Ben & Jerry’s, PG Tips, Dove and Flora All Gone? Brexit Emptying UK Supermarkets

Ben & Jerry’s, PG Tips, Dove and Flora All Gone? Brexit Emptying UK Supermarkets

SOCIETY 17:04 20.10.2016

The EU Referendum has created more questions than answers and it seems the hot topic recently has been whether Brits will ever be able to purchase their favorite products, following post-Brexit pricing disputes.

Brands such as Marmite are disappearing from Tesco stores across the country following a pricing dispute with product manufacturers Unilever.

The drop in the pound meant that Unilever had to increase the price of some of their items. This was something Tesco supermarkets were not happy with, refusing to pay the increased price and stock the item.  

YouGov have released a poll that analyzes how customers of these brands may have voted in the recent EU referendum debate.

The data from the poll shows that 55 percent of Marmite lovers who voted in the EU referendum chose to Remain, while 45 percent voted to Leave.

This may suggest that Remain voters are those most likely to suffer from the dispute between Tesco and Unilever, however when other brand manufacturers were added to the mix, things changed. 

The data from YouGov shows that PG Tips is a product most purchased by those in the Leave camp, with 64 percent of them favoring this tea brand to any other.

This is then followed by Dove, a personal care product, and Flora margarine, where 55 percent of Leave voters buy this product.

When looking at treats such as Ben & Jerry’s, 58 percent of Remain voters purchase this product so if it were to disappear from British supermarket shelves, the Remainers would be impacted the most.

YouGov mention in their analysis that there is a chance that this will not be the last product dispute we see and that more will follow. So whichever way you may have voted in the EU referendum, the products you love could be a distant memory.

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