Without a Space Program, There is No Mankind

Without a Space Program, There is No Mankind


Of all the crimes of President Barack Obama, from bailing out a bankrupt Wall Street to conducting permanent warfare, driving the world towards World War III, the most vile crime of all was the destruction of the once vibrant US space program. The space program, especially since the presidency of John Kennedy, was not only the science driver for the economy of the entire world, but also the vision for mankind as a whole, which provoked true creativity in every child, and placed men and women’s minds in the future, where creativity lies. The destruction of the space program not only stopped human progress, it drove mankind backwards. It turned back history.

The call to restore the space program, and future, to humanity will be featured on the LaRouchePAC Feb. 12 Friday Webcast. Lyndon LaRouche spoke of it today, as the action required for the “rebirth of the mind of mankind.” On the Feb. 10, LPAC TV New Paradigm science program, a special guest will be Kesha Rogers, leading the drive for the space program. With this perspective, she attended today’s NASA “open house” at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Texas.

One necessity to clear the way, is to face the fact that Wall Street is bankrupt. End the bail-outs, bail-ins, crimes, fraud and murder.

Look at the saga of Deutsche Bank—the biggest derivatives holder in the world. On Monday, its stock fell over 10 percent from the previous Friday, for a fall of over 40 percent this year so far. Amidst Monday’s plunge, the bank issued a statement of reassurance that it has the means to meet its coming obligations. Then Tuesday, its stock fell more. Deutsche Bank Co-CEO John Cryan then issued a statement, that the bank is “rock solid.” Next, none other than German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, in Paris for a finance ministers confab, told the media that, he has no worries over Deutsche Bank.

In fact, the travails of Deutsche Bank, and the increasing financial chaos, show that the system itself is dead, and at the putrefaction stage.

In U.S. Congress, the means exist, in the form of the bills to reinstate Glass Steagall, to start cleaning up the mess and make way for sound economic activity to power the future, but action is stalled. Ironically, there are even “reality exhibits” scheduled on Capitol Hill this week: several Senators are holding a screening of the movie, “The Big Short”—on the criminality of Wall Street, on Feb. 10; and on Feb. 11, a briefing will be given in the Senate on the fact that U.S. farm income is down 50 percent. Will those who have eyes, see?

If we are willing to face reality, Lyndon LaRouche stressed today,

“The idea that you have to do something to help save the banks is crap!”

The “reality imperative” also urgently applies to seeing and acting against the immediate threat of nuclear war. Right now, NATO defense ministers are gathering in Brussels, on the track of pushing for more confrontation with Russia, threatening all out thermonuclear Armageddon. The British/White House geopolitical drive is in full force.

In Russia, at dawn on Feb. 8, a surprise exercise of military forces was announced in the Southern Military District, which extends into the Black and Caspian Seas. Involving also command and control elements of the Central Military District, the sweeping activation has mobility tests spanning 3,000 kilometers, by rail, naval and air transport. The snap mobilization involves 8,500 troops, 900 pieces of military hardware, 50 warships and up to 200 aircraft.

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