By – The Unhived Mind on the 23rd November 2014

I have the solution to our economic crisis in Britain and even the World but you will not see it implemented until nefarious slave masters are removed from monetary power. The answers are very simple and attempts to bring them into fruition are current and on going. A lot of actions are taking place in the world right now and many of you have no idea what is taking place but this is the most important time in our entire history and its a most dangerous time too. We have two choices we continue as we are under the pirates merchants at the City of London and its puppet Wall Street with their IMF and World Bank slave master and its new dark age or we can progress to a Promethean era under the BRICS Development Bank.

So the answer to the economic problem is simply to remove all negotiable debt instruments meaning the current currencies of all of our nations which includes the British pound. Yes the pound is a note of debt meaning it isn’t money. If you push a bank enough in a court of law you will eventually get them to admit that they do not have any money and they haven’t since 1933 the year of the Uniform Commercial Code. What we need to do is remove the Bank of England and replace the debt currency with a part gold/silver-backed ‘credit’ currency something similar to the credit note we had called the Bradbury Pound (itself a English version of the American Greenback). We get our own Treasury to print up our own credit currency and you’d see how quickly we would become prosperous and wealthy again.

The Worshipful Company of Mercers (do not believe they’re a benign charity now) do not want economic freedom because we cannot be enslaved into their coming socialist nightmare fearing shortages of everything which are used to usher in socialist work programmes and community slavery starting with the workfare replacing welfare and of course Cameron’s Big Society. Notice how these pirates have enslaved people that wouldn’t have claimed benefits but instead were hoodwinked into tax credits (benefit) due to low income wages now. It is all about dependency and gone are the days of freedom and liberty as we now enter the post-democratic society during the planned zero-growth post-industrial plan dark age bought about by puppet President Jimmy Carter signing that vile document.

So what is the answer for the world economy? The same as with Britain! You simply jubilee the illusionary derivatives false debt ($1.8 quadrillion which is impossible to pay) and ideally jubilee all other debt remembering it isn’t even money. Ask yourself how you can pay a debt with a debt? Well your pounds are debt instruments? Its all an illusion to create debt slaves that animate a corporate straw-man via the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, look it up on the UK Government website and what it means (you are classed as ‘dead beyond the sea’ as soon as your parents register your birth). Bankruptcy was originally created to remove debt every seven years and is it any wonder the bankers made sure a particular sentence was altered in the Lord’s prayer to remove suspicion off themselves (Forgive us our trespasses)? Go look that one up! The answer for the world right now is the BRICS Development Bank which was signed in a few months back whilst our mainstream media purposely ignored that historical day hoping they can assassinate President Vladimir Putin before the BRICS fully operates in a year and a halves time thus competing with the IMF/World Bank.

The BRICS will be a part gold-backed credit currency that will be a fair and just economic system that can take over and bring economic and social stability. At the same time the BRICS is all about development meaning infrastructures and projects that will progress mankind. The IMF/World Bank is all about enslaving mankind and removing technologies whilst suppressing others that can empower man. So for instance the IMF would love to remove nuclear power and they try to suppression nuclear fusion. Why? They want a population reduction! When we all left wood for oil the population increase and progression of man skyrocketed so imagine what a nuclear age can do if its at its full potential (forget the brainwashing we are over populated and in shortage, the BRICS know its propaganda and so false). So when you hear all the anti-Putin talk just remember the BRICS and what is really going on.

President Putin is one of the greatest men on Earth and the greatest World leader of all time. If President Kennedy can see what is happening today on Earth he will be cheering and clapping for Putin who is continuing Kennedy’s legacy at trying to remove the City of London and Wall Street monetary power. Kennedy was assassinated for his attempts as was Gaddafi who tried it with a Gold Dinar attempt as well as copying Kennedy’s NAWAPA water systems. Forget the evil propaganda against men like Gaddafi and Saddam most of it is pure lies to demonize the competition and empower the slave system that has kept man down for centuries. Saddam scuppered the Petrodollar by accepting only Euros for Iraqi oil and look what happened to him quick smart! Gaddafi was attempting the same and more and look how they filmed his snuff killing and how Hillary Clinton laughed at it like the evil witch she really is. The slaughter of Gaddafi by western-backed (Senator John McCain) Al-Qaeda was a warning to others who challenge the slave system not to mention a hypocrisy and outright exposure the war on terror is a fraud for invasion and takeover. Within one week of the takeover of Libya a central ‘war’ bank was installed in the nation, something Gaddafi would never allow to ruin his people. Can Cameron, Blair, Bush, Obama ride around the streets open topped without protection and have people love them and want to touch them? Of course not!

So do you want to believe the anti-Putin propaganda pushed by the rabid lunatic Senator John McCain (Al-Qaeda supporter) or do you want to progress with a basket of credit currencies under Putin’s new and fair economic system like most the world are now backing and thus putting the petrodollar in the doldrums through de-dollarization? Its your choice but Putin didn’t coup d’etat Ukraine using Right Sector Nazis which even Hitler once feared, no it was Senator John McCain the same cretin wanting to rattle Putin into submission or World War III (wars a racket). You see the Pentagon believed they only had until 2016 to first strike Russia, after 2016 it would be game over for anti first-strike attempts. I have news for the U.S. and that is Russia is far in advance but the Pentagon found this out recently as Russia took down the US’s top radar defense system called AEGIS and buzzed the top US Navy warship for twenty minutes resulting in nearly 30 sailors quitting fearing becoming sitting ducks. The Russians have superior missile technology, more tactical nuclear weapons (more important than ICBM) not to mention secret technologies. Then China comes into play in an alliance with Russia. So the demented warmonger Senator McCain and fellow terrorists can go take a running jump. Let me remind you that BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, Indian, China and South Africa.

Now the cats out the bag it is time for real change and vision! You might want to look at the Lawful Bank by Roger Hayes of the British Constitutional Group and their new currency called the Sovereignties. Some of us are battling for ours and your freedoms in an invisible war but we are getting closer to victory and the nefarious vermin are being taken down. Who do you think is behind these arrests of elite figures committing paedophilia, child murder and trafficking on a grand scale? Its a big battle but it is being fought. Ask yourself why President Putin had to take his Russian Navy to the coast of Australia during the G20 Summit for protection of his life (remember Kennedy) not to mention leave early to prevent a poisoning attempt at the dinner. Oh they spun a different story in our media as if he was bad for leaving! Oh no Putin is a wise man always one step ahead of these fools and Putin remembers history and learns by it. Comparing Obama and Cameron to the great Putin is a complete joke!

