Example of the Pied Piper Alternative Media helping anti-Putin/Russian Federation propaganda

Example of Pied Piper Alternative Media helping anti-Putin/Russian Federation propaganda

By The Unhived Mind – 4th December 2014

Below this article we have a perfect example of what I’ve been saying about the alternative media being mostly a tool of the New Venice intelligence octopus. Below you will see a recent post on the Jim Stone website which I’ve highlighted to prove my point. I have no personal problem with Jim Stone and I like some of the posts to his website. I do not know if Jim realizes the hurt he’s causing by allowing such posts to be put onto his main website off his forum. As soon as I started to read the post in question I felt the disinformation and trickery feelings pour throughout my body. What we have here is an attempt by intelligence sources (whether direct, paid proxy or a follower of the disinformation) to put more doubt on the great Vladimir Putin and Russian Federation fight against the New Venice.

The New Venice/Knights of Malta intelligence network now have to get their controlled pied piper alternative media suckered in victims to believe that the fight between Putin and the City of London/Westminster power is an illusion. For years this controlled media source have programmed the once awakening beings into a self-helplessness illusion. Many of the gullible will either not properly outright fight the Zeus based New World Order or they will be easily diverted into useless fights which in a veiled way actually support the New World Order such as the Occupy movements and color revolutions under the Club of Rome (read the council of the Club of Rome’s book ‘The First Global Revolution’ from the 1990s). When many of the gullible victims do put up a supposed point or question they continue to push the disinformation that has been fed into their minds by the Venetian Arsenal and its forks.

The article highlighted below is attempting to make out that the Soviet Union wasn’t destroyed. Rest assured the great Vladimir Putin has reversed the Bolshevik Revolution since the year 2000 onwards. Russia is now reformed and on the same level as it once was under the Russian Tzar who saved America’s freedoms all those years ago. This is infuriates the Jesuits/Zionists, New Venice (Britain) and the minds of the Venetian Arsenal. Yes the Jesuit Pope is having dealings with the BRICS Development Bank and so to may be the Deutsche Bank (Nazi Deutsche Verteidigungs Dient baghouse) but rest assured they do not run the Russian Federation that is the job of Vladimir Putin, Russian elites and the people. Both the DVD and Vatican will be edging their bets and making sure that their own corporations do not go down with the current sinking ship thus they can survive and continue within the new system if it succeeds with another set of cannon fodder on ships stern. Rest assured they will eventually attempt to infiltrate and take over that new system when it is put in place. Until that time of infiltration they will edge their bets as they attempt to block and stop the new system by methods of color revolution, economic warfare, geo-politics and terrorism.

The alternative media want you all to think this is a grand illusion by a single faction of elite so you’ll ignore the important battle and not join on the side of Putin and the Russian Federation. For years the octopus has put out disinformation about Putin in preparation for this coming battle that they knew would occur at some point. British Intelligence in 2006 really ramped up the anti-Putin propaganda when they claimed that the Russian FSB had poisoned former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko using polonium-210 radiation under the orders of Vladimir Putin. A lot of the people across the world today can see through the western propaganda against the great leader of Russia. The people can see Vladimir Putin has more morals than any of the Western leaders and that he has more internal support from his people than any other leader in any other democratic nation. Are we to believe people using common sense wouldn’t see through what MI6 was trying to achieve back in 2006?

I’ve highlighted the BRICS issue in arenas where the herd have no true knowledge only to be bombarded by the typical anti-Putin propaganda. It doesn’t matter to them that their miserable lives under austerity and almost bankruptcy can be easily reversed by the BRICS but instead they’d rather continue down a lonely path into a new dark age. It reminds me of the people denying themselves of the superior new slim Yandex alpha web browser and instead using the backward and vile Google Chrome browser all because they’d rather the NSA had their data than the FSB. Firstly they have no proof the FSB monitor the Yandex browser and secondly the NSA and FiveEyes have false rule over Westerners where as the FSB does not. Using logic If I really had no choice and had to choose between the two agencies to monitor myself then I’d go for the FSB over any Western agencies. Think about it if only one authority has power over you then why would you choose part of that authority to monitor you rather than the one who does not and couldn’t harm you with any data they might hold?

