By : The Unhived Mind – Nov 8th 2016


Hillary Clinton and the Senior Executive Service are trying to frighten the American voters by using the New Venice Empire’s (Britain) terrorist psychological operation utilizing threats of terrorism against polling stations. Do you honestly think that Texans will worry about Clinton radicals?bradburypound-compressed Texans are their own highly armed army that these tactics cannot defeat or even scare.  Please make sure you go out and use a paper ballot to vote for Donald J. Trump and Make American Great! Once Trump takes up the Presidency then demand that he immediately implements the Glass Steagall Act and then writes off all of the U.S. National debt before issuing a new National Credit (Chicago Plan) currency. Finally demand that Trump accepts the invitation by Xi Jinping for the U.S to join the BRICS New Development Bank and thus becoming part of the new future driven multi-polar justified economic world order based on nationalism, trust, win-win, cooperation and development removing from the equation all former British geopolitics (chains of slavery).


armyseniorexecsvcAmericans must remember that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State helped to increase the power of the Islamic State formerly know as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad a member of Al-Qaeda. In fact Carl M. Marcy’s family helped to create Al-Qaeda through the Senior Executive Service and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program. Hillary Clinton is directly connected to both the Senior Executive Service and the Chicago based Marcy family. Who funds the terrorism? Saudi Arabia and Qatar both of which are connected to Hillary Clinton as highlighted by Wikileaks. Funding for this terrorism also comes from New Venice via the likes of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and through the Qatari based HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation. Hillary Clinton recently banked a large sum of money-laundered cash into the Qatar National Bank. Qatar is controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency through British Military Intelligence Six which itself is covertly commanded by the Duke of Kent of the House of Windsor under the New Doge (QEII) of New Venice (Britain). Britain has always commanded this Middle East area since 1763 back then through the Honourable Company of East India and now through its continuum the British Invisibles/TheCityUK clan and their plantation (man-in-the-middle veil) United States.

Please make a note of the areas threatened by the British (redcoat) Daesh psychological operation and compare them to the amount of support they’ve shown for Donald Trump. The real Daesh (City of London axis of terror Israel, Saudi [Al-Yamamah deal {Prince Bandar Bush}], Qatar & the UAE) don’t want Donald Trump to win the vote as he’ll join Vladimir Putin & free the Middle East busting wide open the real hidden axis of terror. Always remember that both Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) and Hillary Clinton (Queen Melusina) are puppets of the hidden British Empire which is nothing more than the continuum of Venice (Black International Synergists) known by these powers as New Venice and headed in New Jerusalem (City of London aka Roman Londinium).

donald_trump_6905693-compressedIt’s time the American Republic was reborn! It’s time for the true Hamiltonian Principle to come back so all can see the greatness of the censored true American system of the past. It’s really time to make America Great Again. Notice under normal circumstances today the name America is also hindered by negativity and this is done on purpose. When the Empire wishes to hit out at the region it will call it America (the land which the redcoat destroyed from 1865 onwards). When the Empire wishes to rally up the region it will always refer to it as the U.S. So it’s a sign for the good when Trump utilizes the name America along with the word great. Also notice Trump uses the name of God quite often? When did you last see this vicious British system using God in the U.S? Hillary won’t allow you to talk about God as she’s a Luciferian and a fifth degree in Witchcraft of the real occult. Hillary’s bloodline goes back to the Norman conquerors who destroyed the Blessed Isles of Albion (now Great Britain). Hillary’s scion is what makes her so privileged as she’s related to the evils of the Duke of Northumberland. Clinton’s other relative of the same blood is Barbara Scherff (Bushfraud) who’s a seventh degree in Witchcraft. Is it any wonder why Alberto R. Gonzales and George W. Scherff are helping to try and cover-up some of the Clinton paedophilia scandal? Let me remind you that George H.W Scherff (Bushfraud 41) is handled by the Prince of Wales the covert head of the British Military Intelligence Five.

fbi-wordpress-750x445-compressedDo not sit at home and not vote, do not fall for the alternative media that tries to promote self-helplessness by saying your vote doesn’t count.  Do not vote for other British diversions such as the Libertarians or the Green party.  The green policies are the desire of Prince Philip and the 1001 Club as they and the Club of Rome utilize this swerve ball to aid global genocide whilst having the willing acceptance of the Goy victims. The FBI Division Five controls almost all of the so-called alternative media. Who’re the Division Five? They’re the hidden pit of the Pallavicini controlled FBI who run the military industrial complex you keep hearing about. Where is all this based? Denver, Colorado! Start to focus attention on the Defense Industrial Security Command and you’ll start to connect the dots.  The FBI was riddled with the Pink Triangle Nazis filtered into the United States via Operation Paperclip and the Dragonovic Ratlines.  The FBI have been the downfall of the United States since the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Do you still want to trust them after what I’ve highlighted?  The FBI Director James Comey is as crooked as Hillary and that’s why he’s easily blackmailed.  Do the right thing and remove all the redcoat/Zionist fifth column infiltration units in the United States and finally bring back the American Republic.  Turn the home of the slave and the land of the fee back into the home of the brave and the land of the FREE.