Yet more proof passenger aircraft couldn’t damage the World Trade Center on 9/11

Incredible photos reveal how aircraft’s nose COLLAPSED after bird flew into Turkish Airlines plane carrying 125 passengers

Boeing 737-800 was involved in bird-strike landing at Nevşehir in Turkey
Plane had 125 passengers on board, not believed to be any injuries
Pilot informed air traffic control, and two other planes abort landings

PUBLISHED: 14:47, 6 May 2015 | UPDATED: 15:39, 6 May 2015

These incredible photos show the damage caused by a bird strike to a passenger plane.

The Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Nevşehir in Turkey was on approach to land when it was involved in a severe hit with a unlucky bird.

There were 125 passengers on board the Boeing 737-800, and there were not believed to be any injuries suffered on the landing on Tuesday.

The nose cone was flattened by a sever bird strike as the plane landed at Nevşehir in Turkey

The extent of the damage has surprised many after the photos were posted on Twitter

The pilot relayed the incident to air traffic control, and two other flights scheduled to land had to abort and perform a go-around.

The nose cone, splattered with blood, shows extensive damage, and the aircraft was towed to a hangar for maintenance.

As the photos were shared on Twitter by @Flight-Report, users expressed their shock at the level of damage on the aircraft.

One wrote: ‘This is a donkey strike not a bird strike,’ while @annispice asked the question: ‘What was it a pterodactyl!’

Miran Zagragja was similarly surprised with the photos, writing: ‘WHAT? So big damage? Was it a dragon?’

A spokesperson for Turkish Airlines told MailOnline Travel: ‘The damage of the nose area (radome) by bird hit is a common incident on civil aeronautical operations.

‘The radome area of a plane is constructed by soft materials (composit) to minimalize the impact of such hits.

‘Therefore, such standard/normal deformation occurs as a natural result of such incidents.

‘One can also state that the critical bird hits in aviation is the ones that occur on the engine area. Any other area of the aircraft than the engine area, such as radome, wings, hull, do not pose a risk when hit by a bird.’

The wing of the Boeing 737-800 was also badly damaged when the plane was hit by a bird-strike

Despite the bird-strike, the plane landed safely on the runway and there are not thought to be any injuries to the 145 passengers on board

Back in April, an Alaska Airlines plane heading from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to San Jose, California, was forced to return to Seattle due to a bird strike.

Spokeswoman Halley Knigge (K-NIGGY) confirmed at the time that Flight 336 departed around 8.50pm and returned about 9.40pm ‘out of an abundance of caution’ for a full maintenance inspection. She said the bird strike occurred shortly after takeoff.

There were no injuries among the 112 passengers and five crew members aboard the Boeing 737.

She said the passengers were put on another plane for their flight to San Jose.

In March, a passenger recorded video of the terrifying moment flames shot out of a Lufthansa plane’s engine after striking a flock of birds off the coast of Lebanon.

The bird strike occurred moments after the Airbus A321 took off from Beirut’s international airport en route to Frankfurt.

The plane was carrying 144 passengers when it lost power in one of its two engines and was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing in Beirut.

A Lufthansa spokesman told MailOnline Travel at the time: ‘The aircraft landed safe and all passengers left the aircraft over the normal stairs.

‘All passengers have been offered hotel accommodation and were rebooked on other airlines and on our scheduled daily services.’


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    It is physically impossible for an aircraft to cause the damage that occurred to the World trade Center on 9/11 after the attacks organized by the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and the then Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (Now the Honourable Company of Air Pilots). The truth of the matter is that the towers had some of the steel frame pre-loosened as well as some shape charge explosives planted. The aircraft which hit the towers were not commercial aircraft but in fact military drones themselves probably packed with some explosives for added effect. These aircraft did not perform human checkturns, the aircraft were precision guided by the then BEI QRS-11 gyrochip which is now under the defense contractor Systron Donner Inertial. Planes might look huge but they’re very flimsy otherwise they would not fly. You cannot penetrate steel and even concrete will disintegrate an aircraft. Nazi and Knight of Columbus Jeb (John) Scherff (Bushfraud) hide the data proving that the so-called terrorists couldn’t fly normal aircraft let alone passenger jets. I should remind you that even the most skilled human pilot could not perform the non-human QRS-11 gyrochip checkturns that day. The elevator shafts were compromised by the use of Orbital ATK’s solid state rocket fuel surrounded by SmackSonic supposed sound proofing. Other explosives may have been used in parts of the buildings but the main demolition was executed from underground utilizing nuclear detonations as exposed by Russian nuclear expert Dmitri Khalezov.

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