The logical thing even if you hate Putin would be to accept a better monetary system and get some stability back in both your economy and society. This type of mindset is all by design from that water city from hell known as Venice. The same type of mindset has to be installed in the alternative media victims. Its no different than the false-flag Ebola quarantine incident in the U.S. The general herd are fear-mongered into hating the possible Ebola carrier who’s fighting the quarantine using the Constitution and thus at the same time installing anger against the great document. In the alternative crowd they get the same result by claiming the carrier is a former CDC employee which then rattles the alternative crowd up just the same and the end result is both camps attack this being which empowers the end agenda of attacking the Constitution. The big problem we have with the alternative media crowd is that they believe they now are wisdom gods and that they know everything under the Sun. Mindsets that know they know more truths (all disinformation outlets give 70-80% truth as the sucker) are dangerous because they can be just as easily manipulated as the others once they are trapped in such a way. It is more difficult for an alternative media zombie to be deprogrammed to the correct path than it is a mainstream media zombie.

So the article below gives you part truths like a lot of deception materials do. First of all you get the truth about Communist plans. But you have to remember it was Wall Street and the City of London who created the Soviet Union and Communism as proven by Antony Sutton. The plan for the world is a Marxist state and the Soviet Union was a test bed to try to figure out what works, what doesn’t and how to fix the negatives. So if you get Marxism in your nation it doesn’t mean a bunch of Russians have installed it. In truth the real Russia has nothing to do with Communism which only came into the area after the Bolshevik revolution. So once you understand these facts you can start to see why things are happening today as is and how these types of deceptions are being used to muddy up the waters so you can be confused and diverted. Of course I agree that the majority of the alternative media is controlled and the ones who aren’t will end up being poor and have less views than those who are. This post below can use its attack on the alternative media to aid its deception by fooling the people who’ve got past the alternative media into also accepting the possibility that Putin is behind the wicked take over of the western world when nothing could be further from the truth.

The great Vladimir Putin is on the verge of changing mankind for the better in a new Promethean age. This is one of the most exciting times in history as we the people now stand a chance of real improvements. If the New Silk Road, BRICS Development Bank and the World Land Bridge are successful then all the backward merchant pirate systems of old will be no more. We will have technologies allowed to the people that the pirates could never have released because if they had released them then their system of slavery would have folded up very quickly. Under the BRICS new technologies will be released quickly when and has needed instead of being confined to the classified dustbins of the CIA. Do you honestly think New Venice would be so desperate as it is right now if Putin wasn’t a real threat? Do you not think the mass populace of Earth are so dumbed down that these elites could not fool the people with less? Would the elites have to go to World War 3 levels just to fool people today? Maybe decades ago but not today the herd fall for the simplest of deceptions just as their minds were designed to by the Venetian Arsenal.

I remember when I was fooled and brainwashed by the controlled alternative media and I thought there was no hope and it would be impossible to change the current New World Order agenda. I knew methods in which people could take power away from NWO elites but the mass herd would not come together as a freedom collective in order to achieve the goal. I know that groups like the British Constitutional Group are perfect for England, Wales and Scotland to come back as nations run properly again for the people but I also knew it was somewhat impossible without a major change at the top level. Yes in Britain you have the U.K. Independence Party with Nigel Farage which could be a starting point towards final change to the superior British Constitutional Group and Roger Hayes. As I said we needed that major change and finally the real battle between Putin and New Venice started showing itself which really started to kick off after China came up with a plan to combat the Trans-Pacific Strategic Partnership Agreement which is now known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This Chinese plan is the New Silk Road which will aid China and the BRICS destroy the World Trade Organization which will anger the Venetian powers over TheCityUK and it’s Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee.

Finally mankind have something to look forward to instead of a new dark age under the worshipers of Zeus pushing the genocidal Club of Rome green policies that suppress mankind and technologies which can aid mankind. For a socialist world system to succeed under Zeus then the majority of the global populace have to be destroyed. The culling of humans will be completed covertly through war, biological attack, euthanasia and other covert means including green policies in a new false religion of Gaia mixed within a scientific dictatorship. Under the BRICS Promethean age the opposite occurs, the Marxist state isn’t used and therefore economies can have part gold-backing credit currencies whilst populations can continue as they are or expand as Russian is now doing. When we went from wood and coal to oil the population increased dramatically and this can happen again with progression to clean nuclear and hidden technologies. The Nation state model will still be able to exist and Nationalism can and will thrive! It is up to you which system you want to follow but one leads to your doom whilst another leads to something quite special. Right now you are seeing more of the rot as the 2008 economic collapse continues and the austerity programs create the effect they were designed to achieve. Make a note that the whole idea of austerity was based on an idea which actually occurred from an error, this is why austerity doesn’t work unless of course you want to bring the economy down further so you can cause more debt creation for further enslavement.

