The so-called Human Immunodeficiency Virus has never been isolated and simple doesn’t exist. The fraudster Robert Gallo was awarded the Sword of Ignatius Loyola at St. Louis University back in the year of 1988. Let me remind you that Jesuit soldier, Francis Xavier SJ was the mastermind of the vaccination eugenics agenda. With the hoax of HIV they achieve a population culling through deception and pharmaceutical abuse whilst at the same time aiding the promotion of condom use meaning population reduction. Eventually people will be forced to have go through mandatory false-testing for this non-existent virus. AIDS symptoms have existed since time began and they’ve increased through chemical usage. AIDS can be bought about by simply being malnourished or just having syphilis. Please don’t be fooled by the hype and brainwashing on this subject. Information I possess is major heresy in this corporate medical World of so-called experts.