Thank you for reading, I’m sorry it was a long read by I am intense at times and this is a vitally important subject. I hope you sit back and think about what I’ve tried to share with you and I hope if you still have doubts that you watch what goes on and the timings whilst looking at both sides of the story utilizing proper fair media not just our mainstream media which is all owned by the nefarious ones enslaving you. Surely you can see what a mess Britain and the world is right now and surely you want to better it and remove the vermin that have purposely caused it all. I knew six months before the event the very month the economic crisis would start just not the very day. How could I have known this without it being planned? Rest assured its all been planned so people could be more openly enslaved through debt creation and to take all our assets and natural resources.

Any other information you desire then feel free to ask me. I am an Englishman not Russian but I pray to God daily that Putin can pull this off because to be quite frank with you if he cannot we are all doomed and I mean that. Its ironic really that we are told Putin is a bad man when in fact he is our only savior right now. Rest assured no one else has the balls and power to go up against the Black International Nobility and President Putin is putting his life on the line for the Russian nation, its people and the entire world.

What A Load Of Bollocks And Bullshite, You Sound Like Comrade “i’ll Sort The World’s Economys Out” Gordon Brown, And Look What A Mess He Left This Country In. Strongly Suggest You Go Bury Yourself In You Little Paradise Like North Korea.

-Anonymous cointelpro Post

Gordon Brown is part of the problem and that is why he helped to hinder Scotland with Westminster propaganda and deception keeping Scotland in the dark age of Britain and enslaved in the post-democratic European Union. Alex Salmond wasn’t much better either by not giving the answer I just did on the currency. For Scotland I would have given it either a credit currency now or attached it to the Chinese Yuan currency until the BRICS Development Bank become fully functioning with its credit currencies which could include a new Scottish Sovereignties note. I would have made a defense pact with nuclear Russia and removed Trident to Plymouth and put the fear of God in the covert Plantagenet vermin at Westminster. Scotland would purchase all its energy needs from Russia in the new Scottish currency or Yuan away from the ball and chain of the U.S. Dollar aka petrodollar aka Federal Reserve enslavement for Wall Street the puppet of the City of London. Might I remind you JP Morgan flies a Union Jack in New York not an Old Glory flag and that Queen Elizabeth owns most the land in that region! I would have shoved a cricket ball right up Jose Barroso and his European Union fascist state and never signed into it once exited from Britain.

I’m not sorry I removed a security blanket of yours and that you do not understand geopolitics let alone to the extent I do. I would rather not be abused for trying to give a deeper understanding and help people who genuinely want to make a difference and be free to live a happier more fulfilled life. Unfortunately people like myself not only have to fight the enslavement and the slave-master we also have to put up with some slaves who like to gatekeeper and defend their slave-master. Its a natural response that even I had at one time when a friend of wisdom tried to help me break free. I do remove security blankets making some people feel vulnerable because they end up finding out they are on their own and not loved or protected by their Governments. In a way they even know they are a slave but they prefer to deny it and just occasionally moan about it.

I personally find someone like you who likes to attack others for helping and being different simply a hindrance and nuisance. I will tell you now that although I disagree with the real powers-at-be (surely you do not think Cameron and Obama are leaders?) using biological weapons for their culling desires (more covert and acceptable than armies and swords) I do think that some of the general herd that wish to help the slave master should most definitely be caught up in that cull. All those of worth, wisdom and logic should be saved whilst the lost causes deserve what you get. If you do not want to learn anything and enjoy your servitude as Bertrand Russell desired and as he outlined in his book ‘The Impact of Science on Society’ then you deserve to be caught up in the doldrums you desire.

What answers to the economic problems of the world do you have? My words, wisdom and truths are backed up and can be proven with a little research and time rather than anger and childishness you’ve just shown. So give me your answers? You have none! You haven’t got a clue what I’ve even been talking about. I’ve been an independent research for fifteen years of very intense study. I actually know some people of nobility within this system and the opposing system. I’ve known people who were horizontalized trying to help people like you who really don’t deserve it. When we correct this system and defeat the nefarious vermin behind it then I guarantee if you’ve survived their actions to that point you will become a leech and parasite wanting to use our new system but you will never have made a contribution to our system and thus no better than an immigrant coming and taking benefits which you probably already moan about. I’m also in contact with people who have been jailed for trying to make a difference.

When you understand my words and become rational then reply to my words but if you have nothing of worth to add then please just find somewhere else to spread your vile spew its no good to man or beast. I am not Gordon Brown, Alex Salmond or David Cameron (puppet of the Genoa continuum) I am a normal being fighting for true freedom and economic stability for all. I am tired of people becoming work-less and entering poverty and food banks. Do you like people having to use food banks in this country oops corporation [UK Plc]? Do you? You try it, ask the Trussell Trust how bad it is! You try being downtrodden by the Department for Work and Pensions when its not your fault you are out of a job! You try going without benefits and being homeless.

The answer for Britain is the British Constitutional Group and a credit currency by the people for the people. This Queen will be had for her treason on England and she will be sentenced to pre-1998 Treason Laws not the changes her and war criminal Tony Blair (baby killer) made to cover their backsides if they were ever caught for their criminal acts on England and its people. I should also advise you to see how the U.S, Canada and the Ukraine would not sign an anti-Nazi glorification U.N. Resolution put forth by Russia with most other nations on Earth signing the resolution. But why wouldn’t the U.S. sign such a document? The U.S funds and uses Nazis in Ukraine in attempts to take Crimea so Russia cannot have its fleet in the region and with access to the Mediterranean Sea (just as they fund and create terrorism). If Russia was doing what the US is doing in the Ukraine but over in the Americas then World War III would start in the blink of an eye. Putin is too smart for the lame tactics of Senator John McCain and Madeline Albright and instead he will dismantle the Petrodollar and free mankind whilst destroying the U.S. military might without a bullet being fired and instead by the power of the pen. Now that is a true leader for the people not puppets for the bankers and corporations under the Black International vermin (who like to use war to make corporate profits [and cull] read Smedley Butlers ‘War is a Racket’).

Maybe people shouldn’t believe the propaganda in movies like Rambo III and live in the real world before they are doomed. I should point out that Wall Street funded the Soviet Union as proven by Antony Sutton from official documents! Putin threw out all the parasitic scum that was destroying Russia the same scum that have destroyed the West! Putin made Russia energy independent and we all know Henry Kissinger said oil controls nations, food controls people. No body knows better than Henry Kissinger who incidentally is a traitorous Jew who is actually a Nazi and was the leader of the Nazi continuum (Nazi Geo-Political Center created by Heinrich Himmler) known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst currently run by George H.W Scherff know to the herd as Bush working on behalf of powers within Dachau, Bavaria!

