Brazil dam burst engulfs homes in Minas Gerais

Brazil dam burst engulfs homes in Minas Gerais

48 minutes ago

More than a dozen people are feared dead after a dam holding back waste water from an iron ore mine in Brazil burst, flooding nearby homes.

Officials in south-eastern Minas Gerais state say one person is confirmed dead. But there are reports that up to 16 have died and others are missing.

Rivers of thick red mud surged down the valleys of the hilly area outside the old colonial city of Mariana.

It engulfed cars and lorries, and destroyed homes.

Authorities in Mariana said the dam had ruptured on Thursday afternoon and sent torrents of mud and debris into the small town of Bento Rodrigues, about 7km (four miles) away.

The BBC’s Julia Dias Carneiro in Rio de Janeiro said the area affected is home to about 500 people.

The rescue operation has been hampered by fears of landslides but helicopters have taken several stranded people to safety, she adds.

Authorities have warned that the water mixed with residue from mining operations could be toxic.

A spokesman for the Samarco mining company, which owns the dam, said the cause of the breach was not yet known.

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  • theunhivedmind

    Please remember that the Club of Rome are not only attacking nuclear power plants but also dams. For true development of mankind we need to create dams and use nuclear energy but the plans of the COR are to de-develop the world resulting in a 50% drop in the population by 2050 and then a further reduction of 35% of the survivors by 2100. The Ziopress will eventually start beating the anti-dam drums basing their reasons on the usual false science diversions. You’ll see more sabotage events on dams in order to scare the herd from ever wanting any more, just like we’ve seen with nuclear power plants since the man-made Israeli nuclear attack on Fukushima, Japan. Isn’t it interesting that this dam burst happenings in Brazil which is the ‘B’ in the BRICS and scheduled for serious development in the future with major infrastructure projects thanks to the Prometeans. Of course the Zeusians dislike the Promethean model and they’re doing everything in their power to attempt to destroy it. Notice how Promethean Rousseff is being demonized by the followers of Prince Philip of the House of Windsor (New Venice Zeusians).

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