Your Next Heist Needs This Tracker-Blocking Cash Carrying Bag

Your Next Heist Needs This Tracker-Blocking Cash Carrying Bag

By Andrew Liszewski on 06 Nov 2015 at 6:00PM

If Ocean’s Eleven taught us anything, it’s that planning a heist is tough but undeniably entertaining. The authorities have all kinds of devices that can be used to track your stolen loot, so item number one on your planning list should be this cash-carrying sack that blocks any and all wireless tracking signals.

At $720 (just call it £500 on a conversion round-up, you must have some spare wedge if want want one of these) the Heist Pouch might seem expensive, but there’s the potential here for a hefty return on investment. The bag is made from signal-reflecting fabrics with a double roll-top enclosure (complete with conductive velcro) that prevents a hidden tracker in your ‘cargo’ from giving away on your location—be it GPS, cellular, or RF. It works in both directions too, stopping signals from getting inside the bag and possibly triggering the deployment of unwanted markers.

The Heist Pouch is designed to be large enough to hold a laptop, a change of clothes, or a many thousands of pounds in used currency. Your weekend plans will dictate how you use it, but what’s important is that the authorities will never know what actually went down.

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