I can open a Pandora’s box but you want to live in a BBC (paedophile/propaganda/state driven nest) and Hollywood predictive programming illusion that your life if rosy and free. I hear this all the time but I cannot take a photograph in the city without behind hounded as a terrorist threatened with draconian terrorism laws all whilst my false leaders fund and arm terrorists against sovereign nations like Libya, Syria, Nigeria (all areas of energy resources) not to mention Senator McCain pictured with these terrorists and even known kidnappers. I hear U.S. Citizens (not Americans) claiming they are free but they cannot even own a brick/stone house in most states in order for the Federal Government to be able to bury it in bullets or fire (Waco siege) in case of resistance to the sovereign state of Washington D.C and its illusionary power over the mainland. I just say to them that they’re in ‘the land of the fee and the home of the slave’ which is a far cry from the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ going back to the American Republic (killed off in 1865) which is now just a mere veiled proxy puppet/colony of Britain again (giving the illusion of the other way around) feeding everyone’s gold reserves through the Federal Reserve of Richmond to Britain whilst Camilla Parker Bowles smiles with delight. Is it any wonder Prince Charles attacked Putin recently as Putin gears up to choke off that gold payment to Prince Charles as he de-dollarizes the world. Interesting many nations are calling for their gold back from the U.S. as it sinks just as the Club of Rome desired and planned! Trouble is there isn’t much more gold over there its been stolen by that treasonous Monarch here and members of the Vatican. London has very little gold as Gordon Brown sold most of it cheap like a complete moron (Brown’s bottom) whilst the rest has been shipped to Switzerland for refining into 1 kilo bars for China aka the BRICS.

As you can see I put time and effort into my writings and I can backup every last thing I say. I also do not resort to ad hominem attacks which usually come from frightened people trying to deny truth or counter-intelligence sources trying to hide and bury it. I am a logical and rational being so I’ve addressed your attempt of a comment in an attempt to highlight what I just have so others with that same initial reaction might get further forward. We have to understand that us Westerners have been programmed by our system with lies since birth then we are told only others do this to their populations. People fear someone like me because I tend to have the answers to what the establishment call problems (for manipulation of the herd).

I remember telling some friends the exact month of the economic crisis and no one believed me and laughed because it was six months prior to the event. What happened during that very September? My information was proven correct and the Credit Crisis hit hard! What happened to the friends? Some continued but they asked me for further information on events and goings on. What about the others? They did not comment on me being right and instead would dodge me or look at me in fear as if I was part of it all whilst denying there is a different system in place so in other words doublethink and doublespeak. Some people cannot understand how a normal being of no significance can have such insight and knowledge that they do not possess. Well we all can possess it, I did and so you can just the same. I just wanted to get some truths and got off my backside whilst networking within certain circles. I actually had numerous sources for my forewarning of the Credit Crunch one of which was a FBI informant. So my friend when you have contacts connected with FBI, NSA, Interpol, Russian Intelligence, Nobility and others please share your wisdom. I can also inform you that I had contact with a former head of a very influential division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation he has since died I was also in contact with a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher who was horizontalized a few years back but never the less these are the circles I know.

Finally I find it interesting you used North Korea in your attack against my original words. May I remind you again that the Soviet Union was funded by Wall Street as proven by Anthony Sutton! Putin is fighting Wall Street and the City of London whilst the Russian Federation is no longer a communist state under the great Vladimir Putin. I should inform you that George H.W Scherff has a lot of power over North Korea and even has a super-dollar fraudulent printing press in the region (further lowering the worth of the Federal Reserve note on top of the quantitative easing program oops the one that continues still to this but through the Bank of Japan enslaving Japan using puppet Shinzo Abe). Let me not forget to mention how Scherff uses North Korea to pumps out the amphetamine industry just as Israel pumps out the Ecstasy industry whilst Spain and France pump out the Heroin industry working with Britain (Dope Inc) and the US with the cocaine industry. North Korea is a puppet proxy used to manipulate the Asian stock markets for the rigged casino illusion that was originally created by Venetians through the Netherlands.

I’m not convinced.

I agree that the current IMF/World Bank led economy is a house of cards, sold to us using smoke and mirrors (Barman! Mix me another metaphor….), but the BRICS bank doesn’t seem to be much of an alternative; merely replacing one military-industrial complex with another.

I also agree that the anti-Putin propaganda re: the Ukraine issue has dangerously ignored the Ultra-Right factions at play – however, until anyone can tell me that there are NO anti-gay laws in Russia, that we’ve been hideously misinformed on that issue, I’ll still think he’s a c*nt and he can’t be trusted.

The other thing that worries me about your post is that you refer to “socialist work programmes” such as workfare – you do know the current government are Tories, don’t you? You’re not one of those ‘all-governments-are-socialist-conspiracies’ types, are you? If so, that kind of blows your argument out of the water, as far as I’m concerned.

And, xxxxxxx….. ‘Comrade Gordon Brown’? Go bury yourself in North Korea? You’re very close to proving Godwin’s Law there!

-Anonymous [different]

Thank you for your post and that is far more like what I would expect from someone of worth and worth replying to. You are welcome to your opinions and beliefs, I am just here writing this to give my well informed opinion and wisdom which if you research up enough I’m sure you will see a bit further maybe even agree with much of what I say if not all. I am not here to force you to think my way, I am not here saying believe me but I would like a fair chance and that if my words have some interest even if not fully agreed with that you then do some further research from proper sources. I’m fighting a very advanced propaganda machine that has been up to these tricks for hundreds of years in many forms whether plays, movies, newspapers, radio and TV. This propaganda machine goes right to Venice which then branches out to Britain via the Fabian Society and various forks in the UK and US.

We are now starting to destroy these media forms so their next move is to attempt to suppress us and censor the internet. One way they do this is with people like House of Keswick and Clan Campbell puppet David Cameron (Crooked Nose Clan) and his ISP filters first accepted under as against child porn (baring in mind ministers and higher are within the elite paedophile networks especially using children from orphanages in Africa such as SOS Children Villages). Notice he’s gearing up to censor websites under the banner of terrorism but pushing it from a Jihad angle. What he doesn’t tell the herd is that the draconian terrorism laws bought in through manufactured fear (aiding the so-called terrorism) have people who read Bibles as domestic terrorists amongst other crazy things. So the hoodwinked populace think of terrorism as Arabs and accept draconian laws but never read those laws. Therefore in the near future if you speak as I have above then you will be filtered off the internet removing all alternative forms of information and keeping the populace stuck in lies like the days of old and before the internet age. So whilst Britons may hate the great internet firewall of China, we are going the exact same route but we are told we are free, they know they are not. I hate to inform you that the nefarious version of a New World Order is actually blueprinted on the Chinese system. As usual the nefarious ones give one impression but act in a far different way.

