether the Human Species Exists or Not

What We Did, Will Determine Whether the Human Species Exists or Not

Apr 20 2015

In discussion with associates on Sunday, Lyndon LaRouche said that we’ve achieved a quasi-victory for our water policy approach, in the course of what we’ve done in the past two weeks, and that should be registered very importantly, and not overlooked. Everybody from every location in this nation and beyond, must understand that the concepts we’ve introduced regarding the creation of new supplies of fresh water for California—which was organized by Ben Deniston and company—which LaRouche was involved in, and had been for some time—is going to determine whether the human species is going to exist or not. And there is no precedent, and no issue supersedes what we did in launching this water issue.

What’s been done, by the LPAC Science Team, was essentially unknown to the human species as a whole. And that seriousness must be understood all the way through. At a later point in the discussion, after reports and questions from Manhattan, LaRouche intervened to say, that with the issues associated with California, there has been a sudden change in the non-Confederate population of the United States.

That 20-25% of the population of Manhattan is marginally in favor of doing things that are right. Whereas the opportunists, the useless rich, are useless for everything. After the California and similar events, there has been a sudden and rapidly developing mobilization of the people of the United States who are not thinking “Southern.”

And it’s thinking “Southern” that breeds fascism, and always has. If you want to deal with the population of Manhattan, you’ve got to get people free, which they’re capable of doing—getting free of this so-called “black-white” issue. The issue is “human,” versus “Southern,” and which side are you on?

And that will settle the whole thing, very simply, by that simple, economical distinction. That’s the way you treat racism: it’s not a matter of color; it’s a matter of breeding. That will get the rage in the right places,— including the Houses of Congress. They’ll probably start to go ape on that one,— if you start saying the Southern race is inferior. We have some people who were slaves, some people who are slaves, and some people who are still slaves.

It’s not a matter of color. In the same discussion, there were reports of the organizing around EIR #16, and discussion of the forthcoming EIR #17. The tentative Table of Contents for EIR #17 is as follows:

Cover and Issue Title: “JAIL THIS NAZI”—cover cartoon of California Governor Jerry Brown:

1.) Science or Fascism, by Benjamin Deniston and Michael Steger

2.) An article by Jeff Steinberg, which catches the reader’s attention by slamming into tyrant Obama, for his dictatorial plan to force “fast-track” down the throats of the Congress, while they still don’t even know the content of the dictatorial so-called “free trade agreements,”—TTP and TTIP, which they will be facilitating by their vote.

3.) “Death on the Installment Plan”: The French Roots of Fascism and the French Resistance; A Discussion with Jacques Cheminade, by Tony Papert

4.) Zeus versus Prometheus in California, by Michael Steger and Paul Gallagher

5.) Dr. Natalia Vitrenko and Vladimir Marchenko Address President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko: Ensure the Right to Life, or Step Down!

6.) Helga Zepp-LaRouche April 16 Manhattan Keynote Address, with an Introduction by Dennis Speed.

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