Folks its time we all boycott Youtube for its deviant actions to so many people and proven deviant actions against myself in the last twenty four hours. This company has harassed me for a while now, only the other month they suspended my account for fourteen days which actually went on for around twenty days in total. Why did they do that? They claimed my video which highlighted the Pepsico use of aborted fetal Kidney tissue to make flavor enhancers for their disgusting products violated their system. How? Simply because of the picture of an aborted baby on the video. So its okay to destroy a child of God but when its shown what you’re actually doing its a different story? Yes your murdering an innocent child of God.

Do you know that the communication going on during the creation of the fetus is the equivalent to every cell phone in the World being switched on for a call every second? This is the power of God and his creation something far in excess of modern technology we crave. But then again atheists will never appreciate what they are because they do not know what they are and thus give up all their inherited rights. We are as the Bible tells us, we are man created in God’s image with dominion over the animals. These slave masters don’t want you knowing your inherited and inalienable rights from God which the Geneva Bible highlights. That all reminded me of how its okay to shoot up a child of God with multiples of dangerous vaccines stemming from The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries, but its not okay to show a picture of the child with multiple needles sticking in the body and the child crying. How sick is this bloody system? People are brainwashed so deep they’re almost not worth trying to save anymore if they accept this nonsense. Well anyway Youtube suppressed the account but did not block the other two parts to the same Pepsi video even though they were obviously aware of them. So whats my conclusion on that? Obviously it was more about the content in the first part of three than the video which they simply used as a excuse. Another example of nonsense from that website.

Now today my account is disabled and based upon a non-existent video of all things. Can you believe the nonsense and censorship from this National Security Agency connected website? How can a video with my web address spinning around and then text saying links in description be classed as a violation? What we have here is pure suppression of my information. I’ve become an even bigger threat than I was before. Since highlighting the deeper truths about the 9/11 attacks and highlighting the Livery system I’ve taken more heat than I always did and even for using the Bible in this Satanic society we now live in. The attacks have been coming and coming which does what? Proves I’m hurting those who I highlight and proves I’m closer to the truth than all these other American Protective League continuum paid up diversion agents whom also have attacked me with their Catholic funding. Folks you don’t really have an alternative media its APL in disguise and the Catholics have been running the conspiracy World since the Jesuits created it with Jesuit soldier, Frederick Copleston SJ and Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton.

So tell me how this video of my web address could warrant a violation? It cannot and even the title cannot warrant a violation. Remember there’s no official organization called the ‘Crown Maltese’ that is what I term the Knight of Malta power over New Jerusalem aka Crown aka City of London. So if there’s no officially know group as the ‘Crown Maltese’ how can anyone try to use an excuse of that aiding the violation? It does not. There is absolutely nothing on me but yet they remove my account which they’ve been itching to do for a while. This to me is harassment by Youtube and is simply not acceptable. If you tell the truth and especially the deeper truth they don’t want you getting then you’re out of there. So if you want to speak what APL Alex Jones does then you’ll be fine and go around on a wheel like a gerbil getting no where. When you speak the hidden truths like I do and go for the names and real organizations you’ll get hammered. When you become a threat you’ll struggle to get your information out to the masses via any way other than your own website. Now with SOPA coming in, that angle won’t last for very long as they soon begin the transition into the Grid before the destruction of the web.

Folks the Knights of Malta have realized drastically that their control of the alternative media has failed. I came forth and exposed the masses to Eric Phelps original works and its progressed from there. That is why the Knights of Malta had a smear attack attempt on us through their minions, one them of them being Texe Marrs. Lies claiming I’m a Jew when in fact I’m a white Englishman with no Jewish name and no Jewish followings. All lies to try to reboot conspiracy followers onto their other diversion of blaming the Jews for everything. Whilst everyone looks at MOSSAD for 9/11 they ignore completely the Royal Canadian Air Force, Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Bombardier Master Trust, Serco, AMEC Plc and the rest involved in my opinion. Whilst everyone focuses on the Central Intelligence Agency they ignore in my opinion the Senior Executive Service which no one had even heard of. Who’s most likely the power, the ones you know or the ones you do not know? Whilst everyone was hammering on about Bilderberg or Rothschild I was highlighting Pallavicini, Knights of Malta and Jesuits. Who had heard of Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ or Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie until I got on the case and pushed it like crazy on the most used forums? So who’s most likely in charge is it Bilderberg or is it the Jesuits and Knights of Malta? Of course and we know this answer regardless because it was Knight of Malta, Joseph Rettinger who created Bilderberg using Knight of Malta Prince Bernard. Its time to wake up people. If you see suppression and hear of names never heard of then you can rest assured they’re the power. How many of you had heard of the Keswick family before I mentioned then? Hows about the Nattino family a couple of weeks back I highlighted the Jesuit connection with? Not forgetting all the Papal Nobility I highlighted. I’m just not wanted on this internet and I’m so glad because it just fuels me more and also shows myself and others with brain cells who’s onto something and hitting the nail on the head. If anyone wishes to continue to stick their head in the sand then do so but keep away from me if you do. What I’m good at is highlighting the real power and how it connects together which is something they really do not like you understanding in the slightest.

