10 10 2016

The public suspected the United States and Ukraine in the preparation of the bloody provocations as a pretext for war with Russia

Ukrainian military shot down Malaysian “Boeing” over the Donbas on the orders of the Nazi leadership in Kiev and its curators in the United States. Their goal was to blame in the tragedy of Russia and supported the militia of Donbass, beneath that was ready information resources, worked out scenarios and roles in the investigation.

Today it is the most logical version, consistently and clearly explaining all of the inconsistencies in the picture of the incident and the investigation.

And in perfect synchronicity and consistency of fierce roar Western and Pro-Western press, which is almost ahead of the catastrophe, burst into headlines like “Putin killed children.” And still does not appear anything convincing that seriously would be able to shake such a look at the incident on 17 July 2014.

Whistleblower languishes Russia over the Ukrainian route of the aircraft

“The Ukrainian liner Kiev – Amman takes close to an unusual and definitely dangerous route”. These words were written in his Twitter a certain Julian Rapske. On his page he is represented as a “journalist” and “political commentator” a German publication “Bild”. “Bild” has always been considered in Germany the tabloid edition.

In a political sense it was always brown-black – just remember that the internationally recognized German Democratic Republic is always referred to in quotation marks: “DDR”. And in recent history it is the “Bild” was so indignant, so outraged doping “sins” of Russian athletes that pointedly refused to mention even the Russian team in the medal statements of the Olympic games in Rio.

Needless to say, in what spirit and the light of the “Bild” takes the participation of Russia in ridding Syria of terrorism directly – from banned in Russia LIH, “al-Nusra Dzhebhat” and joined them “Barmaley,” and indirectly, from the United States and the West?

And Raske, according to his notes, is one of the best students in this “school of dragons”, even in personal time on your personal page never ceases to expose the “crimes” in Syria. Well, like “many children and other innocents killed and injured Assad-Putin’s air force”. Even faced with the statements of the former speaker of the Bundeswehr and NATO General Harald Kujata on the theme that “the United States instruct and arm the “al-Nusra”, this passionate journalist immediately burst into the revelations, saying that the work that the NATO General “founded by a Kremlin think tank”…

Now let’s calculate the probability that this terribly busy debunking the Russian gentleman sitting all day on the flightradar website and watching the flights of the Ukrainian Charter flights. Then the probability that he immediately stumbles upon the route, when the Ukrainian liner really flies into Syrian airspace above the battlefield, instead of quietly fly to the capital of Jordan over the ocean and Lebanon with Israel. And now, as required by the laws of mathematics, you multiply the probabilities as fractions peremeshayte. What happens? Yes, the value is close to zero.

Again a passenger airliner in the role of victim?

Meanwhile, for a journalist of this newspaper like “Bild”, the behavior is expected. Newspaper eager for sensationalism, its reporters rush to the sensations. Normal for them, for example, break into a house to his wife, not knowing that her husband, an Amateur pilot, made an unsuccessful landing and ask her what she will do now as a widow. Despite the fact that the husband-pilot crashed not much alive, just was in the hospital. A real case, by the way…

It is logical to assume that Rapske not just wither away over the route of the Ukrainian aircraft, but something that is expected. Something sensational and judging by the creative expertise is highly harmful for Russia. What would it be?

It is easy to guess: Ukrainian ship with a suddenly strange impulse pilots flew from Lebanon into Syria North of Damascus, where there are fights on the spin from ISIS territories where military maps marked two of the crash site and where the right way lies air force base saikal.

Then Ukrainian plane deepens into the territory occupied by ISIS, then fly finally to Jordan, but not flying to Amman, and continues to RUB along the Syrian border. Some brave pilots! Though once in combat the fighters of the Ukrainian air force translate – every day for the rams will go…

Here and waited for Julian Rapske some important messages from this stuffed shooting iron district messages in any way associated with the Ukrainian plane…

I hope I can recall recall the story mentioned at the beginning of the downed over Ukraine Malaysian Boeing. There was also a lot of weirdness. Starting with the strange – who and why sent the passenger plane to the combat zone and ending demonstrative travel launchers “Beech” to the cities and towns of Donbass.

And the scheme becomes clear. Not now, so late, but you can expect that now tested scenario over Syria lost another Ukrainian ship. And fate again will be monitored by the watchful eye of a German journalist. But only until Jordan the Board to fly in no time. Someone’s ruthless hand will stab him with a missile to fell it, like the Boeing, the Syrian army controlled territory. And somebody’s hand is already known. Because it is already planned…

Why repaint an American plane under Russian?

And just then there were messages that one of US warplanes in Syria repainted in the colors of the Russian camouflage. Moreover, the plane model of F/A-18 Hornet. A distinctive feature – a small contrast to the Russian su-34. “Thus, if “American” in flight will take off from the ground on a semi-professional camera, it will be almost indistinguishable from the su-34″ – warn the authors notes.

Generally speaking, a reliable confirmation of this information we have found. But it is noteworthy that none of the surveyed Constantinople of the experts expressed doubt that the Americans indignantly rejected such provocation – when the Ukrainian civilian plane over Syria allegedly shot a Russian plane. That somehow the moral qualities displayed by the Americans in General, and in recent weeks especially, do not give reason to doubt that these – these can…

And especially in the background, when in Aleppo, including Russian planes grind bandits, and the entire Western political world is mad, as, for example, British defense Secretary Michael Fallon in the requirements “to bring Moscow to responsibility for its actions in Aleppo”.

For actions in Aleppo – does not work: there is no evidence of deliberate bombing by Russian and Syrian aircraft for civil purposes. A dull monotonous fakes with bloody girls than dabble hacks type Rapske, not only become boring, but are so unprofessional, what to expose them to be counterfeit, even a first grader.

So, the evidence should be! And then the Nazi junta in Kiev, which for the sake of the approval of the West will send its citizens to be slaughtered anywhere. In Donbass already won seven mobilizations have proverila, the whole city shells on the bricks smashed, and then for the Holy cause shit Russia will regret a hundred passengers?
Mark Milly

Especially when the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General mark Milly reiterated that war with Russia is almost inevitable. Ukrainian citizens will simply have the honor of becoming the first victims. Like German criminals who had killed by his own Gestapo under the guise attacked the radio station in Gleiwitz, the poles on 1 September 1939. And then there’s the work of “hot line” communications between the Russian base Hamim and the American research group in Amman Americans stopped unilaterally.

And so, do not immediately ask them “if your Not a plane in our color rubs near the border? Anyone waiting for”?..

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