Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath member, Ronald Reagan spoke of the opportunities from a threat within space. You have constant predictive programming since the Roswell crash in movies like ‘Skyline’, ‘Battle Los Angeles’, ‘independence Day’, ‘War of the worlds’ not to mention numerous television series such as ‘V’ and ‘Colony’. All of these programming systems are part of what is known as Project Greenstar which is a social engineering program to create the idea of alien lifeforms and a future contact. Why? So the Zeusians can finally destroy all the World’s current religions and replace them with a one-World religion based on the Luciferian Doctrine which is nothing more than the occult revival through the New Age Movement working closely with Freemasonic Lodges such as the Martinists and their Ordo Templi Orientis. Any life-forms that are presented as aliens will be genetically engineered by man in underground laboratories. The real threat to mankind is from the forces of the Djinn and right now they’re winning as their followers put their desires into actions.

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