I should point out that a lot of the organ trafficking in China ends up in Chicago by the Te Wu intelligence networks connected with Er Bu who run the China White heroin trade within the U.S aided by the Central Intelligence Agency. You see the CIA allow this so if anyone gets caught or its exposed the Te Wu take the wrap not the CIA and they do exactly the same on the West Coast with the Japanese Yakuza in California. The CIA very rarely dirty their own hands! I could even direct you to a former head of this Chinese intelligence who hides now in the U.S. after screwing over his own nation of a very large amount of secret funds. I would not give you a link to a profile of his which is online but in a guise as these intelligence love to play false roles. You wouldn’t want your IP address recorded against his page because he is a very dangerous man and they think nothing of horizontalizing an enemy, snoop or reporter. Rest assured I know of him and his semi Westernized name and I knew someone from Chicago in the Courts dealing with such vermin.

What do you propose we use if we do not use the BRICS alliance? Please look into the BRICS in more depth and you will see that it is almost always the complete opposite of the IMF/World Bank. I might add that both the IMF/World Bank are whores of the U.S. Treasury via its Exchange Stabilization Fund a kitty of all the dope trade funds which helps fund NATO terrorism both overt and covert along with all these puppet terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda who incidentally was created by the family of Carl M. Marcy out of Chicago and connected with the very powerful Senior Executive Service which makes the CIA look like chickenfeed not to mention families like the house of Borghese. We need a military backed monetary power we are not in an era of peace yet and even then a police force is still needed. There is no way I want to be under the IMF any longer and I know the BRICS is the answer and so does most of the world. If you want more insight into this battle go over the nefarious Zbigniew Brzezinski book ‘The Grand Chessboard’ it will explain the battle with Eurasia we see now but it was written by this pirate in 1997. You might also like to read ‘The First Global Revolution’ written by the council of the Club of Rome in the 1990s helping you to understand a lot of these staged uprisings.

Make a note how Putin is putting laws into action to make sure these cannot occur in Russia. Some people believe Putin is being harsh and against freedom but in times of great war certain things have to be given up in order to protect the nation. I’m against censorship etc but I understand what is at stake right now until the BRICS is fully functional and Putin manages to stay alive. Bare in mind the French CEO of Total oil company Christophe de Margerie was assassinated at the very airport that President Putin flies from and just after he’d signed agreements with Russia on energy payments outside the U.S. dollar. Putin needs to stop social media inside Russia because warmonger Senator McCain and Hillary Clinton utilize social media around the world to create uprisings. Now they are attempting to force Russia to default on its economy by manipulating oil prices and calling for less oil production knowing Russia relies on its energy exports for its economy. Not to forget the unjustified economic warfare on Russia via sanctions. So Russians are going to take a hit that is hard but many will accept it because they know Putin is on their side and its for the best interest of Russia and some know the world too since many Russians are schooled on the true enemy. Of course the western media will claim otherwise as they show their paid up puppets protesting then claiming its the same with all Russians.

I am tired of the trickery and lies and I am tired of being a slave to vermin. I’ve seen the trickery during the Scottish Referendum both by the so-called members of the SNP (Salmond) and by Westminster. It is time really for revolution but we do not need to go that far we can just lawfully (I like that word as I hate the legalese unconstitutional law) rebel in what is known as Lawful Rebellion as accepted in the British Constitution. Is it any wonder they no longer teach the British Constitution since the national curriculum was bought into the dumbed down the education system so all todays actions can be accepted with ease.

I strongly suggest you go over Putin’s so-called anti-gay stance because it has been twisted by the media and is nothing like what we’ve been told. A Christian nation has the right to its belief as did our so-called once christian nations until recently as we’ve been turned atheist by an agenda known as the Devil’s Messiah. I should point out that the idea behind the Devil’s Messiah agenda is simply to aid the destruction of all the current religions which will be concluded by a particular event which is the only possible method to completely remove today’s religions. I should also point out that at the end of it the people that were made atheist and the newer generations will then be bought up into a new one-world religion which is actually the open worship of Lucifer as highlighted by the very powerful Albert Pike in his ‘Morals & Dogma’ book handed to all high-level Freemasons of the 30th degree and above but now available on the internet thanks to researchers. The final religion will be a mixture of the old paganism (the climate fraud is a start of this a form of Gaia/Cybele worship) wrapped in science so a kind of scientific dictatorship with religious elements. Now my friend back to Putin I believe in bisexuality and I love Vladimir Putin and so do some of his gay friends just as he loves them. I’d rather have laws against gay sex than a folding economy and social chaos where food riots and rioting become a daily occurrence soon. Have you visited or know anyone in Greece? Ask them what its like today and its a nightmare from hell! I might point out fifty teams around Britain have been preparing for almost ten years or more for this very event and its one of the reasons for PCSOs and traffic wardens getting more powers shortly. So I ask you is it not a conspiracy if Senior police are teaming in preparation for an event years off but almost here now? How would they know about it if its such an out the blue thing which they will make out to you when it occurs and all via their mainstream media mantras of BS.

I do not give a hoot about the illusion of a 3 party state it is all a complete farce they’re all one serving the sovereign City of London power and we’ve been in a socialist nation for God knows how long now. Please simply look at how this country works and what it is bringing in then it becomes plainly obvious. The plan is for a world socialist system and this is one of the reasons for gay sex acceptance and population culling. A socialist system is doomed to failure with large populaces and if you go over Bertrand Russell’s work I already outlined you would see that he explains this. These are not my thoughts or thinking, they are the thinking of the elite minds that really run the show, David Cameron cannot tie his own shoe laces. Why do you think when the Prime Minister or Chancellor enters the City of London and the Mansion House they have to be dressed up and dressed differently and with a dicky bow not the usual tie (toe-rope symbolizing servitude)? Why do these puppet politicians mind their P’s and Q’s whilst in the City of London? I can quote many world leaders comments on this powers-at-be but its all out there if you research hard enough and get past counter-intelligence firewalls. I might remind you that Zionism is all about socialism baring in mind what happened to Russia after the Wall Street funded Bolsheviks took over. Now I will remind you that both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have funding from the Labour Friends of Israel and the Conservative Friends of Israel both Zionist organizations its just more obvious with Labour and especially with Ed Milliband’s father. Another reason for the acceptance of gay sex is to help eliminate the idea of gender as well as class just as they are eliminating the idea of race aided by race mixing as predicted by Richard Coudenhove Kalergi in the 1920s with his ‘Practical Idealism’. But on top of those the gay sex acceptance will also lead to a lowering of violence. Maybe you should real the Marxist view on homosexuality and think about what is happening today.

