All of Hillary’s Emails Being Released To Stop Her Evil!

All of Hillary’s Emails Being Released To Stop Her Evil!

Saturday, May 14, 2016 14:44

Stew and Tom ask all patriots to share this important update through social networks, emails and legitimate alternative media websites who don’t censor! Huge news here! Get all the latest updates from US and French Intelligence at

Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan go over great news concerning the Bush Clinton crime syndicate in this Intel update. The good news is that many countries now have ALL of Hillary’s “missing” emails and if Comey obstructs justice all of them will be released! It’s going to happen and they have put Comey and Obama in a box! They will be released either by Russia, French Intelligence or one of the other countries who has them. Everybody got Hillary’s emails! It’s a big joke in fact! They have Hillary Clinton for murder with those emails since they know she assigned assassination squads to Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and other “loudmouths”. Stew Webb and many others are in possession of these emails detailing murder. The good guys are sick and tired of the Bush Clinton crime syndicate and are not going to allow this evil woman to become President! They will keep releasing more and more things in the months to come to destroy the witch who worships satan. One of her emails even talks about one of her aids saying she was going to go sacrifice a chicken to satan! It’s disgusting stuff and no matter what party your father and grandfather supported, if there is a good bone left in your bone you MUST vote for Donald Trump so the criminals in the Bush Clinton crime syndicate can be punished for what they have done to America! Do you want to see the free energy released and for those responsible for killing Kennedy to be held accountable! Then vote Trump and get everybody you know to do so! Expose Hilary’s crimes everywhere and say anybody who supports her after they know of her crimes is a traitor to the country!

Here’s just some of the things covered in this interview

CNN out of control in damage control for Hillary and attacking Trump!

Hillary represented a child rapist and laughed about getting him off!

Mitt Romney is a money launderer for the Bush Clinton crime syndicate. They know all the evil he’s been doing!

Bezos has been evading taxes and is now attacking Trump to stop him because he knows he’s in trouble!

Trump leads Hillary by 7 points nationally according to French Intelligence! This is being hidden by the fake news.

Hillary guilty of war crimes in Libya

They talk about the Bush involvement in the JFK assassination and 9/11. The Bushes are FREAKING OUT as they are being exposed and cornered!

Obama was nothing but a CIA stooge.


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