So what we have right now is a duality battle between the Black International and the people of Earth under Vladimir Putin. If you continue to believe the anti-Putin propaganda that the vile deceptive Brookings Institute continue to spew out then there is no hope for you. I just hope I’ve made good enough contributions in highlighting the real fight and getting the word out that finally we have some hope for a better life than we have today and have had for a long time. If you are fed up with whats happening in this world today and know past true history then please join the fight on the Promethean side. If you still do not get it then I doubt you ever will and instead you’ll just continue aiding the slavery of the planet. I’ve been around for fourteen years now and I’ve followed the alternative media whilst I’ve then moved on from that brainwashing into a new level of vision and improvement in wisdom. You can learn from my past errors I’ve corrected along with my experiences/wisdom and accept you’re wrong. Of course you can continue on the wrong paths I once walked and thus be no better off than a gerbil on a never ending wheel going nowhere.

You will also have to accept you will always need a system and a set of rules. The alternative media will install nonsense in your head that you need nothing and any form of system is slavery and total control ruining freedom. When there is no system or a set of rules then chaos is created! Many of you will know the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s 33rd degree with the motto of ‘Ordo-Ab-Chao’. Right now all of our current systems have been infiltrated and attacked from the inside by Venetian Arsenal fork groups like Common Purpose and Common Cause in order to bring about chaos so you’ll accept the ready to go replacement Marxist systems. We need to utilize the Magna Carta and other great documents like the American Constitution and bring about an amalgamation of all into one great fair and just power for all that will suit and aid the people of Earth. This new system will need checks and balances along with enforcements to make sure what has happened in America never happen again in the future. Those who cannot be trusted today must not be let off with warnings and allowed to join the structure of the new system. Those found guilty of their treason (David Rockefeller etc) and deceit of the past shall be jailed for life or executed and the side-effect of this will also make sure future attempts are less likely.

Toby posted the following to the forum


I believe that the medias’ job should be to alert us to the things that are going on around us, including clear and present dangers to our way of life as we know it.

–> that is supposed to be the role of the press.

But because the press failed so miserably in this respect, moreover the press assumed the role not to inform us, but to disinform us so that we are so distracted from all the stuff that we are bombarded with that we cannot even figure out what is happening on our own anymore, there emerged a branch of the press, calling itself “alternative news”, claiming to take over the role of the press for those interested in knowing what is really going on in the world.

Unfortunately this “alternative press” also got hijacked very quickly, or for every REAL source, the conspirators inserted 30 disinfo agents into the “alternative media camp” in order to re-establish that status quo: there simply being too much information for an average person to dig himself through, not to mention sorting out all the B.S.

I mean look at it: we are bombarded with a lot of stuff that is not really so extremely relevant when put next to the REAL NEWS.

REAL NEWS among other things, I consider:

–> the communist long range strategy as published by Golitsyn and Sejna, and how far we have progressed within the final phase (perestroika, “breakdown” of Warshaw Pact and USSR in order for Europe to disarm and send US troops home to then land a full scale attack at Europe and the US after an economic collapse will have strengthened the communist parties in all the target countries)

But unfortunately you hear nothing about this on the alternative media outlets.

In my opinion, especially during these times now, the following should be published and republished on a daily basis so that people get it:

-Russia faked the breakdown of communism

Golitsyn foretold in his book New lies for Old (1984) that is the soon to begin offensive “final phase” of communism:

– that the USSR would collapse,
– the Berlin wall would fall
– Germany reunified
– Warsaw Pact dissolved (hoping that NATO would dissolve)
– Balkan states split up (Sejna said this in hios 1982 book “we will bury u”
– US troops will withdraw from Europe
– economic collapse
– re-emerging Russia as a strong nation asserting itself on the world stage

Further anticipated:

– complete isolation of the USA so that it will withdraw into its fortress America unwilling to defend Europe when attacked by Russia

–> aha – here is probably the reason why why the US is so vilified 24/7.