As for Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies it is all part of this dumbing down and linguistic minimalism agenda. Today they can even class 30 years of history as ancient! What chance have I got of teaching suppressed history hundreds of years old to many of today’s generation? I can go back to the 13th Century and before but it is hard with the lack of interest and dumbed down intelligence today caused by C-section birth, lack of breastfeeding, pharmaceuticals, chemicals [fluoride], poor foods/nutrition, bad education and technology. People today see a long text and switch off because they’ve been socially engineered by minds in Venice to want everything now and with ease lets call it the Twitter mentality.

I think I’ve given you all some food for thought and hope you use a decent search engine and look up some of the keywords. All I hoped to do was allow you an alternative view and hoped to spark something. Do not assume I am some posh being because I am just a normal lad that would live next door to you and you’d never know unless I spoke to you on these subjects. I refer to myself a being simply because I do not want to class myself as chattel property by calling myself a person. I am not a corporate straw-man I am a being of the Divine who’s blood flows and flesh lives. Maybe now you understand why they do not allow you to write on forms in lower case and in red ink. Red ink (or even blood) symbolizes life and a corporate straw-man (dead beyond the sea) has no life and thus can be controlled by the corporate admiralty system and Uniform Commercial Code. Words that once had one meaning today have a very different meaning when dealing with the system.

On our government, you state that “their next move is to attempt to suppress us and censor the internet…. gearing up to censor websites under the banner of terrorism …… the hoodwinked populace think of terrorism as Arabs and accept draconian laws but never read those laws…. you will be filtered off the internet removing all alternative forms of information and keeping the populace stuck in lies like the days of old and before the internet age.”
Yet, further on, you defend Putin by saying “in times of great war certain things have to be given up in order to protect the nation….. Putin needs to stop social media inside Russia”

Yes, I realize that I’m cherry-picking quotes from your text here – but it serves to illustrate how muddled your thinking is.

The ‘socialism’ that you refer to being practiced by Cameron et al, is the concept of ‘corporate socialism’ or what Noam Chomsky explains as socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor e.g. the bank bail-outs vs the almost apocalyptic cuts to public services – the corporations are too big to fail but the people are expendable. This is, of course, a misnomer – calling something socialist does NOT equate it with being socialist. The National Socialists proved this back in the 30s and 40s.
While we’re on the subject of those fun-loving Nazis, some of the terms, like Zionism and New World Order, that you use are eerily reminiscent of the sort of deranged bullshit that is spouted by the supporters of such twisted ideologies. These same people also cite Coudenhove-Kalergi as the architect of the destruction of the ‘pan-European’ (i.e. white) peoples, through the intermingling of the races and gay rights.

My point is that, while you raise some very important issues here – the possible (inevitable?) collapse of western capitalism, Draconian laws designed to keep the rank-and-file in the dark and powerless, avoidable world poverty and hunger, the powers of huge multinationals such as Monsanto, the increasing destruction of civil liberties, the western government-backed destabilization of sovereign states and the fact that our governments are lying to us – those points are getting mixed up in sub-David Icke conspiracy theories, right-wing propaganda and ‘V for Vendetta’-style posturing.

That, my learned friend, is a sure-fire way to lose the fight.

And it is an important fight.

Stay safe comrade.



You’ve just fallen for the trap that has been set right up for all those who search for truth. It is a fact there is a New World Order this is no conspiracy, you can hear many of the world’s leaders mention the New World Order and demand for Global Governance/World Government. At one time people were called crazy for speaking of the words New World Order but today we hear it often in the media yet people still attempt to smear those exposing the New World Order. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the New World Order is simply in total denial of the facts. Just go on YouTube and you’ll see leaders like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, George H.W Bush, Henry Kissinger all calling for a New World Order and Kissinger even gives you a clue how his Nazi version will come into play aided by shortages (faked to aid the ushering in of this twisted Nazi mindset whilst aiding the enslavement/culling under claims man is now a problem using up all these last resources & causing climate change [all while everyone ignores the massive changes in the solar flux that is affecting other planets as well as our own).

How can one expose the New World Order and Zionism if one cannot call them by what they are known? To me that is just crazy, I do not use doublespeak/think. Names, terms and people are quoted because otherwise how can one put pieces of the puzzle together and see the connection for themselves? Elite minds would love us to ignore their desires/actions. Your thinking is a form of gate-keepering & censorship! There are many minds/orders behind the pan-Europe and its also a fact that the influential Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi foretold what is happening today and it was no coincidence. It amazes me how if someone like myself does not quote names, dates and places we are hounded and if we do we are hounded by counter-intelligence in the forms of other attacks or gate-keeperism.

It is a fact that the elite minds want rid of race, gender and class, why wouldn’t they if they want the kind of thinking and system they have planned? I’ve explained how they are going about it and how the populaces are being socially engineered into accepting this thinking. Prove me wrong on anything that I’ve said as I informed you earlier everything I say is backed up and can be easily proven.

It is interesting you bring up the typical gate-keeperism method of using David Icke in order to try and smear my own actions. Now why did you choose David Icke rather than another front man called Alex Jones? Is it because David Icke speaks about some things which can very easily turn most people off the 80%+ truth that he also speaks? I can tell you now that David is part of the problem and paid to do what he does by the minds in Venice! You might like to watch a video by Chris White called ‘David Icke – Debunked’ helping to explain a lot of his actions. I can tell you that David is aiding what is known as Operation Greenstar and the ultimate goal of that fits into the final destruction of all religion. So please do not use that smear tactic on me as I can inform you this conspiracy goes back well before David Icke was even born and its been exposed by great men including brave world leaders throughout history.

Do you honestly think David Icke would be so well known and accepted if he wasn’t paid by the powers-at-be to do what he is doing? As I said earlier he gives 80%+ truths which are only to a particular level which the powers-at-be deem acceptable. They add an extra big twist with David knowing this twist will easily put off a lot of people from listening to the 80% truth he has to say. It is all by design! I ask you, if you were ruling the world and knew that some of your slaves might wake up then wouldn’t you put another mind imprisoning system in place to lock them back under your control? So what they do is give you a fake truthsayer like David and as I said give you up to a certain level of knowledge above the general herds level. Now that being listening to this data from the fake truthsayer will then be in some ways more of a willing slave and diverted from looking deeper and in the right direction as well as furthering Operation Greenstar. So as you can now see you’ve fell for that very trap laid out by the enemy to which you’ve just now aided and probably didn’t mean to. So can you not see this is a great tactic by the minds of Venice who like to cover all bases? Someone like myself and friends I have will never be big names or rich like David Icke and I can inform you that a few of the top names are and were actually Freemasons such as Sitchin and Williams.

