Once you realize that almost all paper cash is nothing but trash then you’ll need to be on the lookout for precious metals and other tangible assets in order to attempt to preserve and maybe increase your wealth through times of hardship in the economy. Right now you should be investing a large percentage of your wealth into physical gold/silver bullion. In the long-run you should find that silver ends up being the better out of the two in as it soon becomes rare due to lack of recycling of this precious metal and this should start from as early as 2019 onwards. Silver also has a long way to go just to match the old 16:1 ratio against gold. The elites of the New Venice Empire still use bullion to this day as highlighted by Lord James of Blackheath in his speech about Foundation X at the House of Lords connected with Lord Sassoon. In the united states of America both gold and silver are the only lawful and legal tender of the nation as governed by the American Constitution.

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