I mean what they are doing on the world stage is not good. I am not saying that. But we need to keep in mind that they are “steered” by the same puppet masters that steer Russia: the high finance.

I invite everyone to check it out:

Read the second last chapter (called “the final phase”) of Golitsyns book “New Lies for Old” (1984). You can find it on the internet here:

a href=”http://www.spiritoftruth.org/newlies4old.pdf”> New Lies for Old (Golitsyn, 1984 Then take a look at his second book The Perestroika deception (1995) here:

The Perestroika Deception

THAT is in my opinion at least – the kind of stuff that is presently of uttermost importance.[/b] All the other stuff that we read about Russia, the US, etc is in my opinion right now rather secondary – with the exception of civil war issues in the US, maybe – and probably published with the purpose to still blur the role of Russia and the USSR up the the last moment.

ok – I just wanted to put this as a bit food for thought. Everyone will have to agree with me that considering the importance of this communist long range strategy, that there really is relatively little (as compared to its importance) on the net about it and its consequences to our way of life

(btw. I am saying this from an European Perspective. Naturally all that is taking place in the US currently is of outermost importance for all those living there. But even the emerging civil war in the US can be seen very nicely in perspective through the communist long range plan.

After all: The USA is the mortal enemy of the communist system.

I strongly recommend the lecture by (genuine) KGB defector Yuri Bezmenow on the subversion of the USA. It is on youtube, here:

Yuri Bezmenow lecture on the subversion of the USA

What is so nice there is also the way he explains how communist intelligence is not James Bond stuff mostly, but mostly deals with disinformation. That is: most KGB agents are sitting at newspapers, run media outlets, including “alternative media outlets” for sure, to try and control what information we receive.

–> with that in mind we can look at folks like Fulford from a totally different and new perspective. I wish u all a good day,


My comment: I had a college professor who stated “Communism is the right idea, but it was tried on the wrong people. America has the right people.” They may have given up on Russia.

The KGB could very well now be seated in the City of London financial district and colleges of America. It was, after all, a Jewish outfit. Factor that into all of this.


  • theunhivedmind

    I think your conspiracy knowledge is as deep as a 30 page spiral bound notebook and goes back 4 years AT MOST. My knowledge base goes back to the 1970’s. As a result, you are like a four year old taking knowledge stabs at grandpa.



    “The fact that these policies are still in place in America strongly implies that the people who controlled Russia (and may very well still be controlling Russia) are still in full power in America as well, with a goal of wiping out the U.S.”

    “Now my hope is this: That Russia, absent such an overwhelming presence of Boshevik Jews (because they all sought greener pastures in America) has learned the lessons of history and Putin will block them out. Is Putin really Christian now? I hope so, because if he is, he will be very wise to Bolshevik methods and invasion, and Russia just might be a new hope. But these things are hard to know, true, the “Wisconsin model” may have been abandoned by Russia after being tested as a weapon, but it is really hard to tell what is going on there, and the prison population certainly does not indicate any real change in Russia.”

    My conspiracy knowledge goes back 14 years and exceeds most people’s who’ve been in the game for many years. I’ve had contacts who’re Nobles within Franciscan and Dominican orders of the Roman Catholic Church. I’ve had and got contacts connected with Interpol, French intelligence, former Russian intelligence. I’ve known people who were assassinated and others who’re connected with them. I’ve been attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center and been hassled by cretins connected with the Jewish Kosher Nostra. Now do you honestly think you can use a pathetic email attack on me as this? I was arguing with David Icke back in 2007 well in excess of your four years claim. I do not give a rats bottom about how long someone has been in the game, if they are wrong, weak or lacking I will be say so. Lets have some professionalism.

