French Election Further Trashes British/Obama War Policy

French Election Further Trashes British/Obama War Policy

Nov 29 2016

Then Prime Minister of France, Mr. Francois Fillon meeting IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano & Chef de Cabinet, Mr. Rafael Grossi, 2011 Photo: IAEA Imagebank CC-SA

The overwhelming primary election victory of Francois Fillon to be the presidential candidate for The Republican Party of France in Sunday’s primary election is further proof that Barack Obama’s drive for war on Russia is intolerable to the human race. Like Hillary Clinton, Fillon’s opponent campaigned against Russia, while Fillon campaigned to work with Russia to defeat the terrorists in Syria, to end the anti-Russian sanctions and expand economic cooperation, winning nearly two-thirds of the vote.

Hillary Clinton, who ran her campaign as a continuation of Obama’s war cry against Russia, is now frantically trying to blame her defeat on Putin! The lunacy of the claim that Putin used “fake news” feeds and computer hacking to steal the U.S. election, now in headlines across the U.S., says nothing about Putin, but everything about the state of mental breakdown by the war party in the United States — the neocons of both the Republican and Democratic parties, who joined forces behind Hillary and were defeated by the electorate, especially the rural and urban workforce.

In fact, Putin did contribute to the defeat of the Obama/Hillary war party, but not secretly or covertly. His consistent demand that the US stop sponsoring terrorists under the guise of arming the “moderate opposition” in Syria to overthrow the legitimate government, calling for cooperation in the war on terror, helped expose Obama and Hillary for what they are.

In the same manner, Xi Jinping’s repeated calls for the US to join in the New Silk Road process of global nation building was rejected by both Obama and Hillary in favor of military confrontation with China, thus exposing their imperial outlook to a population which increasingly admires the incredible development process unleashed by China both within their country and internationally.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who has campaigned in the past for the Chancellorship in Germany, said today that despite Fillon’s Thatcherite economic policies, his election further demonstrates the growing disgust in Europe with the anti-Russia hysteria and the danger of war. Trump’s open declaration that he will work with Putin to defeat terrorism led the loser Obama this month to attempt to anoint Germany’s Angela Merkel as his successor, to be the “leader of the free world” in a campaign against Russia. But Merkel is now as isolated as was Obama — like the fake-Gods of Olympus, shouting their demands to the world even as Mount Olympus is crumbling under their feet.

On the same day as the French vote, the Swiss soundly defeated a referendum launched by the anti-nuclear green movement to shut down the nation’s nuclear power facilities. Again, the message to the world is that the “New Dark Age” mentality of deindustrialization and permanent warfare is no longer tolerable to the human race. It is especially a message to the anti-nuclear Merkel that her time has come.

The western world is experiencing a revolutionary transformation. The LaRouche movement has for years forced the populations of the U.S. and Europe, often against their will, to look at the leadership of the new paradigm coming from Russia and China, and to compare them to the policies dictated by London and Wall Street which have destroyed the trans-Atlantic nations economically and culturally. That truth can no longer be suppressed. Lyndon LaRouche today told his associates: “We are in a leading position right now. We are on top. We know what we’re doing, so let’s have a victory.”

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