5 Oct 2016

Let women remain the ones who made them God, they are no worse and no better, not below or above men, they are other

In 1944 on this day, October 5, women France for the first time officially allowed to participate in elections, like the political philosopher Alexander Dugin.

Look how pervert false Western propaganda events in world history. When it comes to women’s rights and about feminism, we immediately come to head West and the European society a model of freedom and equality. Sufrazhyzm, that is, the struggle of women for the fact that they were given the right to vote in elections to the Parliament and to participate in referendums, have emerged in Europe and in the United States in the nineteenth century.
But these attempts to force women to recognize themselves as full citizens brutally suppressed, like performances of blacks against apartheid or industrial workers protesting against oppression and exploitation. So, in a prosperous, democratic, developed and progressive Europe – indeed, in its most democratic and most progressive country of France, the vanguard of civil society and human rights – is to 5 Oct 1944 women in terms of political rights were equal to livestock, to the silent object of consumption or a servant.
Agree that this fact somehow falls out of the liberal mantra about how the West was ahead of the wretched and backward Russia. So, France, mid-twentieth century. Joyful French women first get the right to vote. The question of whether a person is a woman – in the political sense – has finally been solved. But what about before that? Until October 5, 1944 in progressive Europe doubt? It was in doubt. And these doubters teach us human rights and respect for the dignity of women?!

Now let’s go in reverse. In which European country do you think women first given the right to vote? In England? In Holland? Now the liberals should sit down for this: the right to vote to women for the first time in the history of Europe was granted in the Russian Empire.

It happened in 1906, in the Grand Duchy of Finland. Before meet women in the world went to a New Zealand authorities. While in Switzerland women were allowed to vote only in 1971, and Liechtenstein in 1984. So, in Europe, in the struggle of women for their rights is steadily leading the Russian Empire. I think that says it all – or almost all.

However, the question remains about how the women themselves need full equality with men. It is, however, quite another matter. In recent years, feminism has become more and more widespread phenomenon. Received the right to vote – again, let me remind you, for the first time in Europe in the Russian Empire – an improved spirit ladies began to expand their rights, not to stop. But here in front of emancipated women and their male proponents of emancipation, which, however, many men got a fundamental question: what is equality and how is it interpreted?
So there were different types of feminism. The first type of liberal. He believes that a woman should be a man. That is, to do a man’s work, men’s job is to be a politician, a soldier, a boxer or a lumberjack. In my opinion, it’s not too charming. But by liberal feminists know better.

The second type is post-modern. There are feminists noticed that myself a couple of “man – woman” implies a hierarchy. And to avoid relationship “master – slave” can only be actually depriving people of sex or making this question is dependent on individual decisions. Hence, LGBT, transgender and appeal to all become asexual cyborgs that defended the famous feminist Donna Haraway. Even less charming.

And finally, the cutest (to me personally) the type of feminism – the so-called stand-point feminism, the positional feminism. He insists that the women’s universe is different from that of men. No worse and no better, not lower and not higher. Just us men, this female Universe, not understand. This is not stupidity or lack of, not the giddiness and hysteria, it is the mind, but completely different. And hence the struggle of women is not equality, and to be and to remain women – who made them God.

Dugin points to the conclusion that in modern society, women have almost achieved those freedoms for which they fought. But what to do with them? And if they really wanted to? The question is open, and let women themselves decide it in accordance with your female logic. We better in this case not to interfere.

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