I’ve also noticed that atheists are the worst gatekeepers of all and they’re very spiteful, but what do you expect from cretins who do not follow the Bible which promotes morality. These atheists fit in and enjoy the Aleister Crowley society of Satanism they dwell within. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to help someone, be courteous and answer all their questions and thus waste your precious life on this Earth, these people will turn on you at the slightest. Many are out to get you regardless and some are just jealous and spiteful. I do not possess anything you cannot possess. Just because I have knowledge not many speak of and know doesn’t mean I’m a threat to anyone, I’m the opposite. The brainwashing at all levels is most obvious as they attack and hinder you and not only you but others in the process. These people have no thoughts for others. They do not give up their precious time for others let alone pay to do so. Yet those of us who do get nothing but hassles for it. Amazes me how you’ll have people looking at all the conspiracy videos on youtube even though they don’t believe in conspiracy and then go around twitting on videos as hate crime, hate speech and God knows what. Its like hey you’ve got a Commodore 64 and I don’t like that as I have a Spectrum and you said in your video the Spectrum was less memory, so that’s hate-crime. For God sake how Orwellian and Brave New World mindset is this? Its disgusting, childish and outright gatekeeperism mentality

What else do you expect when people live in a two dimension controlled police state reality on the internet created for this very purpose to disconnect you from the third and four dimensions? Thus you live in a virtual World and ignore the real World around you, aiding in the transition into the transhumanism age. All developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the Department of Defense with DARPA and the Office of Information Awareness aka Total Information Awareness program. All linked of course into the National Security Agency which controls Google which controls Youtube. I’ve seen videos harassed on youtube where they’ve even taken out the Sound of one truth teller whilst the sound of the other interviewed is fine yet the original uploaded was perfect and fine on other streaming websites. I’ve seen youtube suppress viewing and ratings whilst on lesser known streaming sites the video may have been viewed three times what it says on youtube and on lesser known sites, so can you imagine the real youtube viewing figure? I’ve noticed that when truth sayers get a following of five thousand or more people, youtube then start to take them down. Originally hoping the people wouldn’t be bothered with them, but now they have its take down time. I’ve seen that happen numerous times and its all so bloody obvious what the game is over there at youtube. They also do not want you having the facility to email thousands of people with ease with one click which you can do on youtube if you have the following.

Keep your eyes on how many they suppress early in 2012 because this may well be a sign they wish to cut down the communication routes of truth sayers before the economic collapse starts and/or the big event to start World War III. Too many are waking up too fast and the Knights of Malta APL is loosing its control it thought it would be able to cope with. The internet has become a threat and this is again why SOPA and PIPA are being bought in under the guise of Hollywood trying to protect its absolutely terrible generation-x movies of tripe. First of all Jesuit Holy-wood, if you made decent movies then you may actually make some money and actually have people wanting to watch your predictable programming. Don’t blame the internet for your sheople predictive programming doing damage to your revenues. Hollywood had the opportunity with the film Transformers to make something better than the rest of todays childish movies. Instead they make a quality graphical production like nothing else out there but then spoiled it all with childish acting and nonsense. They do this because that’s the type of childish mindset they want adults to live under. Do your homework people please and turn off the Tell-a-lie-vision immediately, stop watching movies and other conditioning junk. Remember that retired CIA agent Bob Chapman talks about who would only say one thing and that was to never watch television. Then take note of Knight of Malta William Colby’s comment “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

