The New Venice (Britain) Empire wish for a totally unarmed slave populace which can be easily governed under synarchist controls as visioned by the likes of Jamal ud-Din al Afghani all as the global governance is about to be laid down. An unarmed populace cannot defend itself from tyrannical leaders. Crime rates always drop where guns are held by the general populace which puts fear in the mind of the potential criminals. Synarchism controls rely on chaos to aid bring in the desires of the Empire (Ordo-ad-Chao). As the agenda progresses you’ll hear of more gun events (mostly staged) in both the United States and Switzerland where guns are still available to the populace. Once all the arms are rounded up in the U.S. by foreign United Nations MJTF (FINCEN) troops, the Americans will finally find out that the U.S. Constitution no longer stands as of 1945 but especially since 1992 similar to how the Catholic Church no longer exists since it was taken over in 1823 and more obviously in 1963. American lands are no longer American and instead they belong to the United Nations and others as collateral on the national debt. The signing of the Charter of the United Nations was the start of this worldwide takeover by the U.N.

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