Russia, China, Brazil, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and India are aligning in order to defeat the western unipolar New World Order. The New Venice Empire is in a severe state of collapse and warfare is it’s means of a short continuation of its life-support. The BRICS is the dominate force when it comes to both military and economics and so New Venice needs to ignite a global conflict if it fails to topple the nations of the BRICS by the usual methods of infiltration, coup and color revolution (hybrid war). The problem New Venice has right now is that Russia and China are the true superpowers especially Russia from a military point of view. We could soon witness the full collapse of the British Zeusian/Kronos system resulting in a Promethean victory which will destroy the slave model the world has been chained within for many centuries. I’d like to point out how the U.S. Pentagon origins are based on the Jesuit war rooms of the Villa Farnese in Luzio. The New Venice Empire built up the United States plantation as the front to carry out its dirty deeds and thus take away suspicion from the British Isles. New Venice manipulates its plantations and enemies in order to pit both of them against one another and weaken all except New Venice (Britain).

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