The synarchist New Venice Empire advance their agenda by the use of Ordo-Ab-Chao meaning order out of chaos. These Zeusians know that the public will never accept the agenda so instead these evil doers create a crisis which sparks enough fear in the slaves so they’ll accept the agenda as the solution to the current crisis (problem, reaction and solution also known as the totalitarian tiptoe). Please look into two operations known as Gladio and Northwoods to understand the way these synarchists really think and act. Intelligence agencies and military forces such as NATO carry out these false-flag events (to be blamed on others) but the large events like 9/11 are a combined effort by numerous agencies and these are known as metabridge events. The 9/11 attacks were connected to British SIS, Israeli Mossad, French DGSE, NATO, Royal Canadian Air Force, the Anglo-Germanic DVD as well as the Octopus network such as Serco, Amec, Orbital ATK and others all of which serve the Black International synarchist New Venice Empire.

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