The New Venice Empire wishes know everything about you and your exact location on a permanent basis by utilizing microchip bio-implants and advanced data collection/AI systems such as The Beast based in Brussels over in Belgium. There are numerous other data collection points many of which are run by the military and are classified top secret. Take for instance the secretive NSA base located beneath and near the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which makes the five-eyes network now become the six-eyes. You’ll soon see the demands for mandatory ID card/digital systems, fingerprinting and Iris scan biometrics and the their acceptance through the use of synarchist methods of false-flag terrorism, cyber-crime as well as predictive programming methods making wearable bracelets a trend as a stepping stone to the end goal of permanent bio-implanting. In order to force dissidents into complying with this forced slavery then a number of actions will be taken such as the sanctioning of Basic Income and interaction with various essential systems including the inability to purchase items all of which rely on the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. The Masonic lodge over this agenda is the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists with its members including the likes of Bill Gates a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

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