By The Unhived Mind
September 9th 2016

Jill Stein – Green Party 8 Sept 2016:

.@USDA says 16M Americans are food insecure. I say let’s raise food stamp benefits + raise the min. wage to $15/hr.

This continues to prove that Prince Philip’s puppet, Jill Stein and the Green Party are part of the problem with the current destruction of the American Republic and its people. Jill Stein stands for the climate scam which is nothing more than the House of Windsor’s genocidal Malthusian elimination programme against the global mass population. You certainly don’t want to raise the minimum wage as this does nothing other than to cause economic hardships through job outsourcing which results in mass unemployment. You certainly don’t want more food stamps and instead we need more wealth and employment so people don’t need reliance on government! It’s time to bring back independence to both the people and the Nation State.

What Americans really need is the complete and total removal of Wall Street starting with the reversal of Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin’s destruction of The Glass Steagall Act. If a politician isn’t meaningfully talking about the implementation of the Glass Steagall Act then there’s something very wrong with their Party and its manifesto as it’s certainly not going to be for the people of the land but instead it’ll only be in the favour of the Empire. America must become a true Republic once again and use the Glass Steagall Act to help ring-fence the American economy away from Wall Street piracy and ponzi schemes. The only U.S. politician who came close to something on these lines was of course Martin O’Malley and that’s exactly why he was quickly removed from the running for the Democratic Presidential Nominee. Bernie Sanders was just another of the chosenness placed to take over the anti-Wall St debate but in fact he’d absolutely do nothing (as you see he then backed Hillary Clinton) about the problem.

The only answer is to fix the American economy by entirely removing Wall Street and sending it straight back to where it belongs with its creator and master at New Jerusalem (City of London) within New Venice (Britain) which is front controlled by the New Doge (Queen Elizabeth II {Guelph}). There must be a complete refusal to pay any of the derivative debts as well as all other debts as the nation must now bankrupt itself. Federal Credit (Chicago Plan) should be issued by the U.S. Treasury and a new social housing and infrastructure program must be implemented. The U.S. should immediately join the BRICS New Development Bank and work with both Russia and China in a multi-polar world for the better of mankind utilizing the Promethean BRICS win-win development model and therefore replacing the Zeusian dark age.

Without the above options then the U.S. continues to be irreversibly BANKRUPT! Please don’t believe any scam politicians who’re just fronts for New Venice and who simply continue the farce and current dark age. Instead you should back Promethean leaders like Vladimir Putin who’re attempting to usher in a new Golden Age.

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  • theunhivedmind

    No we’ll not support Prince Philip’s global genocide and mother Gaia worship (one-world religion/Luciferian Doctrine). Instead we want to increase the energy flux density rather than decrease it! Jill Stein can take her House of Windsor death policies somewhere else. The Green Party is yet another branch of the New Venice Empire hoping to control your mind through social engineering mind-reframing before eventually destroying your physical body in order to meet to goals of the Club of Rome. Please don’t fall into any of the levels of NVE webbing because that spider’s very hungry and controlling.

    Here’s some important questions for Jill ‘Genocidal’ Stein:

    Are you ready for the America to be free from Zionism?
    Are you ready for America to join the BRICS/AIIB?
    Are you ready for America to print it’s own Federal Credit?
    Are you ready for American to immediately implement Glass Steagall?
    Are you ready to completely remove Wall St?
    Are you ready for a new and improved Space Programme?

    If the answer is no to any of the above questions then this concludes that Jill Stein is an agent of the NVE!

    Russia is already bringing about a new ‘Golden Age’ for mankind where prosperity, progression, cooperation and innovation all become important again and all under a win-win development peace model. Under Promethean Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation has already done more for mankind than Jill Stein’s Green Party has ever done or will ever do in the future, Russia will soon destroy the New Doge’s (Queen Elizabeth II) House of Windsor and the New Venice Empire. Jill Stein’s Party is based on fictions to misled the gullible into their own torture and destruction.

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