10 10 2016

The Turkish army is expanding a buffer zone on the border of the country

The stakes in the middle East are growing rapidly. The Turkish army is expanding its presence in Iraq. In addition to the 500 instructors in a training camp BA’shiqah under Mosul, in Northern Iraq will be another 2,000 people. Ankara introduces its troops without the consent of Baghdad. The same as previously sent troops to the North of Syria for the operation “shield of the Euphrates”.So Turkey creates a thirty-kilometer buffer zone along its border to protect it from attacks of the Kurdish militants, the terrorists of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and to protect the Turkomans living along the border.

The real goal of Turkey

Turkey pursues its own interests and grows new territories. Syria is a fertile land of the Euphrates basin in Iraq’s oil-rich Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. While Turkey is unable to act alone, ignoring the protests of the official governments and the interests involved in the conflict countries.

After a failed military coup in Ankara fell out with US, now Pro-Turkish groups in Syria are fighting not so much with the ISIL terrorists, many with Pro-Syrian so-called “democratic” forces, mostly Kurdish forces. American aircraft mistakenly bombed the troops of the free army Pro-Turkish, Turkish artillery also mistakenly destroys the columns of the Kurds. By the way, here the interests of Turkey advancing the interests of Saudi Arabia.The Saudis invest in the terrorists that they fight against the Syrian government, for example in Aleppo, and the Turks used these terrorists in their own interests in the fight against ISIS and the United States.

In Iraq the Turkish army is officially at the invitation of the President of Iraqi Kurdistan, however, against this decision, protesting all the main forces of the country: the Iraqi government, commanders of Pro-Iranian Shiite militias, Kurdish clans, openly accusing Barzani in collusion with Turkey. American troops also stationed in Kurdistan, also condemns the Turkish initiative.

Who will support Turkey?

Ankara relies on the Sunni population. First on the Turkomans, that is, ethnic Oghuz living in Iraq and Syria. Their culture and language similar to Turkish, so in fact, this fraternal Turkic peoples. As well as on Sunni Arabs. In Syria Turkish interests are protected by the group of radical Salafists from among the free Syrian army – “Ahrar al-sham”, “Noureddine Zenk”, “Jaish al-Fateh” recognized in Russia as terrorist organizations.
In Iraq, Turkey relies on the Sunni tribal militias and the Kurds of the Barzani clan. On the eve of Turkish President Erdogan has said that Mosul after the liberation from the terrorists of ISIS should be completely a Sunni – there can be accommodated the Turkmen are Sunnis, the Sunni Arabs and the Sunni Kurds. About what to do with Assyrians, Armenians, sabiani, Chaldeans and the Yazidis, Erdogan said.
The collapse of the antiterrorist coalition

This statement insulted the Iraqi Shia is on the shoulders of the Shiite militias lay the whole brunt of the fighting with ISIL in 2014, when terrorists attacked across the country. In response, the commander of the militia Hashd SHAABI has threatened to launch military action against the invaders.

In the region of mixed Sunnis, Shiites, Yazidis, Christians, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians. First national card has been played by the Americans in the invasion of Iraq. In the end, the Iraqi army collapsed – the Shiites do not want to fight for the Sunnis, the Kurds, for Arabs, and Vice versa.

Then came the civil war and as a consequence – the emergence of ISIS. To create something like a semblance of a coalition was a success, but when ISIS terrorists are already preparing to storm Baghdad and Erbil.

Now when he starts finding out who has the correct religion, the coalition is falling apart, and ISIS terrorists be able to attack all alone. Among the Iraqi Kurds have long split is maturing: there are opposition the clan Talabani, who wants to focus on Syria and Iran, there are guerrillas of the PKK fighting in Turkey, but having a base in the Iraqi mountains of Kandil, there is a Yezidi self-defence, there are groups of Syrian Kurds, the Union of the Yezidis. And they all hate Barzani, serving the interests of Turkey, the United States.

And all these groups see in their own territorial and political future of Kurdistan, which Turkey plays a very modest role.

Ankara is in search of allies

Turkey in recent years has driven itself into a dead end. If now Turkey began an offensive to push the war from their borders, the war has already begun would be on Turkish territory. We saw the first signs of the massacre, the terrorist attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, the fighting in Diyarbakir. However, now Turkey needs to seek allies to hold this introduced a buffer zone. The only effective force in the region, the current legitimate, is Russia.
We are the only one who supports the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq, we don’t flirt neither separatists nor terrorists, our position is unchanged, and the long-term. If Ankara intends to continue to defend its national interests, then the only partner for her is Moscow. We are always ready for honest cooperation. The only question is, what can we infer from Turkey.

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