Wipe Out London or There Is No Control Over the Collapse

Wipe Out London or There Is No Control Over the Collapse


In dialogue with colleagues on Sunday evening, Lyndon LaRouche summed up the global strategic crisis in precise terms: The power of London and the British Empire must be wiped out immediately, or else the entire trans-Atlantic region, starting in the United States, will plunge rapidly into uncontrollable chaos. A measure of control must be asserted, and this means wiping out the power of the British Empire, which controls Obama.

The problem is that the leading figures within the Washington governing institutions, starting with the U.S. Congress, who should have already taken effective actions against Obama, have not acted. Obama is still conducting his Tuesday kill meetings, despite the fact that he is degenerating at an accelerating rate. The British Monarchy remains the institution that is ruling over the trans-Atlantic region.

Russia, LaRouche noted, is different, and China is also different. These are nations that are collaborating and looking to expand the collaboration. But there are serious problems, starting with problems providing adequate water and food. Russia and China, today, are the only effective powers, acting potentially against the remaining power of the British Empire and their tool, President Obama.

In effect, LaRouche declared, the 9/11 forces are in control over the United States. There was insufficient attack against the Anglo-Saudi apparatus that ran 9/11. As the result, the Bush and Obama forces have been given a free ride. If the legacy of the British Monarchy and its Bush and Obama operations can be crushed, the U.S. and much of the rest of the world can be saved.

LaRouche emphasized that the center of the fight against the British tyranny, represented by Bush and Obama, is to be found in Manhattan and the immediate surroundings. This point was brought home this weekend by two Schiller Institute concerts, presenting Handel’s Messiah in Brooklyn and Manhattan. All told, over 1,000 people attended the two performances, which were both standing room only. The outpouring of support for the performances and the idea of the links between classical culture, science, and the political fight for a revival of the American System, is illustrative of the fact that there is a core within the American population, centered in Manhattan and in parts of northern California, in particular, that can save the nation. The special qualities of the leading citizens of those areas can be spread throughout the country, but only with a focus on the Manhattan spirit and activation.

The blowout of the entire system is fully underway. The global carnage can only be stopped by a breakthrough in the United States, starting with the wiping out of Wall Street and the reinstatement of Glass Steagall. It must happen before the crash, and that could occur at any moment, starting now. This is not a hype or a slogan. On Jan. 1, 2016, the bail-out regime goes into force in Europe. On the same day, Puerto Rico will default on the first $1.4 billion in debt to vulture funds.

Either you get Glass-Steagall through now, or the outcome will be chaos, throughout the trans-Atlantic region, and under those circumstances, it is almost a certainty that the British Empire forces will go for war with Russia and China.

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