Do you not think the minds of Venice would leave out controlling awakening minds after they have control systems in place for literally everything under the Sun? We are talking about the minds of Venice here who work up to 125 years in advance of plans expecting their scions to complete their work. We are not dealing with a basic system we are dealing with a system that has been in place for hundreds of years & in fact is very ancient. Anyone denying this power and control should do some research on the Consiglio dei Dieci and rest assured it never ended but continues to this very day in a new guise and connected with families such as the Furstenhaus Thurn und Taxis. So now lets use an example to destroy your smear attempt! So if I present a video of George H.W Bush speaking of his New World Order and saying they will be victorious and then give you a David Icke lecture talking of this New World Order then does this mean the New World Order doesn’t exist and David is completely lying? That is all I need to give as an example to break that counter-intelligence argument and prove my points above. Its only those who haven’t studied further and still go by gate-keeperism words which fall for such easy control tactics. People who also end up following controlled truthsayers become a nightmare to deprogram from the diversion side of their programming because they now believe they are all-seeing and know everything (they know a lot more than the herd but now are trapped by a feeling of mind superiority).

Rest assured Vladimir Putin & the Russian leadership are fully aware of this most dangerous time in history and they’ve been preparing for this attack for a long time now. In order to protect Russian citizens from a real national security threat Vladimir has to bring in some strict protocols. This is very different from the West who are bringing in many strict protocols based solely on the post-democratic model & NWO system. Now you might say well what about the ‘war on terror’ isn’t that a national security threat? Well if it was real then of course it would be but I’m afraid to inform you that it is a complete farce used for geopolitical gain. As I said before I knew a former head of a counter-terrorism division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation & rest assured the war on terror is a hoodwink (pathetic one at that) and yes David Icke will also say the same but then mix his Operation Greenstar actions in & that will then lure you into saying something like this to me, “that’s just something David Icke would say” regardless the fact that it is the truth. Vladimir Putin can & will end national security protections when the threat is no longer but rest assured the censorship of the West will never end & will continue. You will find we are heading into more of a communist state than Russia is today & wants to be but if people don’t open their eyes then they cannot see (in the land of the blind the one-eyed beast rules). All I say to you is when all our freedoms have gone & never come back just remember my words if you’re still alive at that time & think back. I just hope at that time you & others see through any further social engineering which will have you accepting that slavery without question. By that time I believe it will be too late because it will be the new normality especially for the new generations.

If people had not been so socially engineered into using social media for everything they want to communicate then there wouldn’t be any issues if it was removed to keep out trouble making foreigners and their internal infiltration units. Putin is closely protecting Russian citizenship, removing NGO infiltration units (biggest troublemakers), making sure Westerners cannot adopt Russian children, monitoring social media and all other deception techniques used by the West. If you dislike loosing your Facebook then there is something very wrong because in the first place why would you want to communicate this way instead of face-to-face or on a land-line phone? When you work face-to-face you can make sure your conversations are private as they should be. When your on a land-line the authorities have to spend a lot of money & time to get wiretap access to that line unlike when people use Facebook or wireless communications which are sniffed. Can you not see how the populace have been socially engineered into giving up their privacy and many do not even know it let alone even care? I hear the same old crap daily “well if I’m doing nothing wrong then whats the difference” & then those same beings will argue if I took a piece of their mail from their door & opened it, again a form of real doublethink/speak.

If I come to your home and ask to put a CCTV outside your front door you might if you have something about you deny my wants. If I then raise the crime level through poverty, lack of police interest/cuts etc and your home is burgled monthly whilst your insurance goes through the roof I come back to your home & then ask the same question. What would your answer be? You’d jump at the chance based on your insurance costs & piece of mind. Its a very simple technique & yes David also talks about this but does his Greenstar actions mean a fact elsewhere has to be denied? Hopefully you can understand what I am saying! Yes you accept most of my information is important but it is a fact the important points you pick out are merely a part of a much bigger issue that needs exposing.

It is no good just having the BRICS win the battle if that evil enemy is still lurking out there with another chance to infiltrate & take over the BRICS & other systems. Rest assured these swines never give in & they certainly never give up as proven throughout history in fact they get worse. I believe the decent Promethean powers should take these Zeusian vermin & either jail them for life or execute them there is no other way they are simply that bad & psychopathic. We have a real chance of a Promethean age & progression for man if we go the route we are today then we enter a new dark age that wont be worth living. To me its a no brainer which side I choose right now & if any further changes need applying we do them but we need that first action & rest assured right now only Vladimir Putin can provide this. I cannot see for love nor money why people like to attack me for liking our savior Putin but if I followed the outright terrorists like Senator John McCain people would love my words. I would personally burn John McCain & his evil demented friends ruining global stability right now. When your family are injured or worse through McCain’s actions bringing about World War III make sure you blame him & not President Putin who has tried so hard not to fall for the war lures of the U.S. warmonger. Putin defused the Syria issue & saved us all from World War III months ago. Any reasonable research on Vladimir Putin with a bit of common sense will show anyone the truth!

Now if other groups want to use the same conspiracy to help their cause & highlighting of the conspiracy that is fine by me but that doesn’t me I believe in their other ideas it means we have common ground on just the conspiracy fact nothing more. Now as for V for Vendetta (predictive programming material) do you not think that we the people have a right to take back our inalienable rights from God & the freedoms given by the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights & the British Constitution? Are we to roll over & be slaves? How else can we gain our freedoms without a revolution or lawful rebellion? We have two choices right now violent actions of true Revolution (but they took our gun rights away like they’re trying in the US so it makes it more difficult by design) or lawful rebellion where we deny them taxes and stop believing in their currencies & system, removing our debt currency from banks (made harder by the EU now to prevent bank runs in the coming economic collapse possibly starting April-May of 2015 onwards definitely by April-May 2017 unless the BRICS throw a spanner in the works) & stopping consuming etc. If the bank runs hadn’t been prevented recently by banks making it difficult to remove funds (yes they have study what they’ve put in place for a while now across Europe/Britain) then we could destroy this system in literally hours. We the people have the power! A proper system puts God above the people then government under the people, not what we have today which is government first, people next and then god soon to be no god. Its time this Marxist system was removed by whatever means are necessary. We’ve had ancestors fight and die over what we are now loosing and giving up.

