The US government is preparing to give a tough response in Syria and Ukraine

With the self-appointed masters of the world because no one talked to the early 1980-ies.

Initially they were accused of direct collaboration with terrorists of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” (LIH), when their aircraft bombed the positions of Syrian troops, and then the ISIS radio was invited to take kindly to broken trenches and revetments. Attempts of justification – frankly crafty, admittedly, was met with sarcasm and demands to confess finally.

Then biting at the bit the Americans threatened Russia to provide it with the bodies of its soldiers in plastic bags and downed aircraft, but few seem to – and the terrorist attacks in its cities, interrupted very rudely and contemptuously: only risk – we also know where near what a terrorist is training him in your EA. And they certainly will not find it.

Again, I had lame, but humiliating to explain.

Then the angry shouts of the Western capitals about the “barbarism” to be cleansed from terrorists in Aleppo, Moscow and Damascus just didn’t pay attention. As for threats to withdraw from cooperation with Russia on Syria. Yes, and what was valuable in the cooperation, if from the point of view of Damascus and Moscow to look? From this collaboration in principle, it was no good – like most, however, cooperation. USA only put a spoke in the wheel and used the ceasefire to rearm fighters.But their own military of the Syrian government were outraged when they repeatedly steal from under the nose of another win – somehow every time the requirements on a speedy armistice with the United States coincided with a serious defeat of terrorists on the front.

“This cooperation is a special benefit not brought, confirms in conversation with Constantinople one of the most authoritative Russian experts on the region, a senior researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies, Institute of Oriental studies Boris Dolgov. – If we look at the alleged U.S. cooperation with Russia, you will immediately notice how Americans under the guise of this cooperation have tried to pursue their own interests in the middle East, with cooperation had nothing to do. It’s quite obvious”.

But everyone in the current Syrian mess pursuing their own interests? Even Russia, it is noble and, most importantly, legally cooperating with Damascus, actually cares about their interests, trying to stop or at least weaken the terrorist storm on the distant approaches to its borders. There are interests and interests, objected to the orientalist.”If we remember, that all these arrangements on a truce, ceasefire led only to the fact that the terrorists had had the opportunity of respite, spent regrouping, filled with new fighters, arms and again began fighting. So it’s “cooperation” in quotes was just a cover that the Americans were helping the militants”, – says Boris Dolgov.

Not bear the soul of a poet…

No poet, however, and the state Department, but still could not bear the soul of American gross of such treatment. Not even a rough, no – ignorable. They’re accustomed to the idea that won the cold war, now they are one masters of the world, and they will, the will of the United States, is decisive. And even if the General shows salt in vitro, declaring it an unprecedented weapon of mass destruction, it is enough to declare war and not any azderbaijani Washington country.

With Yugoslavia gone, with Iraq, with Libya… And every time it just got worse. And for some reason, not only in countries affected by “lessons of democracy”, but also in Europe. Kosovska mafia, Libyan refugees, Iraqi migration – all fell upon the old woman, turning her in gradually boiling as it is today clearly visible, the boiler.

But Syria is not passed. It turned out, undetected, Russia is not only stronger, but also learned the “lessons of democracy” – thank God, the experience of others. And every American evil argument was to oppose her, even with naivete bordering willingness to “solve the problem”. The Assad regime allegedly uses chemical weapons? Should be punished, too, a couple of rackets on it to start? And let’s say the missiles are your we over the Mediterranean sea lead to, God forbid, has not fallen much, and Assad agree on the elimination of chemical weapons stockpiles.But at the same time will help to figure out who exactly it was used – not your “opposition”?

