The New World Order is a synarchist bought about fascist system based on the revival of the occult as the New Venice Empire takes us into what Blavatsky called the Age of Aquarius (started from 1986). The entire World will be dominated by the elite forces of the New Venice Empire known as the Black International who’s priest class master the Kabbalah and work with the human-hating Djinn forces. All current cultures will be destroyed as everyone will become the same as each other and trapped within a Luciferian Doctrine which will be the one-world religion as part of a one-world economic system enforced by a one-world police force under the elite dictatorship utilizing Kabbalah magick and technology. Extensive mind re-framing and social engineering will take place in order to change the current normality into an opposite form making the new normality for all to follow the left-hand path of Lucifer. These social engineering systems will be mastered and devised by the Mind Benders of the Venetian Arsenal and its forks in New Venice (Britain) and the United States utilizing the likes of Common Purpose, Common Cause, Stanford University, University of Essex and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. During the reign of Pedro Arrupe SJ as the Black Pope he had to prepare the Jesuits for this coming New World Order a long time before the term was bought into the open in the nineties by George H.W. Bush of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath. Americans should closely monitor the powers of New Venice (Britain) over the States especially with the likes of their Senior Executive Service.

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