The end goal for the global society under the New Venice Empire is complete synarchist domination over its slave populace. As this tyrannical governance rolls in, the police forces will become more and more militarized until eventually the police and military will be indistinguishable and eventually one. The end goal is for a globally recognized single group of enforcers disguised as peace-keepers to make sure the Zeusian synarchist Empire and its draconian power continues a constant dark age of slavery. Welcome to the nightmare provided from minds such as Jamal ud-Din al Afghani along with the Club of Rome’s agenda known as the post-industrial zero-growth society in a unipolar controlled New World Order. The idea of democracy will no longer exist either in mind or even in reality. If you want to understand the way of the near-future global society then start by researching the model of the European Union (EUSSR) and its Lisbon Treaty.

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