Zeolite truths, myths, benefits and exaggerations… explosive interview with zeolite expert blows the lid on what’s REAL vs. BOGUS

Zeolite truths, myths, benefits and exaggerations… explosive interview with zeolite expert blows the lid on what’s REAL vs. BOGUS

Wednesday, November 04, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Want to know what’s REAL vs. BOGUS when it comes to zeolites? I’ve just completed an explosive interview with Clayton Thomas who confirms many of my recent findings while adding new information you’ve probably never heard before.

Are zeolites useful for environmental remediation and decontamination? Absolutely!

Can zeolites reach into your body tissues and chelate heavy metals? Doubtful!

Are all zeolites the same? Absolutely not!

Learn more by listening to this informative, one-hour interview on zeolite truth vs. fiction.

Here’s some of what we cover:

• What are zeolites, really?

• The legitimate uses of zeolites for environmental toxin remediation.

• Why “raw” zeolites mined out of the ground contain lead, aluminum and other undesirable metals.

• Zeolite uses in animal care (ammonia cleanup).

• Zeolite as a water filtration media to remove many contaminants.

• Using zeolite as a hydroponic grow medium.

• Can zeolite bind glyphosate?

• How the Health Ranger tested zeolites in gastric acid to determine binding capacity with various metals.

• Why exposing pulverized zeolites to mild acids releases aluminum and lead.

• Why the aluminum in INTACT zeolites is not “free” aluminum (but can be released if the structure of zeolites is fractured).

• Why selling raw zeolites mined out of the ground and not appropriately cleaned and processed is unethical. “That is a major health risk,” says my guest.

• Why large granular zeolites do NOT digest in gastric acid (stomach acid).

• Zeolites are naturally insoluble. They can only pass through the digestive tract once they are modified to become soluble.

• A closer look at zeolites’ ability to bind with cesium-137 and radioactive elements: Fukushima, Chernobyl, contaminated soils and food, etc.

• Surprising details about Prussian Blue, a painter’s pigment that’s also the FDA’s approved “drug” for treating radioactive cesium and thallium contamination in the body. How I tested and confirmed the action of Prussian Blue in the lab, proving its strong affinity with cesium isotopes.

• Zeolite affinity to cesium explained. Comments on nitrosamines, heavy metals and organic compounds.

• My testing of zeolites with lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic and other metals: why did zeolite show NO affinity at the pH of gastric acid?

• Cesium pathways in botany and biology: how radioactive cesium mimics potassium and ends up in the food supply.

• The history of massive lead contamination of agricultural soils through the heavy use of lead arsenate as a pesticide.

• How even organic crops can be contaminated with lead or other toxic elements.

• The BOGUS claims surrounding powdered zeolites being sold as a daily dietary supplement for oral ingestion.

• Why ingesting powdered rocks doesn’t magically transform it into a water soluble substance.

• FACTS vs. MYTHS surrounding “surface area” claims on zeolites.

• How zeolite claims and narratives get wildly exaggerated in certain sectors of the health community. “Groupie” mentality.

• Why I support the “democratization of science” and hope that Star Trek technology could one day put elemental composition instruments into the hands of everyday consumers.

• Why a lot of zeolite marketing is “faith based” rather than grounded in evidence and fact.

• The nonsensical “science” paper that documents zeolite consumers urinating out the very same metals found in the zeolites they’re consuming.

• The detox / REtox theory explained.

• The background on hydrolyzed zeolites and transforming them into soluble molecules.

• Why you should not eat rocks as if they were food. The truth about cheap calcium supplements and why they damage the heart.

• Details on my expanded laboratory capabilities, including organic chemistry analysis via HPLC.

• Why you should always remember health fundamentals: food choice, exercise, plant-based nutrients, superfoods, etc. There are lots of ways to approach the concept of “detox.”

• The importance of cycling off of dietary supplements, eating seasonal foods, and pursuing variety in diet and supplementation.

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