I’ve demanded my channel be reinstated but whether they do is another matter seeing as they’re obviously corrupt deviants. Before I forget I had one evil cretin come from nowhere and attack me the other day on Youtube. They said I was not a Englishman speaking for England and that they’re not all like this. This cretin doesn’t even know what the word England means and certainly doesn’t live in England, he let that die in 1933 and completely in December 2009 and don’t even know how. Then he claims England is not a corporation and thus shows his lack of sitting, thinking and more to the point listening. Whats really his problem is that he doesn’t know any knowledge on what he’s flapping his gums about. He lives in the gaga illusion given to him by The Worshipful Company of Mercers. I never said and never would say that sovereign England is a corporation. I do inform people that the United Kingdom is a corporation and is in fact listed as a corporation at Companies House. There is a very big difference to what he’s claiming I said. Too many make up words and claim someone else says them when they just do not. They on one hand admit the City of London is a corporation but if you then explain that the City of London aka New Jerusalem aka Crown Bar is a sovereign Nation, oh no they won’t have that. Its all doublespeak, doublethink claptrap and I’m just sick of it.

I will no longer be dealing one-on-one with people who I do not already. I’m sick of wasting my time writing lengthy emails back to questions I’ve highlighted the answers too all day long on my websites and yet I still do it for people, only to have them turn on me when they don’t like what they hear. If you can’t handle the truth then don’t look for the truth. If you can’t handle knowledge of over a decade of hard slog and work given to you straight off don’t blame me if your programming is still too tight to accept it. Get off your behinds and do the research I and a few others have had to all this time. I’ve gone without other things in my quest to spend time on this subject, to have those who’re lazy disagree, attack or worse. I have no time for it anymore. You simply read my work I provide on the web and make do with that. Do your own research and eventually you may gain my wisdom or maybe more. I’m also not going to keep trying to prove myself and my work and handing out every source I’ve had for this and that. That is not me, I have no time for it. If you don’t want to believe me then do not, if you do then go research what I say. Its not my fault you’ve not come across something I know or the angle I know and have found. What use is it anyway if I tell you my source? You’re in denial and will attack my source and on and on. I can put bloody government documents in front of you and if you’re in denial you’ll ignore those. Then you’ll have a two second memory retention to suit your denial. Pathetic indoctrinated brainwashed sheople, I’m sorry its true. You want to be spiteful to me after all my hard work to help people for nothing and free whilst others are millionaires ego driven in the system they claim to be against? Well not me and screw you all who wish to hate upon me.

All you do is add fuel to my fire so I get even more hardcore with truth as I learn it. Don’t think you do the opposite as I’ve proved time and time again you will not destroy me. I keep coming and get harder each time. Then we have pathetic Vittorio Vivaldi of the Dominican Order and Pallavicini camp with his attacks recently and threats. I do not take kindly to this nonsense and I know these nobles have agendas. Its okay jack if you attack their enemies such as the House of Bourbon but God help you if you attack the Pallavicini or the House of Savoy who they’re really aligned with who hates Juan Carlos for having a Templar title Vittorio Emanuele IV desires. Its all games I will not play and I have showed you and others time after time I will not play.

So all those who I have dealings with today I will still deal with you. Anyone new unfortunately for them its no chance, I can no longer deal with the brainwashing hassles and I’m certainly not wasting my precious life further than I have to anymore. I’ve been too kind and generous to you people and I get very little in return and never have except hassles. I get accused of being all sorts which I should sue in Court over but I simply cannot be bothered wasting my life or lacking funds trying to do so. Remember if you speak the truth you’ll be demonized, smeared with false allegations, and at worse labeled a murderer or a paedophile. Seems Leonard Horowitz has used both the later two but I’m thankful because he just showed the World what he truly was. I would never go so low as to claim someone is a murderer and paedophile simply because people didn’t use my business anymore and because the being to be attacked highlighted a title given which was already in the public domain. Therefore that issue never even started with me in the first place. He also calls me anti-Jew when others even call me a Jew for sticking up for the Bible Torah-Israelites instead of the wicked Catholic controlled Sabbatean Frankist hofjuden. I cannot be a Jew and be anti-Jew at the same time can I or are we living once again in make believe? I’m also accused of being anti-Government in order to provoke hassles from Romeland Security as wasteful games played with the FBI didn’t work so hey they’ll try another agency. Thus showing that those you believe are anti-Government really are not and are simply in league with the evil that exists on this planet. Oh and lets not forget the accusations I’m part of the Church of Satan which I don’t know even exists in England does it? Crazy how one can be in the Church of Satan when they promote thee God of Christianity and the Reformation bibles such as the Geneva and King James Authorized. Crazy World and very crazy mentalities out there all set to try and test our strengths and weaknesses. So if I have to be sacrificed to allow the people to see what a bunch of shit has been built up around them and all the false pied pipers in it, so be it. Just amuses me at the same time that people can sink so low and how its all based on ego which is a merely a fiction, you know the cravings for titles and cheap trinket ribbons on plastic which some will kill or put their life at risk for not truly realizing I wouldn’t buy it if it were a pound in Poundland for God sake.

