White House Reiterates Cover-Up of Saudis and FBI in 9/11; Now Is the Moment to Oust Obama

White House Reiterates Cover-Up of Saudis and FBI in 9/11; Now Is the Moment to Oust Obama


It is no surprise, that at today’s White House daily press briefing, the Obama spokesman replied to all six of the reporters’ questions regarding release of the ’28 pages,’ to reiterate yesterday’s TV performance by CIA chief John Brennan, to cover-up the Saudi and FBI role in 9/11. Briefer Josh Earnest used a variety of formulations: ‘Obama hasn’t read the 28 pages…experts will handle it…Lee Hamilton said there were inconsistencies, and not to release the pages (Hamilton was Vice-Chair of the 2004 “9/11 Commission Report”),’ etc. This follows Brennan’s decree yesterday, that the Saudis are close allies of the U.S., and the classified pages and FBI documents should/will not be released. Damn those Americans killed in 9/11, and others dead since, and elsewhere.

The fact that Brennan had to personally and publicly issue the Obama/London stance is a thug action, but also a freak-out at the same time. The blatancy of these crimes against the United States is part of the reality that now is a special moment of opportunity to force through Obama’s removal. That is the urgent task.

Allowing Obama to remain in office continues the current course to all-out war. Yet a new provocation to Russia is now underway. Military exercises by 10 NATO countries began today southeastern Estonia, directly on the border with Russia. The Russian town of Pskov is only a few kilometers away. Called “Spring Storm,” the exercises will continue until May 20, and involve NATO hardware and 6,000 soldiers, 1,500 of whom will come from the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Latvia and Lithuania. Plus, participation is reported from Finnish staff officers, and Canadian specialists. Estonian Commander-in-Chief Lt. Gen. Riho Terras says that Spring Storm will season his units, “preparing them for war-time.”

The war drive can be stopped. This takes exertion of a new leadership drive in the United States. The makings of this are evident in the “Manhattan Project” in New York City, mobilizing people to a new human identity and to action.

Today, a beautiful, critical new document was posted by LaRouchePAC, which lays out a necessary pathway for the United States into the future: “Principles and Boundary Conditions of a New Space Program; A Solar System Economic Platform,” by Kesha Rogers, two-time Democratic nominee for Texas C.D. 22, former candidate for U.S. Senate, and member of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee; and by Ben Deniston, leader of the LaRouchePAC Scientific Research Team.

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