Who’s A Terrorist According to US Authorities


FBI & Sheriff’s Terrorists Definitions


“What are Some Characteristics of Terrorists?”
“Nice-guy image”
“Property Rights Activists”
“Environmental and Animal Rights”
“Influence governmental of social policy”
“Undermine confidence in the government”
“Anti-government and Militia Movement”
“Create an atmosphere of anxiety amongst the public”
“defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN”
“Common Law Movement Proponents” who “Request authority for a stop” who “Make numerous references to the US Constitution” and “Attempt to ‘police the police’
“Will employ a variety of vehicles and communicate predominantly by cell-phone, E-mail, or text messaging services”
“Trained to be physically aware of their environment, whether it be a 747 jumbo jet or a court house”
“May appear ‘normal’ in appearance… tourists, student, or businessperson

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