Bombshell Evidence: Infowars Being Used to Effectively Subvert Resistance

Bombshell Evidence: Infowars Being Used to Effectively Subvert Resistance

April 18, 2015

If it wasn’t clear for those of us who consider themselves being part of the resistance that Infowars is a compromised, destructive and subverting element of the so-called truth movement then maybe the following can finally convince you of the fact that also Alex Jones and his truth racket are the ultimate alternative enemies among us.

The latest psyop report and video that feature an Infowars “reporter” and suggest that ISIS is going to attack the USA on its own turf is the final piece of damaging evidence that clearly proves that Infowars is not only pure mainstream but also is a deliberately deceiving and self-ISIS-camp-video-producing fraud and through it, which has a very big niche audience as we all know, a large portion of the truth movement or grassroots resistance is being effectively derailed and subverted.

As it looks now, those who are the creators of other ISIS videos – the Israeli SITE Intel group, CIA, Mossad and their agents – in which fake ISIS beheadings are shown, believe that now is the right time to once and for all undermine and misguide the largest part of the potential resistance. Which is why I assume that they ordered some Infowars agent provocateur to create a customized ISIS video for Infowars. The style of this latest Infowars-tailored video is very different than is to be expected from SITE Intel and in various ways it exposes the amateuristic nature of the Infowars production. At least Israel’s SITE Intel would make it look more realistic since they have access to better financing (way over Jones his budget), even though theirs are just as fake and also do not come from real Middle-Eastern rebel fighters who simply want the US and the EU out of their sovereign nations.

It has been going on for many months already that Infowars editors copy the mainstream narrative concerning ISIS. This has allowed the ISIS scriptwriters, US and Israel government-sponsored agents and press, to successfully manipulate the audience of Infowars and all the audiences of websites and organizations that support Jones’ content and news feeds.

The plan was there all along to create hate and pure racism and to drive these audiences into believing that they should really fear and oppose the religion of islam and those who practice it and for some reason I suspect the zionist clan of being behind all this to a very great extent. These audiences have effectively been preconditioned to eventually give their full support to the US government (that they supposedly hate so much) to further expand and impose the already extensive police states around the world and the deceitful war on terror doctrine.

What we are witnessing now is likely one of the final moves to absorb and render completely worthless those groups of people who are assumed to belong to factions of the truth movement that eagerly and blindly give in to the authority that they apparently recognize in Alex Jones and his truth racket.

From reading the comments on Jones’ and related websites and forums it can definitely be concluded that a huge part of the so-called truth movement has been epically fooled and their minds and hearts been captured and convinced that ISIS is coming to the US, from their alleged training base in Mexico. A base that is of course as fake as the ISIS beheadings featured in the SITE Intel videos.

You will see now for yourself how those Infowars and affiliated audiences will subscribe to any measures that their government(s) propose(s) allegedly in response to ISIS and to the to them falsely attributed psychological operations online. Just pay attention and read what these audiences write in general. It’s beyond obvious, really.

Expect nothing fruitful anymore now from all the loyal audiences that have been captivated by Jones his truth racket. Their destination is determined and their demise assured. The latest ISIS psyop has paved the way for the ultimate subversion, that was needed and foreseen all along, of these people who have been fooled into believing that Alex Jones will guide them to victory. Certainly a misplaced trust that will now cost them all dearly.

In the video that is featured in Infowars its own ISIS psyop you can see and hear Joe Biggs, an Infowars goon and asset, calling for measures to stop ISIS from entering the US, as he is standing at the US-Mexico border. With this he gives credibility to the false mainstream ISIS narratives, which is the very purpose of course of that new video that has been created by an Infowars operative. It proves that now also the Jones audiences will be taken for a ride on the sidetracks of reality where they will meet a wall so high and robust that when they hit it full face it will be too late for any wake-up calls and alerting the sheeple because they’ll all have been neutralized permanently by then, as was intended from the very beginning.

The power brokers, the US-EU-Saudi military complex and the zionist lobby, who are responsible for initiating and inflating the false mainstream ISIS narratives will as a result in the coming weeks and months easily and successfully integrate the alleged truth movement audiences coming from Jones and his affiliates, such as Natural News, with the mainstream population. Eventually largely hegemonizing the population once again into a submissive and neutralized global workforce.

Admitted, it’s a clever move and a great deception though that some of us nonetheless spotted from miles away. Too bad that most truthers haven’t been paying attention.

As for those residing in the USA, when the South borders close it won’t be to keep Mossad agents and immigrants out of your country. The borders will close only to keep you in, trapped! I suggest Jones his racket and followers revise their opinions on closing the US-Mexico border should they want to be able to run from their own government.

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