Why the sexodus is really happening

Why the sexodus is really happening

Dec 18 2014

Many readers have probably already heard other perspectives on this topic, here is mine.

Why are American men opting out of relationships with American women? The answer is both long and easy to state if one is willing to be honest and possibly take a ratings hit for the truth. This is it entirely (as I see it) and after I state the problem, I will state the reason and who did it.

A majority of American women grow up spoiled, with everything handed to them on a silver platter. In the schools, which are now rigged to destroy men, girls are given better grades for no reason at all other than to put them above the boys and make them more able to get into college. Boys have to work much harder and be far more talented to match the grades girls get in school, and often when any topic is technical or scientific a boy can be a genius and still get very poor grades on works such as science fair projects or anything else that requires a good technical understanding of a technical subject and actually making it work. There will be no appreciation for genius from any boy in American public schools nowadays. That went out with the 80’s.

Once these girls, who were pumped all the way through grade school hit college, they get professors who teach them that they have been abused, victimized and subverted their entire lives (all the while they in fact had it easy, far easier than the boys.) Since the professors talk from a position of “authority,” even the boys go along with it and a cycle of behavior gets entrenched that is very destructive and leads to a situation where no matter what is done, the girls can never be satisfied with anything. They are always “the victim” no matter how good they have it.

A majority of the women are then incapable of having a two way relationship. They enter a perfectly selfish mode where if their every whim is not answered without compromise, they are “abused” and “crushed” and whatever other things they dream up and can convince people of. If a man enters a relationship with such a woman (which is now the norm in the below 30 group and even a huge percentage of those in the 30-45 group) he risks having his life explode in divorce courts which are subsequently rigged to bring out the worst possible monsters the women can possibly muster, courts which can destroy a man for his entire useful life. And most do get destroyed.

This was a secret for a while, but word has gotten around and men are no longer stupid about this. For what reason should they open themselves up to being a 100 percent servant, who if he does not serve the woman to her perfect satisfaction faces complete destruction in court? I know a lot of women are spitting over this, but it is the cold hard truth, a truth most will never see.

Rather than see the truth, most women will fall into a depression caused by a malfunctioning system which targeted them directly, and used them to destroy their country. If there is no such thing as a stable home simply because the women demand far too much and destroy on a whim when they do not get what they want, America will fail and is already failing.

Then, as a final sucker punch, these women who were tricked into a destructive lifestyle that caused them enormous depression are deemed to have a chemical imbalance, prescribed antidepressants and from that point on they are unrecoverable. The antidepressants target the emotional centers and blow them away permanently, especially those which are needed for empathy, compassion, and caring about others. They become consuming machines that eat everything in their path (for a period of time) and then burn out completely and recede from society only to live alone with three cats, occasionally visited by other female friends who were similarly destroyed, to chat about how bad they have it and that is why life somehow passed them by. The real reason “life passed them by” is never known by any of them. Here it is:

When I first approached the Jewish community, I had full access to all the books in the Bnai Jacob Montreal synagogue and it was shocking what they had in that synagogue about the true nature of women. They study this, and use it to plot to destroy societies. One of the key things is that money is paramount for a majority of women, it is THE THING they go for and if societal laws or norms are not in place to discourage or prevent it, they will even sell their children to get it. This is not what I am saying, it is what they know and they use this nature of women to get them to shut off their conscience enough to have them feel perfectly justified in lying to destroy men in court, especially when there is a financial payout involved.

The Jews ran cold war Russia, and SSRI antidepressants, America’s family policy, and many of the police state laws as well as the destructive educational programs were first test run in Russia. I doubt the same people who developed these things in Russia are still there after the fall, they are in America, in the courts, colleges, and social service sector brain raping the women and ripping the guts out of America.

If you want the real reason for the sexodus in America, as far as I see it, it is the end result of a communist plot to destroy America that has run its course almost to completion. And I doubt the nation will recover, if there is a way to recover this nation it will be had via direct threat to the Jewish districts of New York, San Francisco, and other major Jewish centers. They taught us that violence is wrong, but they use violence on a whim everywhere (and if you do not think there is even one example of this just look at Gaza.) Lack of an ability to get nasty is in fact a psychiatric malfunction that has been entrenched and enforced in America by those who are destroying the nation. Peaceful protest does not cut it, cry all you want and tyranny will only laugh in return. Have you seen anything other than them laughing at our protests lately? Protests are a joke when a complete revolution is needed.

Until this happens, enjoy living alone in a stupid “sexodus” which in reality, on the face of things absent any changes, is the only rational option for the American male. Until the social policy is responded to as the act of war it is and subsequently blown away, one would be stupid to go into the belly of the monster.

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