Why Jim Rogers Is Still a Commodities Bull

Published: Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011 | 1:54 AM ET
By: James Longman

In a climate that has forced investors to look for more unusual places to put their money, many have gone into precious metals, especially gold, which hit multiple record highs this year, prompting some analysts to say it was overcrowded.

But famous investor Jim Rogers reiterated on Wednesday his view that investors will benefit from owning commodities whether the global economy improves or not.

“I’m long commodities and currencies, because if the world gets better, the shortages in commodities will make sure I make money; if the world economy doesn’t get better, I’d rather own commodities because they’re going to print money,” Rogers said on November 23.

Commodities bull Rogers currently lives in Singapore and is the chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests. Earlier this month, Rogers predicted that the gold’s bull run still has many years to go but it will eventually end in a bubble.

“It will easily go to $2,000 but it will reach $2,400 over the course of the bull run, which has years to run,” Rogers said.

On Wednesday, he told CNBC that if gold [XAU= 1680.20 — UNCH ] prices decline, he would buy more and investors should own silver [XAG= 31.06 — UNCH ].

In the early 1970s Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros, one of the world’s first truly international funds; the fund famously made over $1 billion off the back of a devalued British pound [GBP=X 1.5447 — UNCH ].

Having built a strong reputation as a man one step ahead, Rogers thinks Singapore is the best place to be for an investor at the moment and has often prophesized the demise of the US dollar [.DXY 79.61 0.47 (+0.59%) ] because the Federal Reserve is printing money.

He has recently started The Rogers Global Resources Equity Index, which includes the top companies in the energy, mining, agriculture and commodities sectors, as well as the best performers in the renewable energy business.

Rogers has been an outspoken proponent of these industries, highlighting the powerful role that the producers of “real goods” are starting to take. With Western financial centers in turmoil, he predicts that production powerhouses in Asia will begin to take the lead.

Earlier this month he explained to CNBC his currency tactics during the financial crisis. “I own the euro [EUR=X 1.3235 — UNCH ] because everyone is beating it down so badly and the US dollar too,” he said.

On Tuesday November 29 CNBC will be talking to Jim Rogers about the best tactics for precious metal investment, and what can be expected from the commodities market in general over the coming year. Send your questions for Jim Rogers to investorsclinic@cnbc.com to get his latest views on investment opportunities.

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