White racist shoots police chief in Oklahoma multiple times, walks free

White racist shoots police chief in Oklahoma multiple times, walks free

Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:12PM

A white man with racial tendencies in the US state of Oklahoma has been allowed to walk free after shooting a town police chief four times.

Police Chief Louis Ross of Sentinel, Oklahoma, was shot in the chest three times and once in the arm on Thursday while responding to a bomb threat at a private residence, Raw Story reported on Sunday.

Ross was lucky to survive with only minor injuries because he was wearing a bulletproof vest that he borrowed only moments before the incident.

The police chief was at Dallas Horton’s house after “Washita County 911 received two calls from a man who identified himself as Dallas Horton, and claimed to have a bomb inside of a preschool,” according to a press release from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

A 911 caller reported on 4:00 a.m. on Thursday that a bomb had been planted in Sentinel Community Action Center, Sentinel Mayor Sam Dlugonski said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s bomb squad responded to the scene but found no explosives.

Chief Ross and deputies from the Washita County sheriff’s office traced the call to Horton’s residence.

There were signs on his front door that read “Certified Zombie Killer” and “Warning: Zombies inside — Enter at your own risk,” according to KWTV TV station.

Officers broke down the door and entered the residence.

While searching the house, Ross entered a bedroom where Horton shot him four times.

Although Horton claimed that “the man was unaware it was officers who made entry,” Ross said that he entered the home after five officers “screamed that they were officers of the law and announced their presence.”

Officers took Horton into custody, but said that they had “insufficient evidence” for an arrest and released him after some questioning.

Ross was taken to a Hospital in Hobart, where he was treated for minor injuries.

The gunman is described by his neighbor David Delk as a “survivalist” type who mistrusted the government, was openly unfriendly to neighbors and wore a lot of black clothing.

Raw Story identified a Facebook profile allegedly owned by Horton, full of racially charged images and threats at black leaders like Rev. Al Sharpton.

“Hurt ME and your [sic] gonna feel pain,” reads one image, “hurt my BEST FRIEND and your gonna need an ambulance, hurt my FAMILY…I’m gonna need a shovel.”

Another image shows a blood-spattered truck with human limbs sticking out of it. “JUST DROVE THROUGH FERGUSON,” it reads, “DIDN’T SEE ANY PROBLEMS.”

The mayor of Sentinel, Sam Dlugonski, who said he has known “this kid” all of his life, described Horton as a “gun enthusiast” and survivalist

Authorities removed a total of seven firearms from Horton’s house after the search.

Classes in Sentinel’s public schools were canceled on Thursday, but resumed Friday.

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