The population of the western world will have their current living standards dramatically lowered closer to that of the second world status. The lowering of living standards will align current first world with the rest of the developing world creating a joint second world serfdom in the new socialist world system known as the New World Order. Heinz Kissinger highlighted that It’s both food and water which control the people of the planet. All food and water supplies will be managed and depleted in order to bring about a culling of the population especially of those within the third world. During and after the completion of the third world culling then the new second world serfdom will be forced to consume GMO only fake foods (Soylent Green). The GMO will further aid the occurrence of chronic illness perfectly timed with the Club of Rome’s post-industrial zero-growth society which forces corporate zones to rely on sickness in order to fund its gross-domestic product. Expect many food, water and energy shortages followed by rations. If the Freemasonic lodge known as the Worshipful Company of Coopers gets their way then expect to be forced into a vegan lifestyle whilst never being allowed to eat salt or meat ever again. The removal of meat from the diet is in order to create long-term chronic illness, infertility and lower the sexual desires of the victim. The end goal is for the human life-span to be dramatically reduced to around the age of thirty-nine years old in the general public. Please make a note how the U,N food programs WFP and the FAO are both headquartered in Rome, Italy.

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