Why Renowned Argentine Journalist Was Silenced by Largest Media Group

Why Renowned Argentine Journalist Was Silenced by Largest Media Group © AP Photo/ Ezequiel Pontoriero

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An Argentine journalist who hosts a radio program on radio ‘Continental’ has fallen victim to censorship. In an exclusive interview to Sputnik, Victor Hugo Morales spoke about how the right-wing political and media actors are trying to silence his critical views.

Argentina’s largest media holding Clarín has a significant impact on the decisions taken by President-elect Mauricio Macri, according to a renowned journalist, who was dismissed by the group and is now claiming censorship.

Established in 1999, the group includes the Clarín newspaper (the most-widely circulated in Latin America), Papel Prensa (newsprint manufacturer), Cablevisión cable television, the Artear media company, and numerous other media outlets.

This incident “undermines the foundations of freedom of expression in Argentina, as we are talking about the media holding, which is protected by power that was elected by the people. This government is committed to total control over the political and social life of the country, completely relying on the support of such a giant as the Clarín holding.”

The journalist is convinced that his dismissal is part of a systematic campaign of harassment against the opposition media. He earlier shared a series of tweets expressing his views after his program on Radio Continental was canceled.

“They want to discipline journalism, chasing someone who bothers them too much”​

Morales mentioned in the interview that, “a few weeks ago, the first complaints by journalists were received. They experienced pressure of the authorities on their own skin, and the office of the media accurately read the messages that they were sent to it by the current government.”

As the journalist noted Argentina is in the hands of a trinity. “This trinity includes the holding group Clarín, the center-right political coalition Cambiemos (that led Macri to presidency) and a corrupt judiciary. Many of us have fallen victim to it in the first few months of Macri. The new government does not respect the Congress, does not respect law enforcement agencies, or uses these bodies in order to assert its right winged repressive policies.”

​“As of today I no longer have a show, this is what the political right wing needs to silence voices”

Morales said that either he fell a victim to the insecurity of the organization for which he worked before the power of the holding group, or perhaps the reason for the concern of the organization is that it will not receive money if it does not obey the new government.

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