Now tell me with terrorism what is the aim of such an act? It is terror/fear in the target audience to aid in a result the terrorist desires. Now ask why all day long you hear nothing but terrorism this, terrorism that on your TV set (social engineering tool that has installed almost everything you think/believe in)? Are the establishment not aiding the terrorism they are claiming to want to stop? Why push the terrorism agenda constantly if your not part of the problem? The first thing you would do is deny most of the terrorism propaganda airtime if you were genuinely not part of it. You would deny it airtime because without the airtime there would be no terrorism because there would be no effect or very little anymore. When you understand this thinking properly you can see the scam from day one and it gets more pathetic by the day and nothing but Intelligence agency games/manipulations aided by the likes of the paedophile/corrupt BBC nest & similar propaganda outlets for US/British intelligence deceptions. Have you ever read the Civil Contingencies Act 2004? Do not worry most people haven’t even read the Patriot Act or National defense authorization act in the U.S. even those who pass the bills/Acts let alone the fine prints. I’ve noticed that when an official domestic ‘terrorism’ act has taken place in the U.S. then you either do not hear about it in the mainstream media or its a blip on the radar. When a staged event takes place then watch the uproar and media coverage then carefully watch what they then call for & where certain funding ends up going (always follow the currency trail & look for resource/land grabs).

Finally the last thing you need to worry about are the banking vermin bail-outs, you need to worry about the coming bail-ins. There are many ways to protect your savings/wealth & even make money during this depression (yes its a depression regardless of the flannel) & even during the coming full collapse (if the BRICS isn’t implemented/accepted) or a currency reset due at any time (devaluation of all currencies in accordance with slave-master IMF desires). So people who claim there is nothing we the people can do are so far from the truth but then again that is what they are programmed to believe & thus no longer are they a threat to the real powers-at-be.

Easiest way to explain it to the new generation is to think of us as a SIMS game with masters behind the console/computer deciding our every thought/move to suit their desires and wants. We have to face facts right now we are the herd & there is a shepherd who created that role & wants to use & slaughter us. Until we understand and accept this then we will not get anywhere in life. The fighting spirit of the older generations who would die for freedom has been drummed out of the weaker & more unintelligent newer generations, its a fact but we either accept it & change it or we go down further. My Venetian nobility contact told me all what is now happening over ten years ago, how does he know? He is one of them who actually decides & he’s part of Venice’s think tank network, I’ve seen his documents/photos of proof whilst all he says ends up happening. You seem to not understand that I know many of these people & far more influential people within this system. I do not just rely on typical sources I have my own insiders for example I have information on 9/11 that many do not have but how did I get this information? From a former Russian intelligence source of mine who has had the Federal Bureau of Investigation personally visit him by private plan for 9/11 investigation purposes. Rest assured there is far more to 9/11 than the charade scam they told you & just as much difference again to what alternative media sources give you on that event. As I said earlier David and Jones etc are put there to give you info up to an accepted level but never the whole truth. What you believe is of no interest to me because I listen to intelligence sources connected with & former employees of the biggest intelligence agencies on Earth not to mention my nobility contacts within the system itself some in agreement with it or parts of it whilst others who fight it tooth and nail.

There is NO solution for poverty, because the moment you solve the problem the rich will re-create it.

The rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer, that is a fact, but wait, it has always been a fact throughout history, it always will be a fact because those in power and those with wealth can only sustain their power and wealth by keeping some of the population poor.

What would happen if we were all wealthy, who would work for minimum wage, how much an hour would you want to do the job you do now if you won a million pounds on the lottery tomorrow ?

The rich simply have to have poor people to maintain their lifestyle and income.

We see it every day when even the poor won’t work for low wages, in the UK many people on benefits could NEVER find a job that would give them the same income they get now, housing benefit, tax credits, job seekers allowances, council tax paid for them and much more for some.

That doesn’t even start on disabled benefits such as mobility payments, carers allowances and all the rest.

I am not saying they shouldn’t get it but when they do the sums they realise that the amount they need to earn to replace that is beyond the kind of jobs available to them.

What I poor people were given 5 times their current income tomorrow, they are humans, their standard of living would rise but it would not be enough, they would want a better standard of living than the new one you gave them, because human nature makes us want more, then more, then more.

We started with human existence, then humans wanted a cave to live in, then heat for the cave, a window in the cave, a wheel to make their life easier, a house with curtains, a car, a television, a bigger television, a bigger car, we will never be satisfied with our lot and always dream of better, crave better, work for better. that is what makes man different to animals.

In Kuwait oil made almost all native Kuwaitis rich by comparison with other nations, they then found it impossible to recruit workers to do the basic jobs, now those jobs are done by migrant workers, millions of them, this satisfies the Kuwaitis but does give a window into what would happen worldwide.


You make a lot of valid points but not everyone wants to be greedy and believe it or not there are many people who want to work even when they do not have to and thus continue to be the slave until they drop down dead and for what? Plenty of us would be happy just having a safe and peaceful life with a decent computer, car, holiday etc. A good example would be Phil Taylor the World Champion of darts. Phil was the first millionaire of the sport but he continues to live in his small cosy everyday house in stoke. All we need is a system that is fair where our ‘credit’ currency has worth not a under performing ‘debt instrument’ that is pinching our wealth. Below I will give you a quote from Alan Greenspan the former chairman of the Federal Reserve of New York that dates back to 1966:

“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. . . .

The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves. This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.” –Alan Greenspan (Gold and economic freedom)

Nobody truly owns a thing the world, John Lennon called for in his song ‘Imagine’ but it is already here all veiled for now. Show me anyone who has ‘allodial title’ to anything they claim to own? You will never be able to achieve this because at best the herd is merely allowed ‘fee simple’. How can anyone own anything after the secret 1933 bankruptcies were used to enslave most nations with debt to the evil City of London? In a bankruptcy like this, money can no longer exist and this is why gold since that time has been done away with. Is it any wonder by deceptive bankers demonize this real money when the herd bring the facts up about Gold? One of the bankers tricks is to call gold a relic but ask them how much gold bullion they have stored away and ask them whether nobility families want cash and digital figures or real physical gold. I know one noble who’s family’s gold is held in New York, London, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. I just hope his gold is still there if he calls for it but I suspect they might try to palm him off with worthless debt instruments (cash) because the gold isn’t available anymore. Remember most of the gold in the US was stolen by the Federal Reserve and has been pinched by our Monarchy and The Institute for the Works of Religion aided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Lets not forget how Switzerland has been taking all of the gold in from London and refining it into one kilo bars for China and the Shanghai Gold Exchange. In Switzerland a lot of the allotted gold accounts were raped by Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst vermin so even there some gold has gone missing.

