September 24, 2016

YouTube is working on a project called “YouTube Heroes”, which gives trolls a platform to actually add caption bubbles and subtitles within videos that other users have posted!

This is on top of the right everybody sensibly has to up- or downvote a video and/or to make comments. This is in effect full-blown gangstalking, openly encouraged and financially developed by YouTube in tandem, I suppose with Google’s search-censoring KnowledgeVault program to quash voices of dissent.

Launched a few days ago on September 20th by the “YouTube Help” account, this program is clearly in response to the millions of anti-establishment posts (more recently of the Anti-Hillary stripe), which have been the lifeblood of YouTube since its very beginning.

It wasn’t enough to demonetize and disenfranchise a legitimate market of users and advertisers, whose views are not mainstream, with the changes they made to their new advertising Terms of Service. This de-incentivized an entire market from participating in YouTube on any level. Now, these dissenters must also be gangstalked.

Welcome to the Stasi, American-Style.

The opportunities for abuse of this feature are flabbergasting. It would be bad enough, if we were dealing with garden-variety basement dwellers, with nothing better to do than to troll in an extraordinarily invasive way, by allowing them to post derogatory comments within other people’s videos, as they’re streaming.

Much more serious, however is that we know that all social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have endless amounts of sock-puppet accounts (each of which can have 10 or more fake identities) used by some 80,000 members of the military who specialize in Psychological Operations and Counterintelligence – these members of the military will be employed en masse to trash the work of YouTube users.

Orwell couldn’t have dreamt up this one. The comments have been disabled on the YouTube page announcing this unveiling – for obvious reasons, when you see the ratio of downvotes for this offending video.

You can go to that page and downvote this policy, yourself – and I highly encourage that you do so.

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