Windows steals CPU power and turns against you

Stolen CPU

Those of you who have known about this web site for a while may know that a common theme of mine is that our massive computing power has been stolen from us by operating systems which have been intentionally stifled and turned against us, and rather than using our awesome processors to our advantage, the operating systems now steal that power and use it to hide and subvert their actions. Finally there is modern proof of this. IF our operating systems were actually designed to serve us, they would only be a few hundred K in length and allow us to review them in code that is not encrypted. Our computers would run a thousand times as fast, AT LEAST. The following video is proof that this is true, THIS ENTIRE VIDEO WAS CREATED FROM SCRATCH, FROM OUT OF NOWHERE IN REAL TIME BY A SINGLE 64K file, INCLUDING ALL THE MUSIC AND ALL THE SCENES. It seems impossible, but THIS is where programming really should have gone, and if it had been allowed to we would have living machines with the same processors we view as nothing now.


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