Vaccinations don’t cure disease and instead they create disease, chronic-illness, genetic changes and death. Vaccines are used as a tool for depopulation, altering of the genetic code and building a dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. Vaccinations are a most devious method of covert genocide disguised as a false aid for your survival. Please make sure you’re aware of the Simian Virus 40 (SV40) which is a known carcinogenic (cancer-causing) viral agent and its presence within the Salk polio vaccines amongst another one-hundred and fifty contaminants just in the one vaccine. Even from birth (vaccinated mothers) vaccines are creating numerous crippling illnesses and they’re certainly being used to aid the dumbing down of the human populace. The idea of vaccination stems from a Jesuit soldier by the name of Francis Xavier SJ who’s work was then utilized by Venetian elements such as Edward Jenner. Jenner ended up being a front-man in order to divert attention away from Xavier and the true underpinnings of vaccination which from day one were designed as a biological and chemical vectoring method for mass poisoning of the undesirables.

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