Assad is not bombing ISIS and the “moderate” opposition? Oh, and we are sinful, if you believe. So nothing could be simpler! Separate your terrorists from Amateur – and at least we will know who to bomb. Can’t separate? Ah-Ah, problem. Well, nothing, we are, nevertheless, counter-terrorist operation to stop will not, and you really hurry up. Understand that difficult: one part of your administration supplies arms and money “green” the terrorists, the other black, their attachment anyone not want to lose.But you will agree that this is not a problem of major Ivanov, have received the task to spread out the column, which you have in Washington there is no consensus…
Photo: Osama Jumaa/Imageslive/Zuma/TASS

Finally, the icing on the cake: the decree of President Putin about the suspension of the agreement with the United States on the destruction of weapons-grade plutonium. It is not in its content, and not the causes. Beauty is in the wording: until those and some of those conditions, but still did not repay us for our losses, no cooperation.
Yeah, so with the self-appointed masters of the world no one was talking since the beginning of perestroika in the USSR. The shock was powerful: a day in the White house nobody could do anything about a clear to formulate, in addition to diplomatic unintelligible grunts!

With the Syrian Affairs this statement seems not directly connected, but also on Syria, the Russian foreign Ministry has added a spark.

The stakes are high

Moscow urges US to evaluate the decision to terminate the dialogue on a cease-fire in Syria, the stakes are high, the foreign Ministry said. “I’m so sorry about the made in Washington the decision to terminate the Russian-American dialogue on the restoration of peace in the Syrian Arab Republic. The USA state Department’s statement on the unilateral curtailment of joint work to resolve the conflict in Syria, with the exception of prevention of incidents in the airspace of this country when flying combat aircraft, can not cause deep disappointment” in translation from diplomatic to normal this means that, say, “themselves evil Pinocchio”. Carefully and that Russian diplomacy is pointing at the culprit “celebrations”:”In recent days, in telephone contacts with Sergey Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and our diplomatic missions in Geneva were made painstaking efforts aimed at normalizing the situation around Aleppo, where illegal armed groups have disrupted previously established cease-fire. Ultimately, however, the American side did not support the willingness of Russia to declare in this area a new 72-hour “humanitarian pause” in hostilities”.

And this is called soul could not endure. After all this time, neither Syria nor Russia does not stop, as previously, the fighting unilaterally. Udavlivanie terrorists in Aleppo as walking and talking. Not the American shield for the terrorists! A Russian foreign Ministry once again spread his hands: a discussion between American and Russian representatives in recent days, “mainly revolved around the question of “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia), which never spread no truce”. And “why in conditions when everything seems to be recognized that we are talking about terrorist organizations that are directly associated with “al-Qaeda”, who 15 years ago made a terrible attacks in the United States, the Obama administration is in no hurry to separate from her anti-government groups focused on Washington? On the contrary, covers her like a shield fused with her opposition groups, formally confirmed participation in the cessation of hostilities”.

But there is a risk

However, believe political observers, the apparent defeat and humiliation of the Washington in any case should not set Moscow on a mocking twist. Hand, the US is far from short, warns Vladimir Dolgov. “And they scare us today, what? The fact that they supposedly have some alternate plan “B”, – noted orientalist.What it is, was not disclosed, but us officials have repeatedly stated that if not a political solution to the conflict, it is still possible for a military solution. And what it means for Americans, a military solution? It means the overthrow of the Syrian government by military means”.

Moreover, reminiscent of the Debt: “If we remember the statements of U.S. officials that Russia will lose their planes, their soldiers, and even the possibility of terrorist attacks in Russian cities – this is blatant threat! And should it perceive and take this seriously”.

That is, their hands are not short?

“Not short, not short, sorry, – says the scientist. – And through the Syrian opposition the so-called. And even more, I believe, our these Ukrainian “partners,” using the Bandera junta. There are possible options. Especially since we’ve seen attempted attacks by the Ukrainian militants.”

Hmm, but then it turns out not to exclude the option that the “expert Ukraine” in U.S. Department of state Victoria Nuland, a gang member of the hawks-neocons, has arrived to Moscow in order not to threaten us Ukraine. It will happen, the American administration will become. And as with Ukraine under the control of the Nazi junta will be, and say nothing…

So it’s not over. Declarative stating that it will no longer cooperate with Russia, the US move to more harsh tactics to put pressure on Russia, the experts in international analytical center “Katechon”. Fraud tactics of Russia through the involvement of their games, tactics victory in the diplomatic field has not succeeded yet. But correspondingly more points now from the party hawks who are eager to fight.

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