Zydro Energy Device takes Archimedes Principle and a “eureka moment” to over-unity energy

Inventor, Wayne Travis, from Oklahoma, seems to have come up with a way to harvest buoyancy as a prime mover for generating usable energy. Skeptic Mark Dansie is preliminarily impressed with their results, and sees the technology as possibly surpassing wind and solar as a feasible renewable energy source.
The ZED looks and sounds like something out of Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

By Keith Kowalczyk with Sterling Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Out in Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA, Wayne Travis is using a new understanding of the age-old concept of buoyancy to run a hydraulic motor, leading to a generator, and, ultimately, a net result of overunity energy.

In a “eureka moment” that came to him in a hot tub, using two red Solo Cups (not unlike those later used by Toby Keith in the popular song and video) Mr. Travis realized when thinking about diving bells that buoyancy was not controlled by volume, but rather by pressure differentials and surface areas. Tom Miller, in several videos (links) on the principle, has termed this the “Travis Effect.” And though Mr. Travis may not necessarily approve of the nomenclature, he is well along in the process of proving it by running a hydraulic motor from the changing displacements of water under said effect in separate chambers.

One of 29 ZED demonstration model photos posted at hydroenergyrevolution.com

Travis’ 500-watt unit, originally called, simply, “The Machine” was renamed the “Zydro Energy Device” by a group of Boy Scouts (Chickasha Troup #4319) who won a contest to name the curious contraption. The futuristic name seems to go well with the other worldly-sounding device (as seen on “The Scarecrow Show” and Travis’ own Hydro Energy Revolution site) in which one might imagine the Terminator facing its doom inside the metal compressor. I, personally, loved the haunting groans and clicks, and was almost disappointed to learn that the machine, in actuality, is nearly silent. New and as yet un-greased cylinders were, apparently, the culprit here. And while Mr. Travis may not have planned on that, he also did not plan on the bounty of unsolicited support he has received from the tiny town of Chickasha.

With nearly a hundred people helping out with everything from construction to bringing over cookies, Mr. Travis has considered the community of Chickasha a blessing.

With a provisional patent, the company he founded around this, HydroEnergy Revolution LLC, is pushing ahead with plans to build 25, 50 and 100 kilowatt models, with a goal of pricing so as to achieve a three-year return on investment from the savings on electricity. Mr. Travis’ company, which has a goal to be under production for delivery in a year, is currently alpha testing and raising additional funding for beta testing. The ever-skeptical, but surprised with what he’s seen so far on this one, Mark Dansie will act as an advisor to the project. If it checks out in being able to self-run for at least two days straight, Dansie predicts: “It could replace solar and wind as the primary renewable energy source for the planet. The next challenge will be to increase the output to make the device commercially viable.”

For the hope of anyone with a high utility bill, let’s hope a fully-operational, if not fully-greased, Z.E.D. machine is the next thing to touch down in Tornado Alley.

We at the New Energy Systems Trust are standing by to help in any way we can. If you’re interested in helping us help them, drop us a line. They’ll need some good mechanical engineering abilities to characterize, optimize, and engineer this for production.

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This story is also published at Examiner.
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