    I was highlighting the AmigaOS a long time before you, do remember me informing you about it and the how you spoke about it on your website? Do you recall not even knowing that AmigaOS was only running on single core until I told you? Are you even aware of the new Amiga X5000 now being demonstrated and how it is a four-core unit but still we have no AmigaOS to utilize multi-core? I should also remind you that I was highlighting the BRICS Development Bank fight against New Venice a long time before you got close to the subject. Why did you get onto the subject James? I’d sent you a few links off my site on various subjects and you noticed my Putin logo and more importantly my McCain vs Putin side bar backdrops I once had. After that you briefly mentioned the BRICS Bank on your site. So apologize for your wrongful attack!

    You do not look any older than myself, you may even be younger so I doubt you’ve been around since the 1970s as you’d be just being born around then or ten years old at most if you are older than me. I’ve gone into bloodlines and orders you and many others didn’t even know existed. So if you’ve been in the game since the 1970s which I doubt then it isn’t a good show is it? You think you’re special because you’ve supposedly worked for the National Security Agency but you know yourself that I’m a non-NSA connected ‘normal’ being who has a forward thinking mind just as good as yours if not better in some areas. Do not be sad dear James but I had to point out the damage your post was doing to the support of the great Vladimir Putin. Are you more upset that I instantly knew the game that was being played and that you never even thought about it? Many of us within the herd have brains just as good or better than those employed by intelligence agencies. I personally wouldn’t have lowered myself to work for the NSA or GCHQ and if I had to I’d rather use my skills for the Russian FSB and defeat this Venetian continuum slave master system.

    It seems Jim Stone himself is part of the problem with anti-Putin propaganda not just his forum user. Yet another article (parts highlighted above) has gone onto his website today trying to stir up confusion against the Russian Federation and the great Vladmir Putin. First of all notice when anyone wants to attack that region of the World they will always call it Russia but hardly ever call it what it was which was the Soviet Union or the USSR. Please remember that the USSR is an abbreviation for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and not anything to do with Russia. This is the same trickery that is used against the America Republic! When the U.S. is to be attacked its called America rather than the United States its once real corporate name the USA Financial Ltd. How often do you hear America being called the Great Satan? From now on since I’ve highlighted this fact you’ll end up noticing this happening. Today we have Russia back as it was under the old Tzar but when Jim Stone and others are highlighting communist policies etc it was the Soviet Union under the Bolshevik fronts for New Venice through Wall St commanded by the City of London known as ancient Londinium or New Jerusalem!

    I have news for Jim Stone and that is the City of London crowd did not leave Russia because the United States was greener pastures. Wall Street has dominated the American Republic in excess of a century and especially from 1913 onwards utilizing the Federal Reserve. JPMorgan & Chase sits on land in New York City dominated by the Guelph New Doge of New Venice Elizabeth II and the bank even flies a Union Jack flag. Venice and the City of London created Communism and Russia was its testing ground as I’ve said earlier in my article above. Jim Stone seems to want you to believe that Russians are implementing Communist policies within the United States and that is wrong. Like I said once you know who created and funded Communism and the USSR then the game is up. Putin removed the City of London tribes out of Russia and this fact is very well known across the world. This is one of the main reasons terrorist John McCain a pro-Israel Zionist detests Vladimir Putin but a Vietnam veil is used to hide this fact about McCain’s demented tantrums.

    It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference if Putin is Christian or Islam he can still keep these people out and run the country well whilst utilizing his Russian Orthodox Church who by the way hate the Jesuit Order. I should point out that Zionists were allowed in Russia until Putin came along. Now under the Orthodox Church Zionists were present in Russia but under no circumstance would the Jesuits be tolerated. What does that tell you? Think about it with common sense and look at how many nations the Jesuits have been expelled from and how often. Russia may still have large prison populations but it doesn’t compare to the king of the block being the United States. Russia has recently become more prosperous under Putin and all his efforts to make Russia the king of the block with energy independence. Once the BRICS is implemented then members including Russia will have a better standard of living and crime rates will fall further leading to less incarcerations. Running countries that are being economically attacked for years is not an easy task. Russia was raped by the Bolsheviks and their continuum until Vladimir Putin came along and put a stop to it all. Now Putin has to deal with the economic warfare of sanctions but he will prevail and the downfall of the west will accelerate in the process.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    • theunhivedmind

      You put absolutely nothing of substance in your response and did not mention a damn thing about what I posted. Where is your reference to the Wisconsin model, that is in full force in America to this day, which GOD DAMN PROVES THE RUSSIANS ARE IN CHARGE? Either you are a total fraud or totally asleep at the wheel!


