Intelligence agencies control the illegal trade of drugs such as heroin and cocaine as exposed by Gary Webb, Brian Downing Quig and Michael Ruppert. This control system of New Venice goes back to Opium Wars against China. The global economy is propped up by a second covert economy which is based on heroin not the black gold known as oil. Black operations that cannot be funded by the the public purse end up being financed by drug profits laundered and washed by banking houses and the stock markets aided by the Exchange Stablization Fund tied to the U.S. Treasury. If you want to know the true powers behind the drugs trade then you have to look at families such as the Houses of Windsor and Bourbon along with Harriman, Sassoon, Keswick, Astor and others including the secret networks such as Chapter 322. For a most excellent insight into the drug trade by this Empire then you must read the book ‘Dope Inc’ written and updated numerous times by Lyndon LaRouche a former adviser to Ronald Reagan.

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