-=The Unhived Mind

Here we go folks with an example of the spite and venom of cretins out there who spoil your information purposely and get off on it, then have the nerve to come around again. So lets take a look at what garbage he’s offering the people out there searching for truth. Oh he has a useless cartoon called ‘Gullivers Travel’s Faithfull & Forever by Glenn Miller/Ralph Rainger’ which will be copyright along with a a video of a orchestra. So now you see this cretins lack of worth to anyone and yet he spoils it for all of you and all those who used my videos for free yourself from the system including my bullion videos the lot. I suggest you make your voices known people. They think they can threaten me with Youtube? I don’t give a damn about Youtube which has been a lame duck for quite some time and I’ve not been using it as people have seen. I don’t give a damn about any social networking system and I’m now concentrating on my own website from now on. If you have issues with this then take it up with this guy and others you find similar to him. I have no time for these people and I suggest you all ban this piece of garbage; http://www.youtube.com/user/man1192803

-=The Unhived Mind

man1192803 03/01/2012

I told you not to be so arrogant, that’s why I fucked up your youtubeaccount by flagging all your vids.

Have fun putting it all up again, and try to be more reasonable in the future towards people who are only trying to gain knowledge by questioning you, and provoking thoughts on your end, that maybe can lead to insights you haven’t had before.

Or do u still think your omnipotent?

Shills should of course be ignored, but you dont think I am one do you?
I’m a member of MENSA, so I think you shouldn’t underestimate me like u did.

Thank God I am man enough to admit that you kinda changed my opinion about religion and God. You should be more kind to people who don’t believe everything you say without questions, that’s a wrong mentality, questioning everything is healthy and should always be the standard.

You’re also not gonna reach people like your trying to do with your channel, if your gonna act like u do.

I feel like u need to gain some insight into character(peopleknowledge), in stead of more bookknowledge, which u clearly have, and I also tell everybody about your site and your knowledge, which is incredible.

But still, everybody has room for improvement, also you.
So next time somebody questions you, try to respond in a normal way or dont respond at all. And you should DEFINITLY dont block people as fast as u do, absolutely ridiculous.
You’re only gonna drive people away from you, and that’s not what u want.

man1192803 (8 hours ago) (Pending approval)

You continue to be arrogant as the fuckface u are.

Why are u so arrogant?

I am trying to keep myself in check, because Im this close to start flagging the fuck out of your video’s u goddamn idiot.

REASONING is the key, I didn’t insult you or NOTHING.
I told you in every fucking message, I appreciate your work like nothing else, because I’ve already seen the way u react to people who don’t agree with u, on the Vatican Assassins website.
So I was trying to be the bigger person by complimenting you before I questioned you, because I already know that u have a ego problem.

man1192803 (8 hours ago) (Pending approval)

Don’t write people of because they question you, I am not a shill or a stooge, or else I would have spammed your video’s with comments in stead of doing it in private.

And you know what u said because I was a convinced atheist(that u now changed kind of, so that tells u that I still take u seriously, but the other way around, no way) and I questioned your statement that:”Atheists bring forth chaos” is what u said. I then responded that it was not atheism that made this world into the divided world we now live in.
Of course the basics of religion, love your neighbour etc, are good. Nobody in their right mind would disagree with u on that.

But still, if u continue to be so arrogant and immediately BLOCK people just for THINKING, because that’s what I do, I think, I don’t trust nobody completely, also not you. And I think everybody should be like that, you should never believe something without studying it yourself.

man1192803 (8 hours ago) (Pending approval)

I hope you learned a lesson by this, and I won’t flag no more video’s as I think the bigger goal is more important than my own ego problems. Something you woulnd’t be able to do, you are not big enough a person to set aside your ego to get people on your side.

Then why even bother with this channel?

man1192803 (8 hours ago) (Pending approval)

And no, if ur gonna act like the arrogant all knowing smart ass as always, I don’t give a flying fuck about u or your goddamn channel.
EGO is our problem, we both have that problem, but yours is a little bit worse.

You see? This is how fast somebody can turn around, keep that in mind next time.

man1192803 03/01/2012

hahaha you really can’t put your own ego aside can u?


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