      James, You have proven now that it is either you who is a shill or lacking in understanding. You will notice I have linked to your article on the ‘Wisconsin model’ if you care to take a look at the link again and carefully read the comment. Now if you have a clear rational forward thinking mind as you claim then you would see I do not deny Communism is being implement well into the Western world but it is not by Russians or Vladimir Putin. I even push people to make sure they are aware of the Iron Mountain Report video aided by former-ONI officer William Cooper highlighting the coming world socialist system.

      Now you obviously wish to continue this nonsense I will seriously be judging your work hard before accepting any of it on my website in the future. I hope you enjoy your life in the dark age of Zeus that you helped to bring about if Vladimir Putin fails to bring in the BRICS as thee monetary power of the World. For someone of your so-called claimed intelligence to continue this charade and serious lack of understanding is frightening or yet another intelligence fork playing games with the gullible.

      You cannot argue with any of my counters because they are factual and right to the point. You can spit out communist policies and actions all day long and show where they’re being implemented but it does not prove it is by Russians! I’ve highlighted the facts (aided by Anthony Sutton) about the Soviet Union and the Bolsheviks along with who really backed and created them both. There is no Russian takeover of the West, it is a Western attempt to take over the World as they implement their Communism in disguise which will have had a lot of the past negatives ironed out. Your replies and weak counters to my factual counters simply do not compare in comparison and forward thinking. Like I’ve always said these intelligence agencies are all hype especially in the West with the exception of the DGSE. If you were employed by the National Security Agency then I’ve been proven right yet again.

      Your complete lack of understanding of true history spanning back just five-hundred years is another sign of both your ignorance and irrational actions. You dear James have a form of tunnel vision and its blinding you to anything on the outside. I can go back in history to the 11th Century onwards with highly relevant data but can you? I clearly will not be bothering to outline any more pathetic attempts by yourself to counter my factual comments. I am a supporter of the Promethean age and do not wish to aid the confusion and deceptions of Zeus worshiping vermin at New Venice made up of Jesuits, ancient orders and bloodlines and their mere tool of Zionism. Now if you think the Jesuits are a bunch of nobodies why don’t you do some research and compare the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie to the Honourable East India Company. There is also a clue in my last comment to the powers of today going back to 1773 onwards with certain alliances.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • theunhivedmind


    You put about 20 nails in his coffin!

    He is speechless and better re-read your Posts a few times so it will sink in. And if not well then….not worth your time like you stated.
    You are such a good writer I just love reading your words of intelligence

    I’m so thankful for you.

    Love ya –anonymous–

    Did you notice how all of a sudden we see another claim from Jim Stone that he was hacked as he was putting up his latest anti-Putin propaganda? I will paste it below for you to see. This hacking claim wasn’t above his article when it had been posted a while before I went and re-posted it on my site. Why did it suddenly appear? I often wonder if people like Jim Stone make up fictitious stories in order to lure the gullible into donating more cash. The more people think someone is being harassed the more they will end up giving. If Jim Stone is such a down and out having to live in Mexico as he’s claimed then where would the money etc come from in order to visit Washington D.C. where he supposedly took a digital photograph of a ‘Taxation without Representation’ vehicle number plate? Just my thoughts and observations which I think make valid points.


    -= The Unhived Mind

    The following report is not a spoof or parody. This is information I have held onto for years because I did not think people would ever believe it. But after once again getting attacked while sending an E-mail with this topic (this time the CPU was the target, the screen turned into a bunch of static dots and the laptop made a burning smell) I figured I would post it if it angered “them” that much. Fortunately I turned the laptop off and removed the battery before permanent damage happened, and the CPU cooled off enough for a boot up after about 10 minutes.

    The key information is documented here with hard proof, but what is not stated in the referenced proof is the fact that America’s family court policy was drafted and tested specifically as a weapon that Russia never used on their own soil for any official policy. America’s family court policy was tested in Russia during a time frame spanning from 1975-1985 and was specifically designed to be a social weapon that would rip America’s guts out. Russia only “fell” after they got this weapon installed in America in a form which became known as the “Wisconsin Model”. Evidently they figured that if they had that much control over American politics, there was no reason to continue the cold war

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