Americans Must Counter Their Fear – The Pending Disaster Can Be Overcome

Americans Must Counter Their Fear – The Pending Disaster Can Be Overcome

Oct 27 2016

President Franklin D. Roosevelt Broadcasting his First Fireside Chat Regarding the Banking Crisis, from the White House, Washington, D.C. March 12, 1933

The recognition that the world is on the brink of world war is now expressing itself openly within the American and European populations. Letters to the Editors are screaming that Obama’s scheming to escalate the war in Syria will bring us into conflict with Russia. LaRouchePAC organizers on college campuses report that students are suddenly bristling with fearful discussions on the threat of war. Even Donald Trump, who will use any sane or insane populist idea to further his campaign, has now warned that the election of Hillary Clinton, with her threats of war on the Syrian government, will spark “World War III.”

The citizenry is justifiably fearful. Obama continues in office, despite the collapse of everything he has touched: Obamacare has collapsed as insurers drop out and premiums skyrocket, in some states by nearly 100%; Deutsche Bank and Italy’s Monte dei Paschi are collapsing in Europe, with the contagion ready to strike Wall Street, where Obama’s obstruction of Glass Steagall has created a far bigger bubble than in the 2008 crash; drugs are now threatening the destruction of a generation of youth as the President preaches legalization and “no prosecution” of banks caught laundering drug money; and the “permanent warfare” of Bush and Obama now threatens to go nuclear.

There is reason to be fearful. Both candidates have already proven to be utter failures, a fact which is recognized by nearly all Americans and most of the world. But, LaRouche insisted today, the disaster can be overturned, precisely through the removal of Obama from office — now, before he can push the button; and through the implementation of Glass Steagall and a Hamiltonian credit system for development — now, before the crash of the financial system leads to chaos.

To achieve this, we must inspire people to stand up, to declare “I will not be afraid.” This happened in September, when, despite fearmongering from Obama and Wall Street and the Saudis, the American people set fire to their Congressional representatives to override Obama’s veto of the JASTA Bill, which allows victims of the Saudi-directed 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States to bring suits against the those responsible in the Saudi government and Royal Family.

In normal times, the days after a presidential election are characterized by a sustained pause, a grace period, while the new president chooses a cabinet and formulates policies, and the citizens take a measure of thos policies. But these are not normal times. Both candidates are so hated by the population — in most cases, hating both candidates equally — and their policies so vile and murderous, that the day after the election will be one of rage, perhaps even chaos. Even more than before the election, the reality of the danger facing America and the world will be prescient to most Americans. The reality that there is only one solution — removing Obama and implementing LaRouche’s emergency laws — will not change due to the election, but will be even more obvious and necessary.

Throughout the nearly two year election process, there has been essentially zero coverage of the fact that the world outside of the trans-Atlantic has been transformed, a subject now being actively discussed at the 13th annual conference of the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russia. The BRICS, the New Silk Road process, the new international financial institutions established by China, Russia and their partners on all continents, have brought the rest of the world together around a new paradigm of harmony, infrastructure development, cooperation in space, and a united front against the terrorist scourge created by the U.S. and British illegal wars in South West Asia. Knowledge of that new paradigm, as captured in the EIR Special Report The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, is the spark needed to turn fear and rage into optimism and creative thinking to build a future for mankind.

There is no option.

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