I’d like to be careful on assuming benefits is better than working, whilst I understand the point your making others might not. Life on benefits isn’t a good thing especially today rest assured it is no where near as easy to be on benefits as it once was. People who are seriously ill are suffering harsh benefit sanctions and also delays in payments (PIP) not through any of their own fault. This is again another reason for the large influx of people needing food banks. People are too quick to attack benefits not realizing they are a safeguard for society and the community. Imagine if we did not have a safeguard in place back in 2008 then what would have happened? A lot of people would have been on the streets with no homes and dying from cold and starvation similar to the Great Depression or worse. Another thing people forget is that whilst they have a job right now it could be gone in a blink of an eye and I bet they will be the first at the jobcentre when that happens. The establishments media are socially engineering the lucky few who have jobs to demonize benefits based on a lot of false impressions so that draconian slave labor work programmes are easily accepted and welfare is replaced with workfare. Those aiding this agenda will soon find out that their jobs will soon be on the line as the free labor lures the struggling companies to devise methods to fire contracted employees and replace them with workfare whilst never opening up paid work employment positions and from then on just using workfare slave labor. It is a very vicious cycle being used to enslave us all in this socialist nightmare and accepting it not to mention aiding the cover-up of the economic depression.

There is nothing wrong with the benefits system and in most cases the benefits certainly do not match the cost of living far from it. I suggest you go on jobseekers and see if it can pay your food needs and energy needs even with the pathetic energy discounts given by energy companies who simply destroy the slightest benefit of those energy reductions by putting on energy standing charges whilst blaming Oftel who really colluded with energy companies to further rip you off. I agree that some of the disability payments are wrong like the ones that go to alcoholics/drug addicts and some people do not need the mobility and the figures spent on it but overall other than that the system is fair. To question carers allowance is wrong because some people have to look after very sick people and cannot work and thus need an income just like you do but cannot do so. It would cost the government a lot more to look after that sick being in an institution than it would to pay a carer. Most times its the state’s fault that being is sick and disabled especially today with pharmaceutical shenanigans. Is it fair to attack the benefit system just because the workplace isn’t meeting inflation and your needs?

Shouldn’t we correct the problem with the currencies and economy before attacking our safeguards? That is exactly what I’m trying to achieve by going to the sources of the problem not secondary and further side-effects. If the establishment continue to cripple the populace with GMO, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biological weapons, bad nutrition and so on then they should put a system in place to take care of those disabled. Understand they want to euthanize and cull the majority of us and they are already socially engineering us to accepting such measures like death panels deciding who gets health treatment and who does not. When you understand this is a Nazi mindset we are dealing with then you can see what is happening.

As usual the powers-at-be aka Black International will portray themselves as sweet/innocent and against the Chinese communist system or Hitler’s World War II but in truth China’s system of control is the model for the New World order. Lets not forget who really funded Hitler (Prescott Bush etc) and supplied him with four years extra fighting thanks to a few oil supplies (Rockefeller) through neutral Spain oh not forgetting the ammunition supplies. We are dealing with Internationalist scum of the Earth who are now showing their true colors with their actions in the Ukraine. I know a U.S citizen who visited and stayed in Ukraine for a few months and absolutely loved it, great food, fit populace you name it. Then who comes along as usual and kicks off trouble? Pro-Israel Zionist Senator McCain the terrorist from hell who hates the fact Putin keeps those parasites out of Russia and keeps Russia independent not inter-dependent (reliant). Might I remind you that it was really the Russian Tzar and his ships that kept American freedoms longer but not many know these facts. Look at what happened the Russian Tzar for looking after Russians and the nation and then look at what happened after the great man was removed. Funny enough is you look at the features of today’s Russian Prime Minister Medvedev he looks very much like he’s from that family.


  • theunhivedmind

    Yes, it is given that we cannot achieve economic stability while having the NWO’s central banks as monetary dictators. The real question though is one of monetary theory and is not easily answered.
    The problem with establishing Treasury paper as a medium of exchange while working within the current NWO-controlled monetary paradigm is the same as the one posed by central bank note paper: they both equate to fiat currencies. Even if a note were to be partially backed by a commodity such as gold, the government could easily adjust the percent limit of how much of the currency must be backed by the commodity. For example, the initial declared policy may state that 50% of all outstanding currency must be backed, but the government may revise this to be 10% or 5% or 0.05% thus increasing their opportunity to inflate.

    If though by some chance the “nefarious slave masters are removed from monetary power,” from my understanding, a partial backing of solely gold would still not work especially if we are to consider this theorized currency to be used by all the people of the world. There just is not enough gold to accommodate such a large population. A partial backing could be implemented, but as soon as the need for a greater infusion of the currency arises so as to provide people with sufficient standards of living, the government or minter or whoever is responsible for the monetary policy will similarly be forced to lower the percent backing limit which would render it to a fiat currency. So I think something other than gold needs to be considered as a primary backing-commodity if we are to ensure mankind’s welfare looking into the future where population will continue to increase exponentially. Surely gold and silver could also exist as backing commodities for this theorized currency alongside (but to lesser degrees of backing) the primary one though; maybe different calibers of currency could be established (not sure how that would work) or the backing could be a split of [50% primary/5% silver/0.1% gold] or something to that effect. For the primary backing-commodity, perhaps a metal like Palladium could be considered as it mostly adheres to the criteria of traits that an ideal commodity should posses so as to be be used as a medium of exchange and hence as a currency-backing commodity: it is marketable, durable, scare, transportable, and not easily counterfeited given that there is a readily available method to verify its composition.

    -Veritas Aequitas

    • theunhivedmind

      We could argue all day long about this problem and that problem in the future. The real issue right now is this current Venetian model needs replacing and fast! We have something that is economically sound which will for a long time create stability. We could argue that we can do away with money altogether and become a ubuntu society. Lets get a positive change in place first then we can worry about finer points. There is actually nothing that doesn’t have negatives since we live in a world of duality. Study what Roger Hayes has to say in his Lawful Bank about credit currencies and how they work. We do not even need a gold-standard but with one it adds piece of mind for some. I hear some trying to claim Deutsche Bank is behind funding the BRICS bank somehow I doubt that and Deutsche Bank is the most in trouble with derivative trading. Maybe there is a counter-intelligence program trying to attempt to put off truth seekers from promoting the BRICS Development Banks. This will not work even if I find out Deutsche Bank has put funding towards it because right now the BRICS is crucial for stability otherwise we are going to go downhill rapidly soon. Deutsche Bank like London will be edging its bets just in case the BRICS really does take over and nothing more. George H.W Scherff’s alternative media might just start to push this propaganda against the BRICS but it isn’t going to work.

      -= The Unhived Mind

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