Why have the Elite chosen Dallas as the center-stage of their Ebola false-flag psy-op

John wrote:

Hey Jim,

I find it interesting that the elite have chosen “cling to their guns & religion” TEXAS as the starting point of the Ebola epidemic. Texas has threatened to secede many times & is also the home of Alex Jones & his global news site Infowars. In the “jail” that is freedom loving America, TEXAS is the biggest baddest prisoner. Take him out & the rest of the states will crumble!

Remember, Rick Perry FORCED VACCINATED teenage girls with Gardasil because of fear of HPV. It would come out later that he was on the payroll of big pharma.


Now there is a 2nd EBOLA patient in Texas.


And they just confirmed that Texas SCHOOLS must now be screened for Ebola.


Whether this is a PSYOP or REAL, a case for NUKING Texas could easily be made if the MSM reports that Ebola is outta control.

Another scenario, could be that Rick Perry begins forced vaccinations, Ebola is squashed, Rick is hailed as a hero & forced vaccination becomes the STANDARD for all the States. “If even those crazy bible gun freedom loving patriots are giving up their rights to government, certainly the rest of the country will not resist.”

Hunker down and do it NOW

“Ebola” “Officially” in the U.S.

I do not care if you have no cash, there is a way to scrape up a little and get a couple bottles of vitamin C. Due to the limited effectiveness per cost (in the U.S.) and general unavailability of collodial silver, skip it if you cannot do it with ease.

Get your propane canisters and portable stove NOW. Get your rice and other grains NOW. DO IT NOW OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT LATER. They have officially launched “Ebola(tm)” in the U.S. and you now have your warning bell to FINALLY TAKE ACTION AND PREPARE if you have not already.

Failure to take action at this time will reduce if not eliminate your ability to resist forced vaccinations and detention in a FEMA camp. And if I was in the U.S. with my little hyper efficient motor cycle, I would be bugging out right now and using its fuel economy advantage to get within reach of internet each day to do this web site. I strongly suggest those who have the ability to do something similar in the U.S. to DO IT NOW and get good at it before the axe falls

At this point there is no reason to suspend your life as you know it, but I can flatly state that failing to find a spot in the back country right now and subsequently failing to find multiple ways to it and failing to at least practice using it and proving it out as a decent location RIGHT NOW, BEFORE the crack down, which is all but here would be irresponsible at this point.

In the past, I have discouraged people from bugging out simply because the correct parameters had not been met and there would be nothing worse than bugging out in 1981 only to have things go relatively smoothly for 30 years. Good way to look stupid. But I can comfortably state that digging in and setting up for bugging out now would highly probably make you look smart in a short while, the Ebola scam is PROBABLY IT.

You do not have to wreck your life doing this. Setting up a hideout does not mean end of life. And if you really have to wreck your current life using that hide out, the Guidestone Group(tm) will wreck your life anyway if you do not have one, I would choose a hideout over a forced vaccine, home detention until the storm troopers arrive, or FEMA camp ANY DAY.

  • theunhivedmind

    Dallas, Texas is in fact one of the major power areas of the elite in the USA Financial Ltd. This is the true home of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry exactly where the assassination of President John F. Kennedy took place at the hands of Permanent Industrial Expositions (NATO/MI6). The House of the Temple in Washington is not the true power of the Scottish Rite and instead this is actually in Dallas. Please refer to the above sea-level data to understand a key reason why this is so. The Scottish Rite let the profane believe Washington DC is their home base as a diversion from the truth for obvious reasons. Rick Perry is a member of the Bilderberg Group so expect the worse, Texas the most free state (joke) of all the USA Financial Ltd will be made an example of as health powers take over as a model for the rest of the region mastered by the DVD Nazis of George H.W Scherff (Bush) for The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries/Barbers. Look out for plastic coffin liners near you soon and monitor aerosol samples for chemical agents that give some symptoms that may be falsely claimed as Ebola. Prepare for th electronic bracelets to come out after you’ve been conditioned with smart wearables. Some clues were in the predictive programming movie ‘The Crazies.’ Do not rely on a vitamin C tablet you need powerful oxidizing agents such as ozone (IV Polyatomic Apheresis/Water [hydration & oxygenation helped in one]), hydrogen peroxide IV, Sodium Ascorbate IV along with known homoeopathic remedies for the symptoms in 30c, 200c and 1M doses.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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